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Adoption is about more than just placing horses in homes. It's about placing the right horses with the right owners, homes and opportunities to create lasting, successful matches. Every horse is not the #RightHorse for every person, but we believe there is a right horse for every person -- and you can find your right horse through adoption. ⠀

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We must protect these beautiful creatures - symbols of America's free spirit - from proposed budget cuts. Wild horses must run free and cannot be sold for slaughter. Visit @aspca for info about what we can do, including calls to your representative or emails of opposition. #helpahorse

Urgent! We only have until July 12th to keep the cruel, unnecessary and predatory horse slaughter industry out of our country. Take action TODAY and help us #SavetheHorses by visiting aspca.org/horse
#🐴 #helpahorse

A HUGE HART thank you to all who came out yesterday to kick off Help a Horse Day 2017 at the Amber Acres Tack sale!!!! April 1St was the start of a month long annual initiative by the ASPCA and horse rescues around the Country to raise money and awareness against the abuse, neglect, and slaughter of horses. Check out our event calendar for April and #helpahorse!!! (There is an essay/art contest for our younger Team HART members with a prize of Pony Camp this Summer!) #spacecoast
#centralflorida #endhorseslaughter #amberacres

We told you earlier about the ARL Rescue Team saving 10 neglected horses from a property in Warren County – and now it’s happening again! ARL officials were called again today to help the Warren County Sheriff’s Office rescue 4 more horses -- this time from a property in Indianola. The horses just arrived and are being cared for at our Second Chance Ranch. Stay tuned for more updates.

#HelpaHorse #enoughisenough #arliowa

A HUGE thank you to one of our volunteers Heather @hdavis327 who raised $1000 for the North Shore Horse Rescue donated to Rocky's care (our retired Ranger's Horse!) !!! We are so grateful, thank you Heather! #sanctuary #helpahorse #donation #sponsor 💕🙏

I'm so proud of this gal. She's standing in the heat advocating the rescue of abused Cats and Dogs.... I added and chatted with her about @hartforhorses with #helpahorse I'm so proud of these street soldiers. 🐎🐎🐱🐶🐴#savinganimals @aspca


You touched our hearts and gave us hope! You helped the horses, provided them with shelters and gave us a better chance of winning an ASPCA #HelpAHorse Day grant!! We can't thank you enough!! There are no words that can express how happy, excited and thankful we are! Because of you--two large run-in sheds will soon provide shelter for the horses!! We appreciate and want to thank everyone who made this possible! Thank you again and again! <3 <3

Help a Horse Day #helpahorse
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Adoption is about more than just placing horses in homes. It's about placing the right horses with the right owners, homes and opportunities to create lasting, successful matches. Every horse is not the #RightHorse for every person, but we believe there is a right horse for every person -- and you can find your right horse through adoption. ⠀

📸: @eventing_lliz

Lacey was bitten by the horse bug in kindergarten. She started taking riding lessons in first grade, going on to join 4H and showing in open shows as a kid. Her love of horses grew with her into adulthood, and today she say that horses have been the center of her world for almost her whole life. #RightHorse

Bath time for Frankie! Thanks for the spa treatment and photos Jen. Frankie had a great time and we got a glimpse of just how gorgeous this fellow will be when he is all filled out. We also had a chance to learn a bit more about his personality. What a love this big boy is! Head to our bio for easy access to our go fund me account!!! #happylife #horsesanctuary #helpahorse #horsesoftirnanog #love #donate #rescue #sanctuary #smile #sponsor #healing

"Happy six months Dudley. That's right it has only been six months. 😲 From getting up first thing in the morning to make the drive to see you, seeing YOU and not just the conditions you were in and knowing that I couldn't leave you. I was told by everyone that you were too lame and would never be rideable. You would shy away from being touched. You went from being underfed and dangerously underweight to being cared for. You are now called handsome and good looking by the same people who couldn't see the real you under what had happened to you. You are calm and always the first one to run up and call out for me even when it's not yet dinner time. You are a powerhouse, healthy and still so willing to love and learn. Welcome to your forever home, Dudley, this is just the beginning." #RightHorse ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📸&✍️: @ingenuous_love

"A horse is a thing of beauty... none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor." #RightHorse | 📸: @copperarrowphotography & ✍️: Xenophon

Meet Carl, one of the horses available for adoption through our partners at @nexusequine. Carl ties perfectly, has good ground manners, and he is familiar with being clipped and with being blanketed as well. He loves company other horses and gets along with everyone. The team at Nexus Equine said it best, "We can't understand why such a reliable guy is still looking for his partner!" #RightHorse | 📸:@nexusequine

