· 4:22 PM
Only two more days of school for me.
Weird to think I will be done with high school.
I'm gonna miss my teachers and learning.

i love this song sooooo much :’) hope u enjoy my attempt at singing it ❤️ #iwouldntmind #heiswe #singingcover

Radio, play me a song that reminds me of a time when I wasn’t tumbling down, down, tumbling down
#radio #heiswe #latenightanxiety #alternativegirls #poppunktrash 😏

· 3:12 PM
Hi my name is Samantha
and I can never decide if I'm
okay without an organized feed.
What about you?

Forever is a long time
But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side

Carefully we're placed for our destiny
You came and you took this heart, and set it free
Every word you write or sing is so warm to me, so warm to me
I’m torn, I’m torn to be right where you are

I’m not afraid, anymore
I’m not afraid
#iwouldntmind #heiswe #loveyoujerk

Click the link in my bio for 'Only You' my brand new song 💜 Get it on your summer 2018 soundtrack and let me know what you think! 🌞 Joelle x #almostautumn #onlyyou

· 4:08 PM
I don't know what to post anymore
I feel so lame and crappy.

We all have a story of adolescence and all it’s glory ❣️ #heiswe #bw #selfie

On the darkest of nights, I like to look back at some cool photos I took (both old and new) and remember the good times I've had.

This night was so special for me because I got to meet the folks in He Is We ( @heiswemusic ) and had a deep conversation with lead vocalist Rachel Taylor backstage at Chain Reaction. She was such a sweetheart and was very polite to me and Josh. This was a breath of fresh air. They have some tour dates coming up so check it out!! #heiswe #racheltaylor #sheiswe #kickass #girlswhokickass


"I'm finally taking a stand.
I learned from all my mistakes.
I'm making all my own plans.
Throwing all my old ones away." Haven't heard this in years. This album helped get me through a particularly difficult part of life back then. Rachel Taylor, you are such a beautiful, inspiring soul. Thank you for sharing the words that live inside so many of us through your music. 💕@heiswemusic #heiswe #heiswemusic

I picked this song to walk down the isle to and now I cry every time I hear it because I picture my wedding day and how happy I was in that moment walking towards the love of my life. #ilovemywife #wedding #lesbianwedding #heiswe #sofuckinghappy

And she cried kiss it all better, I’m not ready to go. It's not your fault love, you didn't know, you didn't know. Now he sits behind prison bars twenty-five to life and she's not in his arms. He couldn't bring her back with a bullet to the heart of the back of a man and tore his world apart|| #heiswe #kissitallbetter #lyrics

“Upside down and off the ground is what you do-oo-oo”... 🙃😍🦋❤️#istillgetthosestupidbutterflies #heiswe #itsjustwhatyoudo

You’ve got me caught in all this mess I guess we can blame it on the rain. 💜💜 #blameitontherain #heiswe @heiswemusic #youvegotmecaughtinallthismess #iguesswecanblameitontherain #glowingwedbeglowing #

I wouldn't mind by He is We cover.
This is 1 of 2 of my pre T voice covers! I'm gunna do 1 more and then hopefully mid June I may get to start T!

#iwouldntmind #heiswe #acousticcover #pretestosterone #pretsingingvoice #trans

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