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Note to non-tattooed people: no, I in fact did not get my tattoos to be a billboard saying GIVE ME ATTENTION. I also do not need to be ok with you touching my arm, lifting my shirt to see my back, or wrenching my arm ESPECIALLY when you're a total stranger. I also don't feel like answering an essay of questions on what my tattoos are or why I got them. Sure sometimes I don't mind questions if they're polite and I'm not doing anything but definitely not when I'm trying to check in for a damn doctor appointment. I chose to ink my body, I didn't choose to be harassed, insulted, or touched by strangers or even people I know. As a side note, I'm going to be a badass looking mom and grandmother, you're just going to look like every other wrinkley old person. But thank you for caring about how I will age aka to perfection. #tattooedwomen #tattoos #tattooproblems #heavilytattooedpeople #heavilytattooedproblems


New today. According to @sbaker_tattooer the skin on my right foot is the toughest he's ever tattooed! Was a brutal session and looks great

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