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In an Empire State of mind on the rooftop of @arlohotels 🗽Even rain can’t stop this city from looking beautiful!

Sweat, sunshine & NYC skyline — start your morning throwin’ strikes in the sky with us on the beautiful @arlohotels rooftops! 💦 ☀️ 🥊
Two dates in August left — book online now, space is limited! 🔹 Thursday, 8/23 #ArloNomad
🔹 Monday, 8/27 #ArloSoho
Sneakers required, complimentary gloves, mats & @myrecess.co wipes provided! #helloArlo

Day 227 of 365: There's no use arguing with @arlohotels. #365Project


Are you being mindful of your movement or are you just going though the motions? Sometimes slow and steady wins the race and in this case, makes you sweat like crazy and work your body more efficiently. Sandbag drags are drags. The bag is creating friction on the ground as you move the bag all while maintaining your plank. Can I just pull the bag across from side to side as fast as I can? Sure, but then it’s no longer a drag and I’m missing out on feeling how much more I can use my body to control the movement. I’d rather aim at trying to keep my body as straight as a surfboard rather than let it look like a ship tossed around by the sea. As I was doing this I was scolding myself to slow the heck down. That self awareness keeps you in check so you can focus on your form instead of doing things just to do them because really what’s the point in that, right? 😉👌🏽
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Bae all day, always 💕 @nicolebkim #helloarlo

TWO more weeks left of Summer Rooftop workouts! ✌🏼💦🙌🏼
Combine small muscle sculpting with bursts of cardio in this full body, no equipment, 45 min class! Sign up now - Link in bio ❤️
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Found single leg balance on a surfboard while high on a NYC hotel rooftop!! Join us at @surfsetnyc at the @arlohotels SoHo for a great way to start your mornings! 💦 This week’s Challenge Move of the Week is #extendedhandtobigtoepose aka #utthitahastapadangusthasana (yup, either way you say it, it’s a mouthful) 😜🏄🏽‍♀️🤙🏽🏄🏽‍♂️.
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A moody Empire State Building as seen from the awesome rooftop patio at the The Arlo NoMad! @arlohotels #arlohotels #helloarlo #ad

Challenge Move of the Week: Extended Hand to Toe ☀️
By SURFSET Master Trainer @dianaygarrett

Rooftop 😍💫

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I’m in a New York state of mind 😎

Last full week in town before lots of traveling through until September ✈️ Catch my last two classes @arlohotels for the summer! Any exciting plans this week?
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No filter necessary😎
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