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Okay, I want to present to you———— the oil of all the oils 🙌🏼 I honestly mean that! If you haven’t heard of this oil, I’ll give you an idea of what it can help you with. It’s seriously amazing. - Inflammation - Cellular Health (Helps with regeneration) - Boosts immune system - Anti-depressant
- Anti-congesting
These are just a few of the things you can use it for. All you need is a couple of drops! 👏🏼
Ok, aquí te presento ————— el aceite de todos los aceites 🙌🏼 En serio, si no has escuchado de este, aquí te doy una idea con lo que te puede ayudar:
- Inflamación
- Salud celular (ayuda con la regeneración)
- Mejora el sistema inmune
- Antidepresivo
- Anti-congestión
Y solamente necesitas algunas gotas nada más 👏🏼

💗 12-21-16 Mickey #mikeysbsv 1 year 1 month 14 days on earth. #heartmission

“One of a kind. Yes you know you are. So please don’t let them get you down. Let your light shine, oh you golden star. The world needs you now more than ever..” singing my sister’s verse of Radiant Star. @saritahmusic

Let the wind blow ✨
Let the waves come and go.
Receive with gratitude whatever comes your way.
Practice trusting whatever is happening, like the current weather conditions, rain or shine all will soon pass.
Find the courage to unravel a bit and allow whatever magic the present wishes to transform within and the reality around you.
Stay grounded in truth, nothing that is yours can be taken away.
Be sensitive, be resilient, stand open hearted and wings expanded.
Integrate now so you can respond from the love you are later.
There is great benefit in allowing yourself to be molded and changed ... allowing your concept of “I” to be altered without fear.
Perhaps today you can be brave and humble enough to be taken before you once again take off ?
May we all trust the divine forces and ourselves enough to get out of our own way of becoming ✨🦋🐬❤️ #skyoflove #becoming #heartandsoulmedicine #consciousness #awareness #allowing #source #gratitude #truth #flow #lightworker #light #sunrise #beach #goodmorning #healing ##miamibeach #yoga #meditation #heartmission #spirituality #lovevibration #lovenotes #medicinewoman #divineliving #sacredliving

Sustainable happiness means thinking less about how you did it before and more about how you want to do it now ... With more ease, less energy, and less struggle.
We can not go back and be as we were but if we can let go of the old rules and limitations we can surpass our own ideas of wellness, of peace, of abundance and bliss ✨
Wishing you all the ability to trust and have faith that life is strategically preparing you to have more with less....To find more without looking .....To realize more without stressful study... To appreciate and be appreciated without need to prove.... To flow where we feel ease and inspiration without calculation ..... To seek less and allow yourself to be found more.
Everything you need to be happy can be found right where you are and as you are and it is our job to release the resistance to recognizing this. Allow yourself to be what you love and love who you are and allow others to do the same. It is here we find peace and the capacity to find happiness with less effort and be more powerful in all we do with softness and grace.
#lovenotes #behapoy #befree #trust #happiness #gratitude #flow #letgo #truth #alignement #lovevibration #loa #spirituality #heartandsoulmedicine #consciousness #awareness #innerglow #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #heartandsoulmedicinewoman #yoga #meditation #wynwood #sundaylove

"Love stole my prayer beads and gave me poetry and songs..."
--Rumi 📿📿📿
Those throwback vibes!!
Whatever you do, fill it, infuse it, imbue it, with thoughts of Love. Then every moment in life becomes a prayer...
#tbt #thursday #summervibes #memories #rumi #rumiquotes #dance #spiritualjourney #heartmission #compassion #love #grace #meditation #prayer #mindfulness #life #love #mindbodyspirit #spiritsoul #atma #gopi #urbangopi

