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How bitter and yet how sweet it is that he now follows me around everywhere I go. He sits under me as I blow my hair dry, hoping that I'll filter some warm air his way and he'll catch his breath and squeal in delight. He waits patiently with me as the water fills my cup, he knows I'll let him feel the coolness on his gums as I begin to teach him how to drink. Come April 18th, there will be such a deep void, a deafening silence, a searing loss everywhere I turn. But I would do it again even knowing the end result, because #thisisfostercare and #heisworthit .

Thanks to all of you who came to Fishin Church. Coldest Church service I've ever been to. However, HE IS WORTHY!
#fishinchurch #35degrees #Heisworthit

Our troubles or trials in life as Christian's ,are producing key elements in us to live a successful Christian life. As hard as it might be we can celebrate our times of trouble. Because they are adding to our faith, perseverance, character and Hope. (Romans 5:3-5) do not give up, don't give in, because the finish line is so worth it ! #Embracetheprocess #jesusovereverything #heisworthit

Today is the first ever #ThumbsUpDay for @thumbsupmission!! Everybody who doesn't know about Thumbs Up should go check them out at ThumbsUpMission.org ! They have already helped tons of families and have changed lives. I know for a fact that they have changed mine. #HeIsWorthIt

13 years ago today as we stood in front of our family and friends as young 20 & 21 year olds and made a commitment to love each other through the good times and the bad times and all the ones in between.
Our lives together have been such an adventure and it's taken us places we never would have dreamed and we have three of the best kids on the planet to share life with. It hasn't always been easy but it's sure been worth it.
It's our very first wedding anniversary we've spent apart today which isn't fun. I'm in India and he's 33000 feet in the air but I got to see his big smile for 5 minutes today so I'm happy! #marriage #marriageishardwork #heisworthit
I love you Jeremy Dyck!

#mcm goes out to the one and only @extensionsbymarcosvenegas 👏🏽💕 "if Rapunzel and Jasmine had a love child, it would be you" lmao you crack me up. I can't wait to see you in January for my long locks again!! LADIES MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GETTING YOUR HAIR DONE WHILE HE IS IN CT! Well worth it is an understatement.
Thank you for not only being my kick ass hair stylist but also a sweet friend. 🙃 #IFlyToTexasForHim #HeIsWorthIt #MarcosInCT

Still celebrating the Godson!!!!! Happy 5th 🎉 Birthday. I am so proud of the bright and intelligent boy he is becoming. Time for the Legoland turn up. #legoland #longweekend #noresttoday #heisworthit


My son's speech didn't develop as quickly as the other kids. My son's reading is currently below grade level. I buy additional resources for him to practice at home. I pay for ABC mouse to encourage him to love learning. I worry that he will fall behind and get discouraged. I transferred him to a different school to better assist him.
Then his new teacher pushes him to work smarter. Then his new teacher teaches him about Black heroes that look like him.
Then we come up the ramp of the museum and my son sees Ruby's face and his face lit up. He immediately told me who she was and how she was the first black girl to attend a white school!
My soul, my spirit, my heart and my eyes are still overflowing with joy! I am refreshed and ready to push him to higher heights!
#mamasboy #heisworthit #proudmamapost #overcomingobstacles #dontquit

I got J a baby #dinosaur in an egg and it just #hatched . I am ecstatic, he is non plus...👌🏻🙃 #egg #water #hatched #joy #plasticdinosaur #love #fun #poundland #heisworthit #😂

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