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Love catching my girl praising Jesus! #paysontaylor #hallelujah #heisrisen #hehelps

He's no Binky but he's helping my heart heal!! #guncletoafurry #doggiemodel #hehelps #banditerickson

Find someone who makes you feel better when ur down πŸ€—πŸ™ƒπŸ€’#baeallday#hehelps#gloomyday#feelingblah

My sweet chocolate helping with the groceries ☺️
#chocolatelab #hehelps #mommasboy

How do you do your homework? This is how we roll #homework #hehelps #giantschnauzer

I think I have spent way too much of life under estimating how lucky I am. How lucky I am to experience all that I have at such a young age. The bad may out weigh the good, but at least I am learning how to get through it now. Not later. Even though it has not been easy, Bryan and I have had a life changing relationship. He has understood me when I do not even understand myself. When everyone else abandons me, he is always there to pick me up. To truly love is to take all of the hard times they have had and never pass judgement. Never hold on to the forgiven moments, but always remember why you fought to make it work. He is the only one to give me a genuine smile when I've spent all day faking one. I love you @hirethestache. Social media deserves to know how good of a man you are #makingthebestofeveyday #learningtobehappy #farfromperfect #hehelps

He finished the laundry and changed a poopy diaper. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @thatvapelyfe #hehelps #greatdad #greathusband #hesgreat #superdad


I'm just an ordinary dude with an extraordinary nephew! He WANTS to help anyone and everyone that is working. When he's all grown up he will know what to do 😁😏😎. #thatsmybuddy #hehelps #uncleteenforthewin #again #mybffismynephew #thefutureofamerica #workingtoddler #hadtohelphimwiththelightweight

Cartoons with this man 😍
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last night, i was reminded that "...perfect love expels all fear..." 1 John 4:18. and my study this morning really put a cap on that reminder. you see, i am in the process of completely surrendering myself to Jesus, and it's not as easy as one would think. i, myself, am a HUGE control freak. i have to know when things are going to happen at all times or else i just kind of break down. but i know that in order to completely surrender myself to the Lord, i have to let go of this control. but if we're honest, i'm really scared. i'm scared of not having that upper hand on how things play out. but this fear that i have is selfish and it's definitely not the type of love Jesus intended for me to have. 1 John chapter 4 is a really great reminder that the Lord is in control no matter what. As quoted above, "he is bigger than the giants we face." and then goes on to say later that true love isn't scared. it's trusting and enduring and letting go of any fear or doubt we may have.
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Stay Strong in faith and let them wonder why you're still smiling.
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wow!! it has been almost a full year since i've posted! i am so sorry guys!! hopefully this will not happen again. here's a little update on my life (which also ties into today's message)
i am just 42 days away from embarking on my next adventure...college!!! yes, i know. ya girl made it. it's a very exciting time for me! however, i have no idea what i wound like to do with my life. in high school i wasn't good at one specific thing, but i liked learning about everything!!! so picking one thing to do for the rest of my life doesn't sound ideal, which is why i'm going in undecided. this morning, Psalm 23 has given me great comfort in not knowing what i'm doing. For example, in verse 3, David reminds us that, "he guides us along right paths." in verse 4, David says that, "he is close beside us." how comforting is that?! these verses lead us to the verse pictured above and to today's message. i think it's so comforting to know that we are being PURSUED by the same God who also created the mountains and the oceans and the galaxies! i encourage you guys to find comfort in knowing that God is in control. i know it's hard to trust and let go of what you want, but i promise you there is a much bigger and better plan for you in the mind of God than you can ever imagine.
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Oh bless his heart. He thought it went with the esspresso gear! This is why I love him!

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