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When your favorite client brings you unbelievable gifts.... love you Johnny!!!!
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Chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries 🍓 🍫❣️#food_is_memories

How freaken awesome is this?!?!! I think, one can add a lil peppermint liqueur to it too.. 😏 #HeavenlyDessert #AmarulaPancakeParcels 😋😍

I'm on my heavenly moment #dessert #heavenlydessert #yummy

#sumptuous...chocolate velvety pudding with ice cream.... #heavenlydessert

Made the Yummlicious Crepe with rich creamy Heavenly Lindt Chocolate Sauce along with Blueberries and banana 💕
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2 Medium Oranges (sliced in circles)
2 Medium Tubs Double Cream
1 Pack Sponge Fingers
2tbsp Coffee
1 Pack Custard Powder
2tbsp Granulated Sugar
1 Pint Milk
1/2 Lemon •For the custard:
Boil 1 pint of milk.
In a small bowl, take 2tbsp (heap) of custard powder, sugar and 2tbsp of milk (taken from 1 pint if milk) l. Mix all together and pour into the boiled milk. Keep stiring constantly until it thickens up.
Once ready, leave to aside to cool down and place it in the fridge.
Don't start the next step until your custard has firmed! •For the Trifle
Peel and slice your oranges in circle. Place each one on the side of the bowl going round. (Save the extras for the top). Boil water from kettle and pour into 2tbsp of coffee. You will then need to transfer the coffee into a flat bowl plate to soak the sponge fingers. Wait till the coffee has completely cooled down before soaking the sponge.
Once it has cooled down, soak the bottom for a few seconds and place it on top of the custard. (I did 1 layer, as it was soaked in coffee). Take the cream and whisk into a bowl. Add lemon to help thicken the cream. Once it has thicken, pour on top of the sponge fingers, spreading it out evenly.
Keep the top part a bit bumpy and add in the spare oranges. Decorate it how you like. You can add chocolate flakes for a finishing touch.
Keep it cool in the fridge until serving time.

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