The power of OK👌🏻 💜
Those that make others feel all will be OK in time of anguish, are walking Angels on this earth.
If you want to be of highest service to this world you might want to work on your ability to find the silver lining in any perceived cloud.
When you can sit in chaos and find lightness you become a powerful source faith and healing.
When you see value in darkness and turbulence you become source of safety.
When you stop fearing uncertainty, change and inconsistency you can be source of peace.
When you stare in the face of loss, sadness, and pain and look for halos, you radiate beauty to others otherwise blind to it.
When you can welcome waves, storms, misunderstandings for the opportunity to learn and grow, you can be source of strength.
When you see power in others in their time of trauma or tragedy you become a catalyst of transformation for them... they start to get a glimpse of their true beauty.
When we commit and choose to be OK no matter what, we can stand powerfully in our lives and for others.
Let’s connect with the deepest and most consistent truth within our own being, the part of us that knows all is exactly as it needs to be at each moment.
Let us swim in the consistency of love deep within and stand powerfully in our conviction... if only love is real then whatever is occurring that is a gift to help us realize this .
Let this message remind you of your power, it’s time to consciously be what you are .. now and forever OK.
Let us stand for one another again and again in our time of doubt and despair.
Thank you to all those that stood for me as I now stand for others. Thank you for all those that I stand for that will stand for me again in the future🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️
What a blessing it is to reciprocate such love, to mirror such power ❤️ #skyoflove #ok #healing #connection #unity #lightnessofbeing #flow #faith #sacredliving #goodmorning #sunrise #waves #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #divineliving #yoga #meditation #spirituality #newworld

There are times I question why I am even here ✨

I wonder what is the point of this all.
And then I get reminded... like a shot in the head from the one I love the most ...and I know exactly why.
I remember I am here to find the beauty of it all and share it 💖
It’s moments like these I wonder how I could ever forget .
So today, I encourage you ...Find something beautiful and give it away .. it’s here to become aware of the power of love YOU are .. it’s here you make ALL of this worth it.. it’s here you can feel like something more than a warrior .. it’s here you can feel like the gift YOU truly are💛
Sending you all this beauty 🌟
As you receive it, know you give me the breath to keep giving 🙇🏻‍♀️ @skyoflove #sunrise #gift #beauty #meaning #flow #truth #faith #lovenotes #sacred #goodmorning #service #spirituality #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #medicinewoman #miamibeach #author #meditation #yoga

Mastering the art of ease✨💫✨
There are times in life that things seem easy.
During these times it is easy to feel ease ...when we are surrounded in evidence of beauty and love.. when we are shown we are blessed and valued.. when there is no sickness or trauma around us.
The key to a life of ease is knowing there is alway light even when we are challenged.
It’s when we don’t SEE what we want to believe we start to doubt and here our capacity to remain at ease at risk.
So how can we become masters at remaining light despite the evidence presented at times ?
To master ease we can become master witnesses of the patterns of life.
We can become aware that even if we don’t see our truth in physical form, it’s always there.
We can see that just because we feel something is missing, it doesn’t mean anything is missing.
We can notice that things will change and cycle and that darkness can be healing, helping us appreciate and celebrate the light even more.
To master ease we master faith... knowing that the more peace we can feel despite what is showing up in the moment, the more we can allow whatever is happening to swiftly teach and pass through us without impacting our health and overall happiness.
To master ease we can face the disease directly, asking it to reveal to us all it wants to reveal.
To master ease, we can take all challenges as signs that it’s time to check in, clean up , reevaluate and possibly redirect.
To master ease, we get to become more sensitive explorers, mastering the capacity to find the paths of least resistance and to light quickly.
To master ease we get to master play.., traveling lightly without attachment and fully committed to finding some fun in it all.
To master ease, we can just trust that if we “go with it” , the story will always be epically beautiful and enlightening beyond our wildest dreams ✨
The master ease we have faith all is created to help us master ease 💥❤️ Wishing you an easy breezy Friday and easy breezy existence 🙇🏻‍♀️🌕🦋💫
#skyoflove #ease #flow #trust #faith #loveleads #healing #truth #sunrise #goodmorning #heartmission #miami #heartandsoulmedicine #destiny #soulcalling #lifeisbeautiful #yoga #meditation

