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Once you get started you just never stop! Un pti troisième don, pourquoi pas? 💉👌🏼#pourquoijedonne #hemaquebec

Donnez du sang, donnez la vie ! #badelasemaine #hemaquebec #don62

Bravo aux élèves de 5e année de l’École Saint-Louis-de-France qui ont collaboré à la collecte de sang d’Héma-Québec, le 2 février dernier. Ils étaient très fiers d’avoir participé à sauver plus de 440 vies !
#csdn #hemaquebec

Le grand jour des 18 ans aprroche ma première action comme adulte sera de sauver 4 vie et vous #hemaquebec

On vous attends le 22 mars! Faites une différence. Donnez du sang. #ecolesecondairehenridunant #collectedesang #hemaquebec #faireunedifference #tousensemble

Un autre jalon important d’atteint 💉 #200 #dondesang #hemaquebec #sauverdesvies

Si tu as une bonne santé, pense à la partager! #plasmavie #hemaquebec

February, March 8th, 2018, was international women’s day.  I am going to take this day to thank the ladies that took part in my journey from the start to the end, but it should not take a special day to appreciate and thank the ladies that are part of each and every one your life. I personally I am very lucky that from my birth till today, I have met amazing role models and supporters. So, during my little journey, I had by my side, primary were my main backbone were “my two mothers”. Yes, I did mention two, I have a biological mother and my mother’s best friend who is like her sister is my second mother. Without these two angel I do not think I would be there I am right now. The second angel I was given was my paternal aunt, she has always been there for me, even when I would not feel well, she would make sure to make all of my favorites’ meals and she would joke with me and stood by me and she will till this day at my side. And the final two that have been there beforehand and during my journey and till this day, are my very best friend and my cousin who I consider my older sister. There two young influence that have taken such a big part of my life and that I could not appreciate how much knowledge and support they have flourished to my life. There are many many more, all the nurses that have been part and taken care of me during the years. Thank you ♥️

#LeukemiaAwareness #Mystory #Survivor #Bloodcancer #MyJourney #Fuckcancer  #Thegirlwhohadcsncer #HemaQuebec #womenday #specialchapter #LLSC #DonateBlood #Donate #LLSMA #LLS4CURES

The phone rings…. “Hello, may I speak to the Mrs. or Mr. P this is concerning your daughter’s results” … within 2 minutes, the conversation was over. Myself, my mother and her brother, we were on our way to the emergency room at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. February 18th, 2009, was the date. As soon as, we reached there, no time was waste at all. The receptionist asks, “are you Mrs. P, whom I spoke earlier this morning?” Please go to your left first door, we will place your daughter in an isolated room right away and you may wait there. There I was placed in an isolated room, with a television and I was asked to sit on those uncomfortable bed with an annoying paper that kept creaking and moving. Without realizing, I was left all alone in this dark no windows room. The nurse took my uncle and my mother to talk. And I was left staring at the clock tick and tock and tick and tock. Seconds, minutes and now hours had passed. A nurse would come in to check if I wanted something to eat or water and the only thing I would ask was “where is my mother?” Was I surprised with her answer “it won’t be long” Pshtt yeah right… I told myself I will just watch an episode of Arthur and I am sure she will be back. Oh was I wrong... without realizing I had fallen asleep and was waken up with a bright light coming through from the door opening, all I remember seeing was a tall and skinny, fairly in mid-age doctor walking in…

#LeukemiaAwareness #Mystory #Survivor #Bloodcancer #MyJourney #Fuckcancer  #Thegirlwhohadcsncer #HemaQuebec #Chapter14 #LLSC #DonateBlood #Donate #LLSMA #LLS4CURES

Today I gave blood for the second time, the last time being in late 2004. It didn’t really hurt, nor did it take much time or effort - look at me it’s like being at the spa! I got a juice box and some veggie sticks as a reward for my efforts. So it was win-win for everyone. I gave today because a little girl near and dear to my heart, who happens to have the same blood type as me, is battling a terrible disease and needs countless transfusions, so I tried to do my part and increase the banks numbers. Every little ounce counts. A pint of your blood will help someone. So if you’re healthy and your haemoglobin levels are on target - mine were champion level today 🏅- go out and help someone who needs. Your body will regenerate it, don’t worry about it! #hemaquebec #canadianbloodservices #mightyminis

Seras-tu game de me follower le 12 avril pour sauver des vies???? #CEPSUM #UdeM #hemaquebec #collecte de sang #dondesang #dondevie

Je me dis que si je peux donner le goût à une personne d’y aller m’a mission va être accomplie 😇 #donplasma #hemaquebec #plasmavie

Don numéro 3🔥
#donnetonsang #hemaquebec

Ce matin, j'ai suivi les traces de mon père. Depuis que je suis un enfant, je le suis partout, et nos après-midi de commissions qui commençaient par un don de sang étaient probablement dans mes préférés. J'ai toujours su que c'était un geste important, mais je l'ai vraiment réalisé quand les dons de gens généreux m'ont permis de passer du temps compté tellement précieux avec ma mère qui bénéficiait de transfusions durants les derniers jours de sa vie... 1 heure au 2 mois, pour faire un don de sang, qui peut aider des vies... @hemaquebec #hemaquebec

Après avoir bruncher avec ma merveilleuse mère, j'ai fait mon 5e don de sang !!! 😀 #globule #hemaquebec #bloodgiving #helpothers #mtl #montreal #alaplaceversaille

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