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Photo credit Beth B Nakamura #hearthunting #portland #oregon #healing

Buona Domenica Tutti, from the Lovely little seaside town of Peschici 💗 #adventuresinpuglia #travellove #hearthunting #spreadlove

Heart hunting ✨❤️✨#hearthunting


Happy Fr💛day!
Look what @buffaloaves went and got last week! Inked at NW Tattoo on 13th. We 💕 this so much!👏👏Does anyone else have a heart tattoo to share?

Speaking of sharing, have you heard about our other account @heartsoforegon ?? You all have such amazing heart-hunting skills that we figured it was time to expand the search. We're excited to see what you find.
See love. Live love. Be love. 💗

It's hard to beat running through sprinklers on a hot day.. except maybe if your photographer captures a 💗 and a 🌈 while you're running through said sprinklers ...✨✨😍 #heartseverywhere #hearthunting #heartingaroundumbria #spreadlove

Happy Fr💛day!
Look at @worldsworstcourier 's capture of two bikes locked in a💛. @whiteakercommunitymarket found this picture and brought it to our attention-thank you! And, thank you to worldsworstcourier for your skillful heart hunting--we adore it!

This summertime love is coming to you from Springfield, Oregon. Excellent find and capture @coll33n ! We 💛 it! 🌻

Happy Fr💛day!
This beautiful, juicy heart belongs to @coalescejuicery . We 💕 it! Thank you to @eugenefoodcarts for your awesome heart-hunting skills.

Thank you @claire.eug for this sandy beauty found in Newport, Oregon. Lovely heart hunting; we 💕💕it!

Hearts of Oregon begins! This heart is located in Eugene, Oregon, in Hendricks Park.

Happy Fr💛day!
@eugenefoodcarts found another delicious heart in lovely Eugene. This heart (and pic) belongs to @westphiladelphiafoodcart Thank you both for serving the love! 💕

Happy Fr💛day!
Look at Whiteaker Community Market's big, beautiful heart! You can view this lovely heart, plus others, at their open market on Sundays, from 11am-4pm.
Thank you for this photo, @whiteakercommunitymarket and thank you @clemfrontier for bringing it to our attention. 💕

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