It’s time 💛
It’s time to vibrate on your most profound desires with courage.
Whatever you have been waiting for, ...It’s time to call it in✨
Visualize it .
Feel it.
Connect with it.
Wrap your love with it.
Thank it.
Whatever you have prayed for, call it in.
Announce to yourself you are ready for it.
Announce that the universe you are prepared.
It’s time to interact with divine forces and call in what they have been holding off in bringing in.
Allow yourself to trust what you have been patiently waiting for is waiting for you to call it in.
Be brave and allow the space you have cleared to be filled.
Today is the day to step up your magnetic field and ask for what is yours💥💫🌟💛 #skyoflove #sunrise #magnetism #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #faith #flow #courage #newfrontiers #meditation #yoga #lovevibration #medicinewoman #sun #beach #miamibeach #miami #itstime #awareness #consciousness #spirituality #forceofnature #bloodmoon

Who is ready to connect a little more deeply?💫🌕💛💥
Connect with your true self?
Connect with your hearts desires?
Connect with your life’s calling?
Connect with your tribe?
Connect with the infinite source of love you are?
Connect with the cosmic, earth and light energies here to support you rise to your true greatness ?
It seems whether we like it or not things are shifting and moving.. we are changing and transforming.
There are points in time this transformation is felt more intensely as we are energetically charged by the position of the sun, moon and planets in reference to our place on earth. During these moments it’s important to prepare, to create conscious intention to release and close certain chapters while opening ourselves up for a more expansive way of being, showing up and attracting.
This Friday July 27th we have an incredibly powerful opportunity to step up in our lives as we PlaY masters of our own destinies and stand for ourselves and eachother to live in closer alignment to our potential.
Under the full moon, around a cleansing fire and with playful rituals we interweave our stories into our fate as we find the power and strength in our past to activate a more powerful future for us all.
Under this BLOOD MOON, and with the energetic support of the longest solar eclipse of the century we will release all in our way of beautiful heart-fueled life and activate ourselves towards our souls dream.
Join us, @thesageuary this Friday the 27th at 730 pm for A Play TO Heal Experience: Stories of Light, Channels of Destiny . Come have fun and empower yourself with healing PLAY and find the connection, light, miracles and magic that was always within ✨❤️🌟
GET TICKETS IN BIO 👆🏼👆🏼🙇🏻‍♀️ #playtoheal #playismedicine #miamievents #healingevents #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #fullmoonevents #miami #miamibeach #july27th #bloodmoon #solareclipse2018 #magic #miracles #tribe #storiesofthelight #healing #musicismedicine

Just Breathe and Be where you are 💫⛅️
Be in process ...
There will be moments we are at best a vague expression of life ... in process ..
These moments can bring feelings of frustration or angst ... but instead, I challenge you, as I challenge myself, can we just accept we are in motion and be ok,even find lightness, in the perceptions of feeling of “not quite”? It’s true sometimes in journey to becoming we may feel :
Half in and half out
So in this can we accept we can dance despite ?
Can we move without purpose or attachment as we are pulled into higher vibrations and to a point of attraction more aligned with our desires?
Can you Be ok with Becoming ?

Growth can be uncomfortable and unsettling.
If you are processing, awakening, shifting or transforming you may feel the urge to speed through, to numb, to distract or to deny.
This message comes to remind you to become aware of the fact you are a miracle in motion.
Day to day and second by second you are changing and if you BE, breath and allow you can discover vast power and strength in each layer of time.
There will be a future self that will see the beauty in every moment of this vague present reality and if you commit now you can find the joy this moment to moment unfolding.
Trust it’s all happening in your favor with or without your permission or participation.
Try and thank yourself for breathing through it all and see what happens.
Try blowing away the heaviness and finding lightness in moments of doubt.
Resist defining and labeling ... find ease knowing you are dynamic .. all will pass and this moment cannot last beyond this moment .
Allow yourself to be as you are and surrender your opinions to a higher self as you ebb and flow into something else.

