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Do not hurt yourself. Do not. It is going to hurt you and your dear mother, she'll trace her finger down on your cut and hate herself because she brought you up like this; delicate and fragile she'll blame herself for no apparent reason that too. She couldn't stop you from falling in love with that guy with amber eyes even though she warned you about those men who plants kisses down your neck and then suffocate you from the emptiness when they are gone.
your father will crumble seeing you on the bed alive but dead when he returns home from work. He'll hate himself for letting you go out with that guy who he was unsure about just for your happiness. He cannot see his babygirl cry.
DO NOT HURT YOURSELF for your brother won't contain his anger and go straight upto him and slit apart his throat and you don't want him to do that.
DO NOT HURT YOURSELF because your bestfriend will have to suffer alone in school. She'll be sad. Now who will accompany her on all the movie marathons?
DO NOT HURT YOUR SELF you do not deserve this.
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[adele - someone like you]
what's your favorite artist?

Good morning 👅 i have a half day at school.
Qotd; comment a fruit

what's your favorite band? @astrokillers

heyyy guys how are you✨🚀 how tall are you?🥀😌

What to do when you’re stuck in a rut
1. Remind yourself that, in time, things will change and we all get bogged down at different periods in life.
2. Try to make sure that you do some exercise – as that brightens our mood and boosts our mental energy.
3. Be aware of the tendency to isolate yourself. Being around other people can give you more support, and can help you to keep going when you feel like giving up.
4. Try changing your routine. Just changing a few things can help you feel more in control, and less at the whim of external circumstances.
5. Set some small goals for yourself and take some steps to make them happen – again, you’ll feel less trapped as you will feel that you have options.
6. Make sure you treat yourself well so you know that you have value … Buy some clothes … or take time out … or do whatever makes you happy.
7. Pay attention to your thoughts, and keep your mind on what inspires you. Look for hope – create some vision – and remember: things WILL change! (source: onlinecounsellingcollege.tumblr.com)

favorite character from suicide squad?


"there's nothing poetic about the way you destroyed my life."

once you lose someone to death,
everything that has to do with them will hurt.
then comes every "first" without them.
the first week.
the first month.
first halloween , christmas , new year .. their birthday too .
their birthday will come around and you won't be able to tell them happy birthday , they will never age the way they were supposed to . instead their body will be rotting six feet in the ground and their soul will be somewhere wandering in final peace .
and maybe that's why it sucks ;;
because they left , they're gone . while you're still here .
they left you behind .
and all you want is for them to be in your arms again , but you can't have that . and you won't .
again .
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Literally NEED a smooth piano track with a bomb a** melody and arrangement right now to write to. If ANYONE has one let me know! I'll purchase it if I like what I write to it promise!

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You changed my life in ways I never thought was possible. I thank you for that. ❣️ -------------------------------------------
Forgiveness - the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. "I'm sorry" those words left your lips more times then I can count. I always forgave you yet hold onto every little mistake. Smiles and laughs led to constant late night fights and I just cry myself to sleep anymore. I guess it was my fault for not being able to truly forgive you, but forgiveness has never come easy for me. I was portrayed as the heartbreaker while you expressed your pain through songs. I won't allow my pain to be invisible anymore.
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She always had you. Even when I thought you were mine, for that short amount of time. You were always hers, and always will be. And as I tried to build you back up and give you all the love you deserved, I didnt realize I was setting myself up for heartbreak when you went back to her.
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Even if you love him, you need to love yourself more.


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