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😯Looking back at the changes my body went through since finding out we were having carter.... I won't lie, it has got me down most days 👎🏽... looking at the difference in person I was before and now.... but then I look at him and think, wow I will go through all of that a million times again for him.. I get myself down wondering why haven't I gone back to my size yet... it's been 5 weeks?!? Other women go back straight away, but the reality of it is every woman's body is different and we all go at our own bodies pace.. Back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in 10 months and I will be my own motivation... I am so proud of what I have created and now it's time to get back to feeling my normal self. ♥️ #heisworthit #postpartumjourney

Thanks to all of you who came to Fishin Church. Coldest Church service I've ever been to. However, HE IS WORTHY!
#fishinchurch #35degrees #Heisworthit

Today is the first ever #ThumbsUpDay for @thumbsupmission!! Everybody who doesn't know about Thumbs Up should go check them out at ThumbsUpMission.org ! They have already helped tons of families and have changed lives. I know for a fact that they have changed mine. #HeIsWorthIt

When you bored and lonely so you break down and go pick your boyfriend up😩 #hedontdrive #heisworthit #hennessy #neverletsmedown

Congestion sucks, but our little bundle has been a champ! #needsleep #heisworthit #summercoldsucks

"Being a leader is an inevitable calling. It appears glamorous & glorious to the novice, but it is more often lonely & thankless. As we shall see, the best leaders are actually servants. Unselfishly, they give of themselves to accomplish the objectives, regardless of the sacrifice or cost. The perils are ever present, the criticism is relentless, & the toll is great. But so are the rewards, fleeting though they may seem." #HeIsWorthIt

I think I'm Maddie's favorite #thumbsupmission #heisworthit

La "relazione" più lunga della mia vita è con il mio dentista, fedele cliente dal '94. Sì, porto i soldi in Svizzera, ma non alla banca..! 😬🙌🏻 #smile #heisworthit 😷

🎁🎈🎉Happiest of birthdays to my big bro who is always there for me no matter what! #twopostoneday #heisworthit 🎉🎈🎁


This dude interrupted harvest today for an odd puncture in his side. #heisworthit #farmdogs #farmlife

Day 3/21

Ever used resistance bands for your entire workout? Well I did today and it was a little brutal with my already sore muscles! Using these strengthens and tones muscles while helping with flexibility and range of motion....which I def need more flexibility!

Also, does anyone else look like Ace Ventura Pet Detective after they workout? After I had Tucker, I had some crazy hair regrowth...and this is the stage of where I'm at right now.🙄😤 #heisworthit #flyawaysfodays #alllllrightythen #loooohoooozuhher

Must maintain focus. No matter whatever goes on in life, my Savior is Always with me. He is waiting for me to utter a word of Affirmation, Praise, Song, Prayer, a heart's cry. No matter, He is here...Always! What a precious gift!!!! He will Never fail me! Now, the goal is to honor Him with my life. #thislife #onlyonelife #Heisworthit

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