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I recommend @watchdog_tactical_ for all your holster needs. This "third leg" model in carbon is perfect for this humid, nasty, shorts and t shirt, summer weather 43 carry. Beautiful work and amazing customer service from this Vet owned shop.

Thank you to CJ at @watchdog_tactical_ !!! The absolute best customer service I have ever encountered. This is the third time I have walked in, gave you my requests, and walked out in 30 min. with an amazing custom holster. Love it.

Summertime EDC with @watchdog_tactical_ "third leg" carbon holster for my 43.


Played w this today. Pretty neat.

Kitchen gun. P-01 w APLc. Love this thing. Underrated, cheap, beautiful, and accurate.

Nightstand, nightstand, and carry. Tacops/X300U, 226SAO/APL, 229/APLc.

Sig Legion 226 SAO w APL and Legion 229 w APLc.

APLc growing on me.

APLc love. Finally.

Hey @watchdog_tactical_ , got an issue. Lol. New holster needed.

Scored some APLc's finally.

For when you want the same blast protection and runflat ability as an MRAP but you need them to fit a normal car. Lol. 15x7 Hutchinson ballistic wheels w low pro runflat inserts. Never need anything else. These were done a few years back for an overseas need. I have 6 assemblies for sale if anyone is in need of them.

The entire tac bay to myself. Thank you Ted!

Play time.

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