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I know he's a freak, but he's my freak🖤😋 #heholdsmyheart #couldntbehappier

"Janganlah gelisah hatimu; percayalah kepada Allah, percayalah juga kepada-Ku. -Yohanes 14:1-
#howsweet 💜💜 #Heholdsmyheart 💜💜

Such a sweet boy to pose for a new phone background when I need to replace the Christmas one 😋❤ #HeHoldsMyHeart #AQHAProud #HDVintageInvestor

Having a child changes you, but this one right here... well I have never been the same as I was before him. And I hope that I never am... his birth brought with him my greatest lesson - LOVE- it is all that will ever matter because when you are faced with the end of your days all that you see is the love, the love you give, you have given , love received not just to others but to yourself. To my greatest teacher of truth- I am so proud to be your Mommy, your joyous , infectious beaming spirit will forever motivate me to love better today than I did yesterday. I hope you know how much you are adored 💞 happy graduation day 👨🏼‍🎓 #heholdsmyheart , #thisisyoga , #proudmom ,
#godisgood , #allyouneedislove

Truly did not know this level of happiness existed ❤️ #engaged #heholdsmyheart #bestfriends #perfectmoments #hawaiiengagement



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