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Well the day has finally come. One of the most bittersweet days I will face! I'm picking up my life in Ontario & making the big move to Quebec.
After 9 months of long distance, I can't wait to have my partner & love of my life by my side every single day. 9 months of planes, trains and 6 hour drives, spending 12 hours & $100 traveling every time we want to see each other, spending the hard & dark days away from the one person you need the most. We've had to work through things couples take for granted; the power of physically comfort and love. 75% of our relationship has been via text & phone calls. To say I'm excited to not say "I wish____" anymore would be an understatement. I don't know how we've survived being 600 km apart & sometimes spending 3 weeks away from each other, but we've somehow made it out of this alive & stronger than ever because of our love for each other. Thanks for being someone who is there on the good days & the bad days. We've come a long way since day 1 & we continue to grow every day. You make me so proud to be with such an intelligent, driven, caring man. I can't wait to continue our new life together & to call you my roomie.
Though my excitement is unexplainable, I'm also sadden to leave my parents & family. My parents are truly my best friends, my rocks, my support system. I would never be where I am today without your unconditional love, support & effort you have constantly provided me. I feel guilty leaving you & not being able to make memories together as often as I want, but I'm so thankful for your support during this opportunity in my life.
Here's to new chapters, beginnings, challenges & experiences with the love of my life. Thanks to everyone who made an effort to see me before I left, means more than you could know.
#love #happiness #family #byeontario #helloquebec

@hugohoule is getting ready for the Flanders Classic! #dvd #e3 #gent-wevelgem #hhpower #helloquebec

(impatiently) Waiting for the parents in Old Quebec... #helloquebec #hatetourists #dali #fetearcenciel #vieuxquebec

On our way home ✌🏻️ #25hoursawake #longestday #helloquebec #walkingdead

Who put that drowned squirrel in a tree? #rainhiking #helloquebec

On s'amuse bien à Québec :) #helloquebec
We are having a lot of fun in Quebec #helloquebec

Saying goodbye to our favourite Toronto apartment 👋 #byeannex #ciaoontario #helloquebec


Brunch cruising down the St Lawrence river before docking in Quebec #brunching #discoveredmaplesyrup #helloquebec

Who put that drowned squirrel in a tree? #rainhiking #helloquebec

(impatiently) Waiting for the parents in Old Quebec... #helloquebec #hatetourists #dali #fetearcenciel #vieuxquebec

Province 2 of 3!! ✔
#goodbyenb #helloquebec

Désolée ! Pas de post de nourriture aujourd'hui, juste moi chez #fuumi sur leurs supers balançoires #narcissique
Je suis à l'aéroport direction Montréal 😎✈️🇨🇦
Une nouvelle aventure commence pour moi~ attendez vous à voir quelques photos de délicieuses poutines 😋
À dans un an la France ❤️😘
#canada #trip #voyage #depart #aurevoir #helloquebec #balançoire #swing


La sensation la plus merveilleuse qu'est de dormir dans son propre lit après tant de temps. Ouuuf✌
#helloQuebec #missedmybed

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