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An hour is only 4% of your day. So why not spend it doing something (like an Orangetheory workout!) that would benefit you? After all, you would still have the remaining 96% of the day to do whatever else you want to!

Thinking about mixing up your training? Do you have a HR monitor but don’t know how to use it or what your zones are? How do zones help you train?

Message me or send me an email to fay@fayjordan.com (email in my bio) and I’ll send you a FREE HR training guide! 🤟💜

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New Blog post! 💻
After 10-years as a professional coach, our founder Ben Pulham shares 7 important lessons he has learned helping athletes to become faster and healthier. Link in the bio #Getcoached

It never gets easier, you just get better.

Always double the fun HIITing with your squad. A great Lean HIIT sesh with @webethirsty last night.🙌🏼
Call or Email us to book your private class.
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You are cordially invited to attend our 2nd Cardio Blast Clinic Saturday, March 24, 2018, 2-4pm! @ Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club 🎾 #cardiotennis #marchmadness See you there! KEEP IT MOVING!! #cardioCHARLIE #thefutureisbright #heartratetraining #cardioballs #tennis #tennispro #tennislover #tennisballs #keepitmoving #eastlansing

Interested in more information about Cardio Tennis or the Cardio Blast? (East Lansing Residents) Call (419) 509-9708 to inquire about Cardio Tennis - Ask for Charlie

After taking a week off because i hurt my groin i come back to get my ass kicked haha. This was tough i was a bike and dive bombers away from finishing 6 rounds. #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssupport #weightlosssuccess #cardio #fitness #motivation #dedication #getfit #heartratetraining #heartratemonitor #knoxxfit #knoxxgym

View was terrible but the company was great 😘 @aaron.levinson06 . Six sets of 5 min at 7:15ish/160 bpm, 2 min easy (4 sets for Aaron) during an hour run. Fighting a cold so I was relieved that it felt okay #treadmill #halfmarathontraining #runningwithkids #heartratetraining #8020running

We rise to WORKOUT WEDNESDAY with some upper body strength!
Often finding ourselves hunched over at our laptops, phones, steering wheels, etc., it’s vital we balance out our muscles with the proper exercises.
So, today, why not grab a set of free weights (or canned goods from the pantry, if free weights aren’t nearby), & start flexing your fabulous arms! Free weights are one of the most versatile workout tools, & with every rep, you’re strengthening multiple muscles at once, and improving muscular balance & coordination throughout your body!
So, let’s rise to WORKOUT WEDNESDAY, ripen those reps, & get flexing! 🍊💪🏻⚡️

Go get on a bike and cycle for 90 minutes with your heart rate up and down and all around 150 #trekbikes made me do it. #CycleLA #CycleGods “you know I’m all about that rate” #healthandfitness is all #hermosabeach #cyclinglife #heartratetraining

the only BENCH for your ULTIMATE WORKOUT

Check you out Sam @drop_itlikea_squat such an amazing transformation with Orangetheory. Puts in so much effort every session and has dropped 35kg as a result. Woohoo!!! #keepburning

Spring is in the air OTF Goodyear 💐🌷🌹🌸🌺 no more excuses that it’s too cold to come to workout! Get in here! Keep yourself and your friends accountable y’all!! #firstdayofspring #accountabilityiskey

Whether it’s one more punch, 30 more seconds, or six more rounds – you’ve got this! You are UNSTOPPABLE. - #9roundflorence #iamunstoppable #heartratetraining #iamafighter #iamstrong


Everyone out there worrying about what 18.5 will be, I’m just here 🚂 ‘ing my ass off.

This week’s Endurance Project featured athlete is Tabitha Collins. Her and I have been working together for around 2 years now. She came to me wanting a @bostonmarathon qualifying time. She was coming in with a PR of 3:44, but really needed to be well under 3:40 to secure a guaranteed spot in Boston. She worked hard all of 2016 and we got her down to 3:28. Most of 2017 was spent juggling the life of being a mom of two athlete kids, with much of her time being at the diamond to support her son’s baseball and daughter’s softball. In addition to that, she runs her own print shop and recently opened her own gym. She usually needs 36 hours a day to get to half of what needs to get done. Despite all that, she’s always training hard and fits in the workouts however she can. This last weekend she ran a 1:39 half marathon as a tune-up run for Boston. T-minus 25 days until she’s kicking ass from Hopkington to Boylston Street!

Happy birthday, Robin!!! You killed those burpees and your workout in your normal fashion. 💪👊😎 Have a great rest of your day -- you've certainly earned it! And a great rest of your birthday MONTH! 🎉🎉🎉
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