When you taste a quality, from scratch egg salad, you never forget it. It is hard to find, but not here at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli Brighton.
Make it a point to try our incredible home-made egg salad on your sandwich for something new and healthy to crave. Pair it with our quality meats if you are looking for some extra protein in your diet. 🥚 📸 @credit menus_in_la.

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Keep us in mind for your #catering needs this holiday season! Treat your event, celebration or gathering to our fresh, clean, and from scratch recipes for heightened happiness, health & productivity. 😊

We bake our bread fresh every day! 🍞🥖 Set your holiday party up right with our no nitrates, no antibiotics & no hormones offerings, or simply treat your office to lunch.
Click the link in our bio to start your order. 📸 credit: @desirapesta

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Tenemos envíos a domicilio en toda Madrid ☺️🚘

Our #Colorado skies never get old. Let's see those sunrise and sunset photos! Tag us to your page below... -
Repost from 9news Facebook: Did you see the gorgeous sunrise this morning? (📸: Jessica Gandy, Loveland)

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Ya empezó la época decembrina y en #heidis lo sabemos 🎅🎅
Pide ya nuestras deliciosas hallacas y no te preocupes por buscarlas, nosotros te las llevamos directo a tu casa 🚘🎄

Stay away from perfect looking cookies. They are not as perfect as they seem. 😉 Celebrate #NationalCookieDay here with our from scratch treats, the way it should be.

#Deimos | Do you ever get the feeling that you're not the only one of your kind? I do. I've traveled and explored more than enough to have learned that there are many known worlds, and who knows how many unknown ones.

I've been having strange dreams lately, of places I've never been to before. That in and of itself isn't odd, but they all seem to be related somehow. I see the silhouette of a woman with shorter hair, thin, glowing eyes. And she seems to often be in the company of vampires, which would explain the eyes she has.

But I can't really make out much more than that. Does this mean something at all? Am I experiencing a Dawnstar-like situation, having dreams that come from a specific source? I haven't heard of anyone else having them, so it seems like an isolated incident.

But when I do have them it's as if I was there myself, exploring dungeons, conversing with vampires as I have before with Serana and her father.

There has to be something to this.

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En #heidis cuidamos minuciosamente la calidad de nuestros productos y la conservación de los mismos. 😊
Toda nuestra comida es elaborada minutos antes de enviarla, para que sepa a amor ♥️😋

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For those of you that love lettuce and are missing the romaine! Head to Heidi's in Brighton where we carry butter lettuce from a local greenhouse, free from romaine and the recall. 🌱
Eat clean at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli.

Heidis. 🎒 Wears The Light

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