Before I wish him a happy birthday I'd like to type a few words. Eben is the best damn brother anyone...ANYONE could have. Dude has had my back since his brain(what little he has) could understand the concept of family. I love him to death. I'd die for him, I'd kill for him but 75% of the time I want to kill him myself. The real love of my life. I'm glad you've been around these past 23 years, I don't know how I managed the 1st 3 years without you. (I'm kidding, those were the best times of my life 😝) Happy Birthday to my brother, my therapist, my bodyguard, my chauffeur, my friend. Have the best day today. #HeReallyIsaGoat #HeMadeMeWriteThis #ImHisBitxhForTheDay #BirthdayBoy #HeHasAbigForehead #FineBoy2Pimple

My nephew teaching me about elephants, I told him they were cute and he corrected me by saying "no Tia Anna, they are cool" #hehasabigforehead #thatsehyheissosmart #justlikehismommy #ihavethemostamazingnephewsandneices #myhashtags @jessgarcia01

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