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What an AMAZING night with the @jabbawockeez !!! Their dancing is unreal... not only did their show have incredible dancers but who knew they were comedians too??!? I haven’t laughed, sang and danced that much in a LOOOONG Time! HUGE thank you to THE MAN- @rickymaalouf83 who orchestrated this incredible experience for our dancers!! Not only did we have KiLLeR seats but we also got to “hang out” after with JABBAWOCKEEZ taking PiCs and messing around with them.... again, laughing SO hard!!! Next time you’re in Vegas, go see them!! And also, thank you to @monstersdance for letting @clubdancehiphopcompany compete first on stage so that we could RUNNNN out and make it to the Jabbawockeez show on time!!! #suchaGREATnight #clubturns10 #heathenzstyle #jabbawockeez #lasvegas

CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing son, BROGAN for officially committing to play Division 1 football for Northern Arizona University!!! He has been awarded a scholarship that NAU will hold while he serves a 2 year mission for our church!! We are super ExCiTED and SO PROUD of him! ALL his hard work has paid off to get where he is today... congrats B!!! We LOVE YOU!!!! #goJACKS #naustrong #naufootball #heathenzstyle #footballmom #lumberjack

Official NAU Football Visit!! Feb 1-3, 2018
These past 3 days have been packed!! We met all the 🏈coaches, we met a few of the 🏈players and made friends with the new recruits! We toured the campus, ATE FOOD, watched practice, met with the academic team, toured the athletic weight room, ATE FOOD again, toured the Locker Room, sat in a Team Meeting, had a “photo shoot” and ATE MORE FOOD!!! The NAU FOOTBALL PROGRAM is just amazing💙💛💙 The boys, the Coaches, the facilities... all AMAZING!!!! 🙌🏼 #naufootball #naustrong #heathenzstyle #collegefootball #howdoihavekidstgisold 😳

#tbt STILL reminiscing about our incredible weekend in Jacksonville Florida! I wasn’t really sure what exactly we were doing there or HOW we even got to be apart of this amazing experience until it was explained by the head coach Ken Stills at our first parent meeting... these boys ((all seniors)) were First nominated by various recruits across the nation. 6750 boys were nominated. Then, the coaches (all former NFL Players) got together and picked their teams. 120 boys were chosen. Brogan #77 was part of that group!! What. An. Honor! To have the opportunity to rub shoulders with all these amazing players, coaches and families was just surreal!! I’m SO proud of BiG B and all his hard to work to be the player, the student, the brother, the son he is today. His BLUE Team held the lead until the last quarter where they fell short in the last few seconds of the game, loosing by a lucky field goal!! Such a bummer!!! But still an incredibly experience nonetheless... one we will never forget! We are SOOOOO grateful for supportive grandparents who helped fund this trip and for grandparents who were able to come support our Offensive Lineman!!! WE LOVE OUR FAMILY and our #77 #futureisbright #heathenzstyle #allamericanblueandgreybowl

GAME TIME MOVED!!! The BLUE-GREY All-American Bowl moved our game time from 1.13.2018 to 1.14.2018.... for those of you who want to watch, you can stream the game live on ESPN3 at 12:30 Arizona time!! •

We have absolutely LOVED our time here in Florida meeting new friends, watching Brogan play and spending time with my parents.... we’re SO thankful to everyone who has made it possible for us to be here this weekend ❤️ and to the coaching staff who are pushing these boys to be bigger and better than they already are!! #blueandgreybowl #blueandgreyallamericanbowl #heathenzstyle #jacksonvilleflorida #offensiveline #manchild #77 #BLUEteam #goBIGBLUE

The last couple days have been exciting, cold, FUN, wet☔️ and Ah-MaZiNG!! Watching Brogan do what he LOVES is the BEST! We’re so HaPpY and blessed to be apart of such an incredible football experience... Brogan is being coached by the most amazing coaches who have all been in, or are currently apart of the NFL organization!! I couldn’t be happier for him or more ExCiTeD to be here!! #blueandgreybowl #heathenzstyle #offensiveline #BLUEteam #goBiGblue

And so it begins...... picked up hoodies, Ts, programs and helmets this morning!! We’re SO HaPpY to have Grandma and Grandad here with us!! #gobigBLUE💙🏈💙 #heathenzstyle #blueandgreybowl

HaPpY NeW YeARS from all of us.... #heathenzstyle 2017 was one for the books! We’re looking forward to what 2018 has in store🎉🎉

MeRrY CHRiStMaS EVE from all of us Heathenz 🎄❤️🎄 remembering the Reason for the Season... #merryandbright #heathenzstyle #chrsitmaseve2017

