Love love love @hello.halsted and her perfect jewelry creations. Someday I'm gonna be quick enough to snag one of these beautiful bee hive necklaces from her shop. πŸπŸ’› #hellohalstedgiveaway

Be still my heart! I just discovered this gorgeous jewelry from @hello.halsted made with Queen Anne's Lace that she hand dyes (um, didn't know you could do that!). I'm actually posting this to enter her giveaway, but also because I like sharing with you things that I love and that I think you'll love too! πŸ’•πŸŒΌ Unique, handmade, artistry, floral, nature... everything that speaks to my soul! #hellohalstedgiveaway #handmade #homestead

Love everything @hello.halsted makes. So beautiful! #hellohalstedgiveaway

#hellohalstedgiveaway #Repost @hello.halsted (@get_repost)
I had only one of these big beauties left in my shop and I decided to pull it and offer it up as a giveaway prize for one lucky person! πŸ–€ It's been probably over a year since I've last done a giveaway, so I'm definitely due for one. And I've been looking for a way to say thanks to all of you. So, all you have to do to enter is repost this (or any one of my photos that you like best) to your account. In the caption just tag me and use the hashtag #hellohalstedgiveaway so I can find it. I'll pick a winner at random in 48 hours and this necklace will show up on one lucky person's doorstep soon.
Edit: if your account is private just leave me a comment below letting me know you entered.

#hellohalstedgiveaway Beautiful floral πŸ’ handcrafted jewelry using these flowers @hello.halsted

This gorgeous piece is by @hello.halsted 😍 Her jewellery pieces are true works of art and just so beautiful. Definitely go check out her page πŸ’•

Repost from @hello.halsted beautiful pressed flower necklaces!
#hellohalstedgiveaway #flowers #necklace

I have been eyeing this artist's work for over a year and was finally able to purchase something on her site this weekend πŸ€— (she releases in small batches). Her handmade pieces are delicately beautiful and unique - look at her IG @hello.halsted 😍 Now she's giving away one of her gorgeous pendants here! Tag #hellohalstedgiveaway ✨😊

Thank you for the chance to win. I love @hello.halsted jewelry.


Ok - seriously beautiful jewelry by @hello.halsted - finally bought one of her beautiful necklaces and can't wait to wear it!! #hellohalstedgiveaway

@hello.halsted your jewelry is beautiful!! #hellohalstedgiveaway

@hello.halsted makes stunning necklaces with Queen Anne's lace. I've been following her for a while, and thought I'd try this #hellohalstedgiveaway!

#hellohalstedgiveaway such beautifully intricate flower placement, love their work πŸ™Œ

Hello everyone as I strolled into this lovely page I saw this beautiful ring and fell in love with the work she does . There's a give away and you can head over and enter. #hellohalstedgiveaway

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