What kind of homestay are you looking for? If it’s on a farm in Thailand, we have the place for you. Immerse yourself in traditional Northern Thai farming culture at Siam Lanna’s Homestay. #hellohomestay #thailand #farmstay #thaihomestay #travel #thai

Guiora. Elmira. Tina. A trinity of Iranian force and sincerity. Thank you for opening your home to me. Twice. I was at home in Iran.

We , the food lovers !
Had a nice time with Anna and Julie from #denmark
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Last post on Cuba. And I want to dedicate this to The Cuban people. This trip felt like I got to hop on to a time machine and go back to when I was growing up in Vietnam. There are a lot of wonderful things that Havana has that reminds me of Hanoi in the 90s, with all of its imperfection and beauty. But nothing makes this experience more special than the warmth and kindness of the Cuban people. There’s just something so raw and authentic about the way we interact and make human connection, even when they are trying to scam you. My homestay Oscar and mama Coco (my nickname for her) are just the nicest people and they made our experience quite a spectacular one. And so, hasta luego Havana. Muchas gracias. #hellohomestay
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Sometimes, all a holiday requires is a beautiful location and a large tub. Stay with Damien in Dublin, Ireland for a relaxing and luxurious getaway. #dublin #dublinhomestay #irelandhomestay #hellohomestay #homestay #travel #bathroom #bathtub #bubblebath

#nature day is an official holiday in iran when people leave their houses to the nature to show respect to mother earth !
Look at the sheeps in background 😄
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What sounds better than a holiday in Bali? Here, hosts Caroline and Kumkum and their daughter are eager to give guests an authentic Balinese retreat in their homestay! Check out our blog post “FIVE HOMESTAYS WORTH VISITING IN INDONESIA” for more about them and other amazing homestays in Indonesia (link in bio) ✈️ #bali #balihomestay #hellohomestay #travel #indonesia

Welcome to the Homestay.com Host Community Melanie. Check out the friendly goats and chickens link in bio. #HelloHomestay #californiaadventure #farmstay #arcata #humboldt

Two months' homestay in Dublin - my dream has come true!😎😍 #HelloHomestay #loveireland #lovedublin #dublin #dubliner

Two months' homestay in Dublin😱😍 Unimaginable cultural & language experience!😎 #HelloHomestay #dublin #ireland

Home boy tried to come at me for my spectacular Español... #hellohomestay

Our first #Homestay review and what a wonderful review it is! “I stayed with Dawn March 31st-April 5th. She was an amazing and accommodating hostess. Her home was clean, comfortable, and the Wi-Fi worked great :) She had Netflix available to use and all this was a great bonus for me as I needed good Wi-Fi to work on my business! “She picked me up from the airport on time even though my flight was delayed by several hours. She's extremely knowledgeable about Trinidad and Tobago, the overall current and past history which was quite a treat as she gives an unbiased account of the countries politics good and bad.
“She's central to many close necessities such as restaurants, banks, and downtown itself, however to get to the ‘good stuff’ I would advise doing her complete tour package or at least a few individual ones to maximize your time and money...”
Thanks so much to my wonderful guest, Shimara for this lovely review! We hope to see you soon!” #HelloHomestay
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Congratulations to Kacper for being the winner of our “WIN BACK YOUR TRIP” photo contest! 📸 As the winner, he won back the cost of his homestay booking. Runner ups are featured on our blog post, link in bio! If you want to be entered in our next “WIN BACK YOUR TRIP” giveaway, share your photos with #HelloHomestay and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter 🎉 #homestay

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