Way 🔙 Wednesday!! Last Monday 11.6.17, early morning these two kiddos got their braces and expanders put on... one of them was over-the-moon ExCiTeD to have them put on and the other one... well, let's just say there were some pretty BiG crocodile tears during the WHOLE procedure!! 😂😅🐊 Marley picked clear on top and white gold for her bottom braces and Bronson picked white gold (he only needs them on top) #phase1
Both these kiddos sound pretty strange as they are adjusting to life with an expander on the roof of their mouths! I'm ExCiTeD to get them started and couldn't have asked for better Orthodontists and the TEAM of LaDiES at Garn-Mason Orthodontics!!! 😁🔗🔶 #yaystraightteeth #heathenzstyle #garnandmasonorthodontics #braces #soremouth #goingtobeSOgreat

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BRiCK!!! ❤️🎂❤️🎉
N I N E things about Brick..... 1.) he is HaPpY!! All. The. Time
2.) he is a Worker. He loves to get work done in or around the house!
3.) he is helpful. If he sees a friend in need ((or sibling)) he is right there to lend a helping hand
4.) he LoVES LiFE!! He's up for anything, always!
5.) he is Smart. He does great academically and is "street smart" too!
6.) he is FuNNy!! Maybe it's part of being the youngest, maybe it's a requirement in order to be the youngest sibling??🤷🏼‍♀️ who knows? But BRick is a FuNNy guy!! Keeps us laughing daily!😂 7.) he loves LEGOS!
8.) he Loves remote control cars!! 9.) he loves his FaMiLY!! And we LOVE him!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy bud!! #streamersandballoons #chocolatecake #frenchtoast #heathenzstyle #airsoftgunsfromhisbigbrothers #remotecontrolcar #2dollarbills

Fall Ball is over...
WF played a tough game against Chaparral. We held them 7-0 during the first half of the game, blocked their extra point kick in the second half but still came up short.... it was a hard and an emotional loss for this team. -
The first video is the team taking the field before the game! Led by our drummers, the boys prepare for battle, "linked" together, they have each other's back. They are a brotherhood.
Second video, they anxiously wait for a signal from Coach, Blackhawks ready to attack... when the signal is given they charge the field!!! I get chills. E-VRY-TIME!
In the last 2 minutes of the game we watched, knowing this would be the last time to watch #77 play on his home field. Last time in pads. Last time in his WF jersey. Last time for #fridaynightlights
Tears were shed. Brothers hugged. They fought a GOOD FIGHT!! Good season boys. Proud of you.....❤️
During the state game last year, in the 4th quarter Brogan came off the field with his arm held tight against his chest. He tor his labrum in his left shoulder. Rest and rehab helped to strengthen it but it still hurt. Fast forward to this season. Brogan wears a brace for his left arm, plays O-Line and long snaps. A few weeks ago he came off the field with his RIGHT arm held tight! Another injury. Another X-Ray. Another brace. He's played through the pain and has seen a few doctors, as well as the team Dr! Now that the season is over, we'll have both shoulders looked at and prepare to have them repaired, hopefully before The BLUE & GREY game in January!! 🤞🏻
We love you BROGAN!!! #heisFUNtowatch #hesabeast #sixfourtwoseventyfive #eighteenyearsold #heathenzstyle #williamsfieldfootball #senioryear #howisthisoveralready

Couple weeks late posting..... this pic is from SENIOR Night #justmissingCash. I'm just so proud of number 77 and ALL that he's accomplished these past 4 years, both ON and OFF the field. We love you B!!! #offensiveline #captain #williamsfieldfootball #heathenzstyle

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!!! 👻🎃🦇💀 Halloween on Bridgeport....!!! #heathenzstyle #halloween2017

Mexico... you were sooooooo good to us!!❤️🇲🇽🌴 #cantwaitforthenexttrip Partied with the Payne's- Cash rocks that back tuck (not bad for a 6'5" guy)- bronson loves the murals- Final stops on the way out of town... Combo Taco & Churros Peñasco!!! #bestchurrosEVER #heathenzstyle #partywiththepaynes #rockypoint2017

FaMiLy Time is THE BEST Time!!! #whenyourfriendscountasFaMiLy this was hands down the BEST $35 we spent all weekend 😂🤣😂 we haven't laughed this hard in a while!! José must have thought we were CrAzY!! ...
.....I'm so thankful Brad was able to take a couple days off work and spend it in Mexico!! 🇲🇽#heathenzstyle #rockypoint2017 #redshark ❤️🦈

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