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■U4F Daily Naval News■
Under the long-lasting threat of the Abyssal units prowling around the Atlantic seas and mostly the world, the Kriegsmarine has ordered additional coastal defences along the shore of Netherlands. The project for the H-class Battleships was brought up multiples times clarifying if a Kanmusu with the soul of H44 has appeared. As of now, no further news.
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■Allied Admirals under the U4F Pact■

I had heavily debated on posting this image of USS Astoria (CA-34) at Sydney on 16 March 1934 to close out the Guadalcanal posts; but in all honesty, I thought it too majestic and wanted to depict Guadalcanal as bleakly as it is described. I feel that I made the right choice, BUT this photo has been sitting in my drafts and it’s just too good to sit on. The loss of this storied heavy cruiser caused all her sisters to be renamed as the New Orleans class; note the range dial on the superstructure, for communicating target distance with ships ahead and behind in formation. Also noteworthy is the float biplane on her amidships catapult.

USS Saint Paul (CA-73) in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong⠀⠀
Watercolor/Pastel March, 2013⠀⠀
One of the grand ladies of the US surface Navy, the "Saint" and crew take R&R in Hong Kong. Though long gone, the ship is remembered by many and still revered by her crew. #HongKong #victoriaharbour #atanchor #USNavy #Navy #Cruiser #Heavycruiser #Vietnam #Korea #TokyoBay #Sailor #Sunset #landscape #cityscape #seascape #explore #watercolor #pastel #Vietnamera #exploretocreate #mgraham #guns #ship #Navyship #vet #veteran #SaintPaul #usssaintpaul

Merryweather - S/T. 1969
Cool psych-blues-rock debut from Neil Merryweather. Pretty consistent and blues-rock’n throughout with some psych influences. His album after this is great too featuring Jon Richardson from Nucleus on guitar. He went on to make some awesome heavy psych space rock glam stuff as Neil Merryweather and the Space Rangers. During this time Neil also played in Mama Lion with Lynn Carey, Ivar Avenue Reunion and heavy cruiser. The guy contributed to a lot of great stuff in a short time.

The Pensacola class cruisers USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) and USS Pensacola (CA-24) tied up alongside USS New Orleans (CA-32), a more modern cruiser design.
Due to their light armor, the Pensacola class cruisers were originally classified as light cruisers. However, they were reclassified due to international standards that stated any cruiser with guns larger than 6" was a heavy cruiser.

Photo taken at Pearl Harbor in 1943.

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HMS Exeter (68)

The HMS Exeter was a heavy cruiser of the Royal Navy in World War two. The ship was named after the cathedral city in Devon (England) "Exeter" and was a ship of the York class. The commissioned was on the 27th of July 1931 and had a length of 175m, a width of 17m. With her 8× Admiralty 3-drum boilers and 4× shafts; 4× geared steam turbine sets, she had a maximum speed of 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph). The HMS Exeter had a armament of 3× twin 203mm guns, 4× single 102mm AA guns and 2× triple 533mm torpedo tubes. Also 2× seaplanes and 2× aircraft catapults. ====================================
After her commissioning the ship joined the 2nd Cruiser Squadron of the Atlantic Fleet and had many test operations. During the test operations she visited many ports of the World and joined, after a repair, the 8th Cruiser Squadron of the America and West Indies Station. Then she came to the South American Division of the America and West Indies Station and visited ports in Brazil, Argentina and by the Falkland Islands. After the beginning of World War two, the HMS Exeter fought in the Battle of the River Plate and damaged the Admiral Graff Spee. After the battle, the ship was repaired and modernised at Devonport Dockyard between February 1940 and March 1941. Then she joined the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the Home fleet, oversaw the Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland and escorted many cruisers. After the escorting, the Exeter had many operations in the India Ocean and in January 1942 joined the ABDA fleet. On the 27th of January 1942 the ship fought in the "Battle of the Java Sea", was badly damaged and escaped. But on the 1st of March 1942 she was attacked from the heavy cruiser "Nachi", "Haguro", "Ashigara" and "Myōkō" and 4 destroyer and sank after 3 hours. From the 705 crew members survived 651 mens, but 29 died in Japanese captivity. #History #history #Geschichte #geschichte #RoyalNavy #HeavyCrusier #heavycruiser #warship #Warship #BritishHeavyCruiser #britishheavycruiser #SchwererKreuzer #schwererkreuzer #WW2 #ww2 #WorldWar2 #worldwar2 #WorldWar2History #worldwar2history #2.Weltkrieg #2.weltkrieg #WorldofWarships #worldofwarships

Japanese heavy cruiser Haguro on maneuvers in 1936 somewhere in the Yellow Sea. The aircraft in the foreground is one of the scouts from one of Haguro’s sisters, Nachi; codenamed Dave by the Allies during WWII, this was a Nakajima E8N Type 95. The E8N was successful in both recon and spotting roles against China and during the early engagements against ABDACOM and the Americans in 1941-2 but was mostly out of service by 1943. Nachi and Haguro would participate in the opening hostilities against China during the summer of 1937, a year after this photo was taken. Nachi would be sunk by aircraft in November 1944, while Haguro would be hunted down and destroyed by British warships in 1945.

USS Houston (CA-30)

The USS Houston was a heavy cruiser of the United States Navy in World War two. The ship was named after the City Houston, Texas and was a ship of the Northampton class. The commissioned was on the 17th of June 1930 and had a length of 182m, a width of 20m. With her 8× White-Forster boilers and 4× Parsons reduction steam turbines, she had a maximum speed of 32 knots (37.6 mph; 60.6 km/h). The USS Houston had a armament of 9× 203mm guns (3x3), 8× 5 in 127mm anti-aircraft guns and 20× 20mm Oerlikon cannons. ====================================
After his commissioning, the ship joined the United States Asiatic Fleet as the flag ship and operated in the China Sea, during the war between China and Japan. Then in November 1933, she came to the Scouting Force and had many test operations. During his test operations the President Franklin Roosevelt came aboard on 1st of July 1934 at Annapolis (Maryland) for a cruise of almost 12,000 nautical miles (14,000 mi; 22,000 km) through the Caribbean and to Portland, Oregon, by way of Hawaii. After this long trip, the Houston was the flagship of the U.S. Fleet and drove the President again on 2 other trips. After the Pearl Harbor attack, she joined the American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) naval force at Surabaya, fought in the "Battle of Makassar Strait", "Battle of the Java Sea", "Battle of Sunda Strait" and escorted convoys. On the 1st of March 1942, during the Battle of Sunda Strait the USS Houston was attacked from the Japanese cruiser "Mogami" and "Mikuma" and sunk by torpedoes, fire and explosions. Only 368 of 1.061 crew members survived, 77 people (21%) died in captivity. #History #history #Geschichte #geschichte #UnitedStatesNavy #Warship #warship #Kriegsschiff #HeavyCrusier #heavycruiser #SchwererKreuzer #WorldofWarships #WorldWar2History #WorldWar2 #worldwar2history #worldwar2 #WW2 #ww2 #2.Weltkrieg #2.weltkrieg #WorldofHeavyCruiser #worldofheavycruiser #worldofwarships #secretsofhistory #GeheimnissederGeschichte #sinking #untergang

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