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My wife is the best... this is the first piece to an awesome project I am excited to finish! More to come!! #HelloTom #merrychristmas

Meraaaaa #comomai #hellotom

How could I not have a good day when this is how is started??? #hellotom

When Tom Hardy tells you to get to bed! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ #yesplease #hellotom

Happy Teacher's Day to me from Abang Tom πŸ’• #teachersdaygift #likenoother #hellotom

πŸ’–πŸ˜™ I think someone wants to be a part of the girl gang πŸ˜™πŸ’– #hellotom #girls #town #shots


"Wild-eyed coyote. Try staring at it after six beers and three quarters of a joint"- George Watson. Today join George, the coyote, and @grant_moneyhands to toast the release of Grant's new book, 'The Dock', a particularly well done project dedicated to this institution of Montauk. There's a celebration happening 4-6pm at The Dock, 482 W Lake Dr. If you're unable to get into the place to buy a book you can order one of the 444 limited copies by emailing Grant grantmtk@gmail.com
Photo: @grant_moneyhands
#whalebone #hellotom #thedock

#Repost from @pearljam, followed by me nattering for a bit, so please stick around: "12 years ago today, #PearlJam performed a special pre-tour show at the Gorge Amphitheatre, playing an acoustic and electric set of thirty-six songs over three hours." 12 years ago today, I was at this show. But what they fail to mention was that a great American city was drowning in that moment.

Today, I drove up to Mt. Hood in a rental car with XM, listening to PJ Radio playing this bootleg... and thinking about the OTHER great American city that has just drowned: my hometown.
I've listened to this particular show a lot over the years, and it's brought me comfort in a lot of strange times. But today is the first day I found myself yearning to go back, pick things up after the first city drowned, try again, and see if we can't all do a little better.
#houstonstrong #texasforever #hellotom #comedowntom

By far Uncle Toms favourite present yesterday was this Betsy special! Little Bill, such a good sport in the face of a PomPom attack. #lovemypal #hardies #hellotom @forest153 @iammrshardie

Happy Birthday Tommy, what a guy 😍❀️#hellotom

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