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Rest in peace Joey. #heavyheart I only had the pleasure of meeting them both a few times at award shows and I wish I got to know them better. Their love is greater than most will ever know. Praying for their family and loved ones. Let us not forget how precious life is. Tell someone you love them right now!

Such a bittersweet post. It's official, our house is sold. It never even went on the market but sold to a family who had loved it for years. They knocked on the door, and got it the same way we got this house 26 years ago. A new young family will be raising their two little boys where we have raised our two. The circle of life goes on. May this house bless them the way it has blessed us. We still will be living here for two more months, but it seems strange that it's not really our house anymore.#dutchcolonial #nantucketstyle #heavyheart #newbeginnings

For my beloved George Michael favourite artist of all time. Goodbye and thank you for the music #heavyheart

There isn't any edit on this because I want to share something with you peeps.
I'm not really "vocal& #34; about my seizures. They're embarrassing, they're painful...like excruciating, they're inconvenient, they're scary as hell, they're inconsistent. Then, waking up is worse. All of these people are around you that you don't know and they're holding you down and they don't let you move. There's IVs, waiting for blood work, EKGs, Heart Monitors, disgusting medicine on top of more pills, having people touch you to put stickers on you. It sucks all around.
I have 13 stickers on me and an IV bandage and I went to the bathroom and realized that the entire thing could've gone so much worse if my sister hadn't been home. Which is why it's scary. There's no guarantee that when you go down, you'll get up and I think that's the scariest thing I've ever thought of. All of the sudden, lights out.
Which is why everyone should tell their loved ones that you love them. Whether it's your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend. You have no idea when the last time you talk to someone is gonna be and I fucking PROMISE you that if you ever lost them, you'd wish you told them you loved them more. You'll wish you'd spent more time with them. You'll wish you would've just called them instead of waiting for them to call you or instead of saying, "Eh I'll call them tomorrow."
Tomorrow's not guaranteed guys.
I don't mean to sound like a weirdo, but just proving a point.
If you think that just cause you're 20, 23, 30, you're invincible then you're wrong. Anything can happen in this world, don't pretend you're not apart of it.
Live everyday like it's literally you're last and tell your loved ones that you love them because if the last thing I remember before going is that I was loved...then I leave happy.

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Action shot courtesy of my friend Myra. Wrapped up the @crossfitgames Open with 17.5 in 24:17 tonight while a room full of my friends cheered me on to the very last rep... ❤💪🏋 #17point5 #intheopen #crossfit #thrusters #doubleunders #girlswholift #crossfitfamily #CFNB #sweattherapy #heavyheart #burlington #BurlON

T's prom - man he looks good in that bow tie! My posts of T have been few and far between lately, but I think about him every single day and think it's only right if I share him with the world every so often because he would be making waves if he were here. #brothers #family #heavyheart #tbt

I am stunned and deeply saddened by the news about #Prince . Another genius gone. #heavyheart

Running on empty...but I got this! 👁💪🏼🙋🏼 #Truecooks #truecookssoflo #heavyheart #tiredeyes #teamnosleep

Proud supporters. Gonna miss watching the boys. - & sorry for the obnoxious screaming ❤️❤️ #greatseason #heavyheart


They had an unbreakable bond...
Forever loved. Forever missed.
Always in my thoughts and in our hearts... Miss you terribly Pops.
#RestWell #love #Eternal #Pops #Spiderman8 #WeLoveYou #Daddy #Hero #SoMissed #SoLoved #HeavyHeart #BillNash #RIP #GoneTooSoon #besties

Tomorrow will be a sad but happy day. The day my sweet ginger goes to her new home. Crazy to think ive had this sweet girl for over a yr. I know she is going to a loving home. who knew this change would be so hard. #heavyheart

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