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Sweet lines...Merle and I were the first people in the lot and coffee fresh before 0800 #usssalem #heavycruiser

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摩耶艦底部分の基本塗装が終了し、大まかなウェザリング処理を行ってます( ̄^ ̄)ゞ🇯🇵⚓️

German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen post-WWII in the Weser River at Bremerhaven, Germany. The date is 17 December 1945. She would leave for Boston early in January 1946. Thanks to @landry62 for submitting this research, and remember if you want to research a ship and send me a post, please use the contact button on my profile! No battleships, I will write all those up myself in due time.
Prinz Eugen, an Admiral Hipper class cruiser, was laid down in April 1936, launched in August 1938, and completed in August 1940. Named after the Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy, the ship was outfitted with 8 x 8" guns in four twin turrets. Her secondary armament consisted of 12 x 4.1" L/65 rifles, plus 12 x 1.5" cannons, and 8 x machine guns. She also carried a pair of triple 21" torpedo launchers abeam her rear superstructure. The cruiser displaced over 18,000 tons and could reach speeds of 32 kn, though she was hampered by frequent engine problems.
After trials, Prinz Eugen sailed with the Bismarck in May 1941 during Operation Rheinübung in hopes of raiding British shipping. After engaging the British ships Hood, Prince of Wales, Suffolk, and Norfolk, Prinz Eugen was forced to abandon her mission due to low fuel and engine problems. She reached the port of Brest on 1 June. After frequent attacks in port, Prinz Eugen sortied with the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in February 1942 during Operation Cerberus, or the Channel Dash, back to Germany during daylight while engaging British MTBs and destroyers
After a stint as a training ship, Prinz Eugen deployed in the Baltic to support operations against Soviet forces. She was crucial in supporting German withdrawls and driving back Soviet counter-attacks, firing over 5,000 8" shells against shore targets from 10/43-3/45. Physically worn out, she steamed to Copenhagen in April and surrendered.
Prinz Eugen was turned over to the British forces 7 May 1945. After inspection, she was given to the USN as USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300). Her equipment, most notably her radar, was extensively analyzed. Towed to the Marshall Islands 3/1946, she was a target in Operation Crossroads; see her Wrecked Wednesdays post for more!

The German pocket battleship ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE in flames after being scuttled off Montevideo, Uruguay, after the Battle of the River Plate. 18 December 1939.

The 'Admiral Graf Spee' was a Deutschland-class heavy cruiser ('pocket battleship') commissioned in 1936. The Graf Spee was more heavily gunned than any other cruiser.

The Graf Spee had sunk several merchant ships in the Atlantic before being attacked by a British search group consisting of the cruisers 'Exeter', 'Ajax', and 'Achilles'. The damage on the 13th of December 1939 to the 'Graf Spee' forced her to seek refuge in the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay for several days to make repairs.

The Uruguayan authorities followed international treaties and, although granting an extra 72 hours stay over the normal 24 hours, required that Admiral Graf Spee leave port by 20:00 on the 17th December or else be interned for the duration of the war.

As it was thought that a large fleet of British ships awaited them out at sea, the commander of the Graf Spee, Kapitän zur See (Captain) Hans Langsdorff made the decision to scuttle the ship, largely to spare his crew further casualties. At the limit of Uruguayan territorial waters she stopped, and her crew was taken off by Argentine barges. Shortly thereafter, planted charges blew up 'Admiral Graf Spee' and she settled into the shallow water.

Hans Langsdorff committed suicide two days later on the 20th December in his hotel room in Buenos Aires. He lay on the Admiral Graf Spee's battle ensign and shot himself. (Photo source - © IWM A 4) (Colourised by Royston Leonard UK)


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Want to be featured on the Salem's instagram feed? Simply use #usssalem and we will pick our favorites to feature! #usnavy #museumship #heavycruiser #quincyma

Sweet lines...Merle and I were the first people in the lot and coffee fresh before 0800 #usssalem #heavycruiser

#todayinhistory USS Indianapolis sets sail for Tinian Island on this date in 1945. It would carry the components needed to build the atomic bomb Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima later. #worldwar2 #ussindianapolis #littleboy #heavycruiser #militaryhistory

Awesome day spent checking Out the USS Salem in Quincy Harbor Ma today. She is a Beautiful Heavy Cruiser in her rugged restoration processed state! 🌙⚓️🇺🇸 #USSSalem #HeavyCruiser #Battleships #Destroyers #139 #Salem #seawitch #fordtaurs @uss_salemca139

3x12 in decal of the USS Pittsburgh. A gift for a WW2/Korea vet. A great piece to do and and honor to give. #decal #sticker #usnavy #usn #navy #ww2 #ship #pittsburgh #heavycruiser

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