Breathe and Be where you are knowing clarity and resolution will come soon enough 💥💛🔥🌕❤️ #skyoflove #becoming #sunrise #miamibeach #goodmorning #kundalinilife #sadhana #meditation #yoga #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #medicinewoman #healingevents #trust #flow #ease #faith #love #miamibeach #consciousness #awareness #spirituality

Live for meaning.
Do not seek safety.
Do not seek gain.
Live for that which bring you to your knees in gratitude.
Look for the path that will fill your heart and soul with awe and truth.
Here in flow of love there is no hardship you cannot handle.
For those that make life worth loving you will happily volunteer to walk in darkness again and again, knowing the light being ignited within is worth any price.
Climb mountains with the awareness of all the wisdom and strength you will find along the way.
Breakthrough struggle with gratitude not only for the blessing the lesson will cast on your own life but all others as you stand for source of strength in their time of hardship.
Do not live trying to avoid mistakes knowing it’s the mistakes that bring you closer to the awareness of the gifts in life you will later bow in devotion to.
Do not fear what bring you light.
Walk in love with openness and softness... move with intention to receive for the sake of everyone alive.
Do your best to honor your heart and soul... be compassionate, kind, forgive immediately, say thank you to everything .. live for meaning ✨💛✨ #skyoflove #meaningfulliving #sacredliving #kundalinilife #goodmorning #sunrise #divineliving #divinefeminine #meditation #medicinewoman #heartandsoulmedicine #heartmission #heartandsoulmedicinewoman #lifeoflove #beach #sky #spirituality #consciousness #awareness #awakening #awe #flow #faith

With care and intention, your voice can be a weapon of peace 💗
Speaking sends vibrations of desire into the cosmos sending instructions to be carried out in honor of whatever was spoken.
Your tone sets tone for the weather of your being, giving others signal of safety and abundance, or fear and scarcity.
Your volume, if chosen with care, can radiate trust and faith, connection and collaboration.
Your rhythm can suggest a sense of lightness or heaviness, ease or concern.
If we care enough to become conscious of how and what we allow to leave our lips we can become sorcerers of our own reality.
When possible, find the breath that matches the peace you wish to catalyze in the physical world ... connect this breath to your heart, then to your body and then allow this energy to be the source of your words.
We can shift the world around us to peace, abundance and love with our voice .
How? Despite whatever is perceived around you , wash your words in your heart, speak with awareness and with intention to illuminate peace and love .
May you make an intention that your voice be sweet to being sweetness to the world around you.
May your intention be to speak words of light, easing any anger, shame, guilt or disconnection.
May your intention be to speak loud and strong enough for others to know you are there for them, but soft enough to let others feel comfort, know they are welcome, valued and belong.
May your voice be the light of love, the weapon of peace 🌈🌟 #skyoflove #voiceoflove #voiceofpeace #sunrise #goodmorning #healing #consciousness #awareness #mindfulness #empowerment #faith #flow#heartmission #heartandsoulmedicine #divineliving #divinefeminine #yoga #meditation #medicinewoman #heartandsoulmedicinewoman #love #illuminate #bethechange #sacredliving

Tutto coincide con Marte 😉
#MT #rap #heartmission 🌎♥️

Put your own personal happiness first. Happiness = removing the things that hold you back (as cliche as it is). Make it your mission to achieve that much needed happiness and contentment. ❤️🖤
#selflove2018 #personalgoals #heartmission #instamotivation #selflovecoach #thehappynow #makeyoursmilestyle #seekthepositive #meetthemomemt #motivationalquotes
#mission #smilemission #happinessfirst

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