There is so much going on this Friday!! Field Day, STAAR Dance for 3rd -5th Grade, Chick Fil A Dance Deal and a Spirit Store POP UP! Don’t forget box tops are also due on Friday! #thatisalot #helpmeremember!!

There is so much going on this Friday!! Field Day, STAAR Dance, Chick Fil A Dance Deal and a Spirit Store POP UP! Don’t forget box tops are also due on Friday! #thatisalot #helpmeremember!!

We said goodbye to our friend Lydia Mae Williamson, 6, today. It is not at all lost on me the blessing of being able to hold my own 6 year old (on his birthday no less) during the service. The greeters handing out programs were 4 and 7 years old. Our family will forever be marked by the experience of enjoying friendship with the Williamsons and the journey of learning how to bury a kindergartner. Jed and Chelsea have done unspeakably hard things unbelievably well. They have honored their eldest little daughter and honored their Lord. And watching their church family surround them these last two weeks has been indescribably beautiful and sacred. I truly believe that life is best lived in community and I am so grateful to know community. “I cast all my cares upon You.” (The mourners wore lady bugs and pink as a Lydia tribute). #rememberinglydia #helpmeremember #mournwiththosewhomourn

The distribution of auricular acupoints can be grouped together to make them easier to remember. This is no different than location, angle and depth of regular acupoints. While I learned ear and scalp microsystems in great detail, I preferred going deep into body-acupuncture theory and practice. I was, however, reviewing the ear today and wanted to share these groups. Maybe it will help you remember, too!
Points on ear lobe (lobule): related to head & face
Points on scapha: related to upper limbs
Points on antihelix and 2 crura: related to trunk and and lower limbs
Points on cymba and cavum conchae: related to internal organs

I’d like to share a few of the memories I’m thankful to have of our friend Lydia. At the baby age where I was glueing hairbows to my daughter’s fuzzy head, Lydia had impossibly thick glossy brown hair that seemed to always be styled in long pigtails and bows. She was the only one of my friends’ kids who I didn’t rock in the church nursery, because she was a total mama’s girl. Kim K and I had the pleasure of being her preschool teachers for a year. She spent twice as long as the rest of our kids on every art project bc she had an advanced attention to detail. She did not appreciate a simple art project. She wanted each one to be executed precisely according to her vision. And then I had a year enjoying her little sister Maggie’s company while their mom Chelsea taught my kids to read. We shared a home group together and 3 years of backyard dinners and family hymns. Park play dates and backyard picnics. Ms. Jackie’s Thursday morning class. Cubbies. Baby showers and birthday parties. Then we became neighbors. She schooled my crew on the finer points about pollinators. Jack appreciates that she was “great at Tinker Toys and building things.” One last tea party hoorah the week before she died. She reminded me to keep first things first as at only 6 she prioritized her friends and the Good News. Lydia, your light shined brightly. #rememberinglydia #helpmeremember #sweetsix

“Can you watch me work, Mom?” #magnatiles #preschoollife #momlife #helpmeremember

This is genuinely my motto for life these last few months...no turds on my turf lol happy to see it so graphically depicted! Makes me feel more certain than ever that this is a good one to remember. #noturdsallowed #noturdsontheturf #letgoofturdsinyourlife #mottoforlife #graphicdepiction #helpmeremember #synchronicity #grateful #universehasyourback

Superfood smoothie bowl for dinner tonight before I go take my midterm followed be a fire practice! 🔥 #fuelme #givemestrength #helpmeremember #yogateachertraining #hemp #chia #goji #coconut #plantpower

“we are all alchemists transmuting pain into aliveness, unwanted experiences into awakening.” :: RASHANI RÉA :: •

#alchemy #life #spring #aliveness #awake #helpmeremember #transmute #pain #april #birth #bloom #blossom

"Jesus' friends had been so afraid, they had only seen the big waves. They had forgotten that, if Jesus was with them, then they had nothing to be afraid of. No matter how small the boat -- or how big the storm."
I love going through the Jesus Storybook Bible with the kids. So often I feel like I learn more from it than they do, but that's ok. How often do I forget that, if Jesus is with me I have nothing to be truely afraid of. Instead, I look at how small my boat is. And I see that big, scary storm. Sometimes it's out there, in the world, and sometimes it's in my heart. And I'm afraid because I can't see how my little boat can possibly survive. And I forget where Jesus is.
#jesusstorybookbible #helpmeremember #looktojesus #stormsoflife #alwayswithme #teachthemyoung #storytime #lifelessons #momlife

Even I need to use my website sometimes to remember things. Www.biagioamatafeasts.com #checkoutmypage #arancini #cooking #recipes #cookwithme #saturdaykitchen #reference #reminders #mywebsite #myrecipe #cookwithlove #helpmeremember

Because I’m always forgetful when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries.... 😬 #birthday #anniversary #helpmeremember #mombrain #toomanytoremember

At some point, we have to recognize that we are only able to be fully satisfied by God. Not by spouse, friends, or work. Just God. At another point, we will have to be reminded. #helpmeremember

When life gets you down, do what you have to to recenter, refocus, and reconnect. I’ve been struggling with ‘life’. (IE people, responsibilities, etc) since mid December; and I mean REALLY struggling. Last night was my first night back HOME since Feb 3rd. Place is trashed... but just look at that sky. I was also greeted with a few bunnies, various bird species, and a gorgeous hawk. All while having my morning coffee. Shit supposedly got real for me a few months back. And that might have been life’s real..: but #nature is reality. Blessed to be here. Still looking for #mytribe. Remember that we create what we see. And this my friends, is #honoring my #soul.
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