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Someone asked me this question and I loved it: if you could hug one person right now, who would it be? For me - Kurt Cobain. Or Amy Winehouse. I've always felt so connected to those two. My soul feels at home in their brokenness. Let me know who yours is 💕

This makes me so sad and sick. 😿💔
In honor of this beautiful kitty who had to go through this inhumane procedure for the sake of a piece of furniture, will you PLEASE share and sign my petitions that are on the link on my Instagram bio! 🙏🏻
We must join together and end this torture and cruelty that is done to around 5000 cats a day in America by "doctors" who took an oath to do no harm. 😿
Is your vet one of the good ones that is humane and ethical and who doesn't do this mutilating, cruel, and unnecessary procedure? #greed #sadistic #cruelty
#HeartBroken #pawsneedclaws #vetmed #veterinarian #vettech

Nearly passed out when he texted me tonight...long story short I went over to his house and we talked for 45 minutes. So confused.. #quotes #sad #sadquotes #love #lovequotes #heartbreak #heartbroken #relationship #breakup #breakupquotes

#vandita @shrutitheactor is no more 😭😭😭😭 till today watched episode #tragic end for #vandita
#piruh #Ruhi #Pihu #heartbroken @aditi_bhatia4 @ruhaanikad .
Watermark so big 😭😭 I hate to spoil cute edits pics with huge watermark but to much recent Indonesian accounts are taking my posts as theirs & is not at all fair for my effort to making edits 😢😢

I feel defeated. I feel exhausted. Finding the balance between caring for #littlewarriorThomas and #superkuyawilliam is definitely not a walk in the park. Emotions are high and people get short at each other which adds more stress, unnecessary stress. I've cried today more than I cried yesterday because of stupid arguments that no one needs. I miss my mum. She would have screamed with me and cried with me. She would just be there, words or no words, just holding my hands. I had a very strong mum and I miss her more now than ever. 💔#fuckcancer #cancersuck #heartbroken


Forever in our Hearts Tula 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💗🌈🐶#dog #tula #riptula #mylove #angel #furiends #biewer #yorkie #heartbroken

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Missing you so much today, sweet girl. 😢😰😪❤️ #love #restinpeace #heartbroken #missyou #loveyou #goldendoodle

Heart break dey bad
#NaXo #loud_mind #life #heartbroken
My mind: my thoughts
Everytime I try to pond
Its always your beauty
And your smile that comes on

What I think: I taught
Am think: all your
Seems I will never get over
You never be the same boy

You told me you love me
Next you said u sorry
You didnt mean all this
To hit or to hurt me

What sh!t are you saying
You used me for a game
Now you tryin to play cards on me
When you know you av won it

Today i was supposed to fly to NY but the doctor gave the news that my baby may not be here when i return.. Trip canceled and spending every moment with him #untilHisLastBreath #heartbroken #togetherForever #LoveAndLoyalty #loyaltyIsEverything #myAngel #thankYouEsco #iLoveMyDog #MamaAndMe #mamasBoy #miHijoBello #myHeart #sad

I rarely post selfies, mainly because I hate taking them and this page is mainly for uplifting, encouraging, and pushing Queens to their greatness. Today I want to be even more transparent by showing my face. None of us are perfect, myself included. Today I can't get my eyebrows to look the way I want them to. My eyelashes are doing something weird. My face is breaking out and I miss my slimmer face. I'm not where I want to be in every area yet. But as I look at myself, I'm still finding beauty right where I am. I still have a long way to go, but I'm not where I was even 6 months ago. I've come so far! I've been going through it the last couple weeks, but I've found peace because I turned it over to God. I don't look like what I've been through. THANK GOD! 🙌🏾 You may feel like you are not on your A game in this season of your life. Do not use that as an excuse to not show up in your life. Find the beauty in whatever circumstances you may find yourself in. What I really mean by that, shift your perspective. What may feel like is pressing you to death, is really pressing you to greatness. Keep moving forward. Never give up. #rebelqueencoaching #healflowgrow #lifecoach

The hardest thing to witness...is your husband grieve over the lost of his mother 😔 and My heart and soul achs for him...wishing I can take his pain away...I made a promise to my mother-in-law when we married that i will forever take care of him...I will forever keep that promise mi suegrita linda 🙏 S.I.P. Mami I will hold him down #sip #misuegra #miangelito TQM Te extrañaré 😢 #heartbroken #onlythegooddieyoung 💔

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Do this happen to all of the people out there in the world? Why must we always have to suffer this kind of endless pain? #hurt #heartbroken #faded #sorry Just remember, just be yourself and be the person you really want to be. Don't let others judge you by your look, your body type and the way you do things, just let the people out there who really love you the most to support you, keep you from going forward, cheer you up and guides you to a better path to you life. #stopbullying #stophurt #wordsdoeshurt #behappy #beyourself

You can't keep having both. You have to give one up!


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