Frankie has a beautiful new halter to celebrate his beautiful new life. Our wonderful Hearts for Horses Volunteer Jen treated him to a relaxing roll session in the round pen. He is doing a great job gaining weight. Your continued support helps make Frankie's recovery possible. Head to our bio for easy access to our go fund me link! #horsesoftirnanog #horsesanctuary #helpahorse #happylife #love #donate #rescue #sanctuary #sponsor #smile #healing

This Beautiful Afghan handmade/donated by: Marilyn Kidwell.... will be our next Drawing! Now - Oct. 31st, midnight. drawing... Nov. 1, 2017. Details on @dustdevilranch Sanctuary for Horses, Facebook page and www.dustdevilranch.org link in bio. $10 per ticket or 3- $25. #dustdevilranchsanctuary #dustdevilranch #drawing #donate #crochetersofinstagram #crochetlove #crochetaddict #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #helpanimals #helpahorse #southwest #cedarcityutah #spreadlove #handmadeisbetter #madewithlove #giveback #raffle

"Best way they start and end each week!"⠀
Nothing better than being on the back of your #RightHorse. Double tap if you agree! 📸&✍️: @tbillings_clyde

Move over Freeway, a double scoop of cuteness has arrived at the ranch!

A friend at County of San Diego Department of Animal Services referred Mini Mouse's "mom" to us. Mini Mouse was born on April 17 at Charwood Farms. This little darling actually appeared to be dead when she was born but her "mom" went to great lengths to bring her around and give her a chance at life. Sadly, in spite of fantastic care Mini Mouse stayed small and didn't eat normally. Thanks to the love and care she received and a super-sized dose of spunk, Mini Mouse defied the odds. As a result to an unexpected change in her life circumstances though, Mini Mouse's "mom" found herself re-homing all of her goats. While they are all going to great homes, Mini Mouse requires a special home.

Her "mom" drove her from Menifee to ECLAP this week to have Dr. Bear check her. It turns out that Mini Mouse has wry face, a congenital disorder. The condition cannot be treated or cured. Most goats born with this condition die within days of birth. Mini Mouse's survival is a real testament to the fantastic care her "mom" gave her. The good news is that Dr. Bear thinks that with a bit of specialized care and careful attention to her diet, she will do well at the ranch.
Yesterday Mini Mouse and her BFF, French Fry, arrived.
Keep in mind that Mini Mouse (black and brown) is four months old. French Fry (white and tan) is two months old. They are basically the same size. If you look at Mini Mouse's face you can see the lack of symmetry, indicating the wry face.

These two adorable girls are too small to be out and about with the other goats, so they'll have their own yard. This is why it was so important that French Fry came with Mini Mouse so that this special little girl would not be lonely.
Our medical fund provides important medical diagnosis and care for all of our animals -- horses, burros, roosters, dogs, llamas, and Nigerian dwarf goats with crooked faces. Please help us reach out $15,000 goal: head to our bio for easy access to our go fund me link! #horsesoftirnanog #happylife #helpahorse #horsesanctuary #love #donate #rescue #smile #sanctuary #sponsor #goatlove #goat

This week Linda introduced Clark Gable to the GIANT ball Stephanie purchased for the horses. His response was pretty typical;
Stage 1: It is going to eat me!
Stage 2: It moved, it is going to eat me for sure!!
Stage 3: It smells interesting.
Stage 4: So what is the big deal, it is just a ball? #happylife #helpahorse #horsesanctuary #horsesoftirnanog #smile #sponsor #sanctuary #rescue #donate #love

"Could Belmont be your #RightHorse? He is an OTTB with a playful personality, everyone who meets him can't help but fall in love! Belmont is looking for his special someone to take long walks with & enjoy fields of green together. Visit our website for details on adopting this beautiful horse!" 📸& ✍️: @daysendfarmhorserescue

“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them." #RightHorse | 📸: @equibree

The ideas are rolling in! Have you submitted yours yet? If you have innovative ideas on how to increase your organization's capacity and facilitate more adoptions, we want to hear it. You could be selected to receive up to $150k through our Right Idea grant. #RightHorse

"I've never been so in love with a horse before. After 2-ish years of not being ridden, he behaved like a perfect gentleman, and was so forgiving with all of my mistakes. He never ceases to amaze me. Despite his grumpy moods, he has a heart of gold. A thousand thank yous to the rescue that took him in, and to all those people that rescued him. I don't know where I would be without him." #RightHorse 📸&✍️: @omcelwain

Haley always kept her eye out for horses in need of a good home. When her #RightHorse came along, she knew that she would be the one to save him. One eight-hour drive later, Haley loaded her #RightHorse into the trailer and never looked back. Read more on her #RightHorse story through the link in our profile. 📸:@bugs__21

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