@sigsauerinc 716-G2-DMR vs. @knightarmco SR-25.

This P365 feels amazing w the 12 round mag. Well done @sigsauerinc

My perfect EDC. @sigsauerinc P365, a factory 12 round mag, and a @watchdog_tactical_ AIWB holster.

Found a 12 round @sigsauerinc mag for my P365 today.

EDC. @sigsauerinc P365 in a @watchdog_tactical_ holster. @microtechknives Stitch and @krudoknives titanium pen. Only the red key for the Hellcat.

Today’s scores!!! Happy fucking birthday to me! Lots of ammo and goodies today.

Wild leg rig found at the FN factory. Story was that it came in with a load from Belgium. Looked it up. Only available over there. This is for a FN 5.7 w a light. Crazy retention. Kind of neat. Couldn’t leave it. Thanks @mojojojo1357 !!!

Hey @watchdog_tactical_ need some love CJ. lol. New baby needs a holster.

Momma was getting her Sig on tonight. @sigsauerinc 716–G2-DMR

New toy.

Wife went to gun shop and look what she bought herself. A @sigsauerinc 716-G2-DMR.

Range therapy again last night. SCAR17 vs KAC SR-25.

@sigsauerinc P365 EDC testing. 400 rounds and going strong.

Little range fun tonight.

Put a light on my nightstand gun.

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