Corsica 🌞🌊

Simply stunning! The little details of this basin and tapware make such a beautiful composition.... and white is back! Credit to Arik Levy and his ‘bowl’ collection. www.routysplumbing.com.au

I created this account to share my opinions on what is currently happening in the basketball world. It is something I've always thought about doing and I finally got round to it. I don't care if the page grows or not I just hope you like what I do and drop a follow.

"Through creation I told ya'
And hold ya' with music
My formation in souls of those that chose to use it
No misunderstandings,
I hand it to your ear
I prepare this year to stay sharp like spears
Mathematik in the universe to manage the truth.."
🔥🔥🙌🏾🤙🏾 Hip Hop Gems 🎶
- Mathematik

Transfer News: The NYC King @sam_kipping07 is back and will re-join the Heat. Can he topple Callums charge to win our Formula 1 prize this 2018/19 season???. #HEAT

The most clutch play of the 2018 season for the wolves! This was by far my favorite moment as a wolves fan. This was when Taj Gibson Locked up Jokic,in the final seconds of the regular season finale. Jokic had been destroying us the whole game and we eventually pulled the game out in overtime, getting us into the playoffs, ending the drought. This play alone made Taj one of my favorite players💪🙌

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