The face you make when someone asks who pays for your life... I DO. I know that from social media I’m lounging on a beach or attending a festival but I spend a LOT of time working. Blogging as a full time job is wonderful but also means I have to work as much as possible. Because we put our lives online it seems like people feel like they have the right to unearth how you got to where you are. And I blog about it. All the time. But when it comes to financing life I find it just bonkers (are we still using that word?) that people feel entitled to ask those questions. What are your thoughts? Do you reveal all?

PUMPKIN SPICE - the missing Spice girl 🎃 Well Germany has officially changed weather and I’m here for it 🙌🏻 I’m not drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Instead I’ve got the Pumpkin Prosecco at the Ludwigsburg pumpkin festival- the largest pumpkin fest in the WORLD! I went to not just one but two festivals yesterday. Pumpkin and the 250th anniversary Venetian festival. It was amazing. Check insta stories for all the action. 🎭 #helenelovesgermany

If you were to tell me 5 years ago I’d be living in Germany I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. We are coming up on two years abroad and I feel like I’ve been here for years and other times like it’s been 5 minutes. I’m already getting nostalgic about leaving. BUT I am looking forward to what’s to come. I’m not 100% certain of my life plan but I think it’s going to be pretty interesting to say the least. #helenelovesgermany #sulakids

I’m titling this “the cutest little whore house in Germany.” This town is cute and everything but have y’all even heard about a little place called Tanja’s down the road? Let’s just say it’s for women of the night. This is a TRUE and you can find out what I’m talking about on my insta story. 🤭🙈😵 #helenelovesgermany #sulakids #lifeabroad

It’s good to be back in Germany 🇩🇪 I hardly ever post this early since I know most of my followers live in the US, so this one is for my peeps abroad (or have insomnia): where are you currently?! I’m from Dallas but live (and currently am located) in Heidelberg, Germany! #helenelovesgermany

Strolling the streets on a Sunday in Heidelberg. #HelYeahHeidelberg #photosinbetween #helenelovesgermany

Another A-Round of Christmas Markets (get it? Bc a carousel goes around?) Michael says if I have to explain my puns then they aren't very funny. He's wrong. Also hi from Nuremburg! Next stop, London! #photosinbetween #helenelovesgermany

Admit it, the best castles are in Germany 🏰 🇩🇪 I’m just going to casually pretend that this isn’t one of my most favorite pics of all time. And instead I’ll focus on the fact that this castle, Burg Eltz, is from the 12th century and has been in the same family for 33 generations. Now that’s an inheritance I can get behind. I’ve been dreaming of coming to this castle ever since we moved to Europe. I can tell you it far exceeded my expectations 😍 #helenelovesgermany #sulakids

THE RICK STEVES OF INSTAGRAM. Someone dm’ed me this (can’t find it bc insta DMs sucks but if it was you, you made my entire life.) If you don’t know who @ricksteveseurope is read a book bc he is everything and has some of the best tips on Europe ever. If I can ever be 1/18th of an inspiration to you to travel Europe (or in general) then I’m happy.
There’s a new post on the blog with my fave European Itinerary to see Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria in 7 days (totally doable and very magical.) Link in bio, stories, or just go to heleneinbetween.com 🙌🏻 #helenelovesgermany

I will forever share pics of me holding gelato in cute towns in Europe. I can promise you that. #helenelovesgermany

5 countries in 6 days and I’ve still got on a brace. Physically and mentally drained but also really glad I did it. On the Blog, I’ve got a new post on savoring life. And how important it is to enjoy your surroundings (something I often struggle with) no matter what you’re doing. Do y’all like my more personal posts? Throw back to my blogging days about 2 years ago when I was always super honest. Watch the video til the end to see boys getting iced 😂 #heleneinaustria #helenelovesgermany #heleneinfrance #heleneinthenetherlands #wilderkaiser #visitwilderkaiser

Things I get irrationally upset about: that people forget how adorable Germany is. I mean, have you seen the Black Forest? This is the birthplace of almost every fairytale and feels like you’re walking in the footsteps of Hansel and Gretel. Also, you’ll find a myriad of places that look as adorable as this serving up Black Forest Cake 🤤 Everyone always thinks of Italy, France, Spain but don’t forget about Germany, y’all. #helenelovesgermany

Strawberry fields forever 🍓😍🍓 Strawberry picking for the first time just 5 minutes down the road! Our friends are here (!!!!) and we’re taking them to some of our favorite spots in Europe: heidelberg, the Black Forest, Strasbourg, Colmar, through Austria and then throughout Germany 🇩🇪 🇦🇹 I am in heaven! P.s it’s only 1.50 for each basket and we ate some along the way 👌🏻 #helyeahheidelberg #helenelovesgermany #teamhelene

“Helene, I think you’re supposed to stand in front of the flowers... not in them.” -Michael
It’s been a while so I thought I’d reintroduce myself and tell you something you might not know about me:
- I’m from Dallas, TX and moved to Heidelberg, Germany in September 2016 with my husband and two dogs for fun! No visa, just two dogs and two suitcases each. 👜🐶
- I never ever thought I’d be a full time blogger. From age 14-18 I thought for sure I’d be on broadway. But sadly I’m not that talented 😂
- I only started really liking red wine until this year. I don’t know why... it just sort of clicked. 🍷
- I looooove spending time by myself. I crave it. And my favorite things to do when alone are to write and watch Harry Potter or Chick flicks ⚡️🐣
- I’ve asked around and y’all have told me that you’d like a hashtag to grow your community, so I’m starting #teamhelene so I can check out your posts too. A couple years ago I had #photosinbetween but since now it’s almost to 1 million hashtags this one might be a bit better 🎉
Now... tell me about you!

3 things y’all! 1. I’m on my first trip since tearing my ACL! I’m in Kraków, Poland and speaking at @trablinonline conference.
2. Any restaurant recs? Michael and I are only here for 24 hours!
3. I’m doing a FREE Instagram story challenge and the link to sign up is in stories or in my bio! Hurry because it starts Monday.
#heleneinbetween #helyeahheidelberg #helenelovesgermany

Y’all. 🚨STOP EVERYTHING. 🚨The best FROZEN margaritas in Europe have been discovered. In Heidelberg no less. And they are made with real fruit and everything. This Texan is pleasantly surprised and will be back here every few days. Now... we just need some good chips and queso. #helyeahheidelberg #helenelovesgermany

Question: what wine pairs best with allergy medication? 🌸🍷😂 I love spring and all but my eyes are itchy, red, bloodshot and now I remember why this time of year is difficult #helyeahheidelberg #helenelovesgermany

I’d spring clean... BUD I’m busy. 🌸🌸🌸🌸
On the blog today I’ve got what I’ve been binge watching on Netflix, podcasts, and what I’m reading. Lots of cult stuff. What are you watching or reading? I need a book that’s both Liane Moriarty plus Gone Girl 🧐Heleneinbetween.com or link in stories #helenelovesgermany

Signs of Spring in Heidelberg (finally). People are still wearing coats like it could snow any minute. Meanwhile Michael is in shorts and people are staring. It’s fine. We are the weird ones one way or another. #helyeahheidelberg #helenelovesgermany

Sometimes Instagram feels overwhelmingly focused on the good. Let’s talk about the bad 👹Things I’m really bad at - concentrating, not NOT watching the bachelor, balance, compulsive stat checker, decorating (legit the worst), getting mad over tiny minuscule things... What are you bad at??

Ps shirt is from @thedailytay aka @taylorwolfeshop 👌🏻

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