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Look at that puppy belly. JUST LOOK AT IT😭 Thanks for bringing your precious pup over to visit @sammiflanders #Presley #FurNiece #hellopet #youmaycallmeauntvicki

Мы работаем и рекомендуем Инструменты для груминга компании Hello pet #hellopet#petline_ru

New event starting July 11th!
🍰Upload your I'm Hungry! Mini Game Videos and win items!🍰
🐷All users who upload a video will receive 5 Piggy items🐷
The 10 most interesting videos will be gifted a pet of their choice (excluding Tubby HamZzi)
How to enter
1. Take a video of yourself playing the I'm Hungry! Mini Game
2. Upload your video to YouTube titled Hellopet and I'm Hungry OR on Instagram with the hashtags #Hellopet and #ImHungry
3. In Pet Chat post a link to your video with the hashtag #ImHungry

Got this new app called Hellopet and I adopted a corgi on it! Now I have a corgi walking around d my screen and says random facts and little funny things! It's just so cute!!! When you pet him, he eventually comes up to the screen and either licks the screen or does a cute face!! #corgi #hellopet #phoneapp

Кучу не дорогих расчесок , пуходерок,тримингов и всего-всего от бренда #hellopet на сайте #groommir

I have an app called #hellopet it lets you put animals up onto the screen of your phone. It also tells you the weather and your fortune. I think it also might be able to do,there things to like call people. They let you have a cat or a dog for free and then after that you can complete adds to get points or just buy them. They have a hige variety of pets from flying squirells to monkeys and lots of cats and dogs. Each animal has a personality. One of them actually encourages you to go outside. Others constantly tell you how much they love you. The cat you originally get is very sassy. (If I about the dog lol I got the cat) they could really help out with your mental health. I think that android is the best for this but apple you may be able to do some stuff with it. (I'm not sure if they show up on the screen for apple but I think you can still get the app) ~Max/Matthew #appsforhealth #lgbt #trans

London @808london_hawaii tagged me to #dressupfordiva @divatheboston woohoo for 500+ followers🎉🎉🎉 @harlowthehustler @figa_boston_terrier @mila_cuyis you guys want to join in the fun? #hellopethaus #hellopet

If you guys had to choose from these lil cuties, who would you choose? Plz answer Im so confused I have no idea who to buy xD

#hellopet #3animals #454cookies #idkwhichonetobemine

Lazy cat 🐈 🐺🐱
. . . . .
#lazy #cat #hellopet #cutecat #catsofinstagram


Приглашаем вас на конкурс грумеров IGА, который состоится 21-22 октября в КВЦ «Сокольники» ! Победитель в номинации "BEST IN SHOW" получит стол для груминга от Hello Pet с кронштейном #грумер #москва #зоотовары #HelloPet #выставкакошек #выставкасобак #сокольники #iga

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