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WM_OHMYGIRL official twt update!

#SseungSseung #HelloMiracle Hello Hello everyone! Are you ready to meet OH MY GIRL at today's 'Show Champion'?!>< If you're ready, make some nice~!!>[]< ✨[#OHMYGIRL] Day by day, it's a miracle!!!! #TogetherForever #LoveYou #Miracle ❤️💜 #OHMYGIRL ✨Hyo-Bin is coming>< Today too, thank Hyo-u💜 Let's meet longer, i love you😍💜 The weather might be cold but our hearts are warm because our miracles~!! 😍 #Hyojung #Binnie #HyoBinnie #Miracle #SecretGarden -closer🌿

#오마이걸 #비니 #효정 #승희

Oh lordy. Was put onto this wedding by the lovely @zoemurphydesign ... go drool over @jessechamberlinmarble & @jimmymarble wedding @madonnainn1958 shot by @maxwanger , planned &styled by @bashplease ❤️🔥❤️ #hellomiracle #weddinginspo

Be centered with your light. It shines through. No matter what. #jenmoments #mysunrisesisters #hellomiracle #moonbeamjourney

#SWOON ♥️😍🐝🌺🕊 #hellomiracle #pollinateme

When Jimmy and I decided to get married we went from the idea of eloping, to a small wedding in big sur and ended on wild and big wedding at the Madonna Inn. It was the best decision we could have made. Our families got to know each other, all of our good friends pulled together to help (and to dance), and Gracyn and August got to experience it as a symbol of commitment. Plus lots of kissing and smiling. It was Jimmy's and my first big creative collaboration together. It ended up being a day I wanted to hit repeat on over and over. I knew when @sharkpigweddings was going to document it that we would not be disappointed BUT geeeeeeeeeeez- the video was way beyond what I could have hoped for. We've watched a hundred times. They got our humor. They got our vision. They understood our priorities. My favorite day with the best humans was perfectly documented. I'm putting the link in my profile because you should watch it. My absolute favorite scene is the Auggie channel. Wait for it. Thank you times a million @stevepappin and @thebeanpott #hellomiracle

This is three cool humans in a quiet cube at Disney Animation Studios! #disneyanimation #hellomiracle

Y'all it's just SO INSPIRING when you have friends and loved ones that have so many insanely beautiful ideas and thoughts. It makes me so thankful for all the talking and brainstorming and praying and hugging and eating with these people. Human Beings are quite special and overwhelming, and these people are just that. It makes me believe that when you pray about things, they really do happen. Right, @jessechamberlin ? #hellomiracle

• HAPPY WEEKEND • new interior gem in the house (💛even though it's not pink 🙄) 💡✨ #thankyou @ourbartlett #tgif #hellomiracle #whereareyou #sweetheartsberlin #brunch #happy #weekend #berlin

COULD NOT LOVE THIS BRIDAL PARTY LOOK MORE 🌈🌈🌈⚡️⚡️⚡️#hellomiracle in @dominomag is giving me life rn

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