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😱😱😱😱 my heart...

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Am I the only one that got a heartattack from this?! 💘 @baekhyunee_exo

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Two years ago I lived my worst nightmare. You can never prepare yourself to face the fear of losing a parent. I received the phone call that my dad had a massive heart attack and was being transported to Regions. Stabalized, he went in for his angiogram only to have his arteries collapse. Almost a 90% blockade to his heart. The only option left was open heart surgery. Later the next day my dad went in for triple bypass on his heart. The first photo was what I woke up to after his breathing tube was removed. And my god 12 hours after was up and walking. He is my rock. Every day I thank my lucky stars


"Yes, Doctor, I'm worried about my heart. I read the news every day." #health #news #hearthealth #heartattack #ignoranceisbliss

Its kinda funny when you're in denial, and life decides to slap you across the face a bit. I am 100% guilty of self-sabotaging myself in the past, because one of my favorite excuses for doing something I shouldn't is playing the "I deserve it" card. It's been a long week. Tonight is my 7th 12-hour-shift in a row. We had a field trip this morning with Elijah's preschool, early-release today for Olivia, a teen-mother dinner to make chili for 30 for, and no school the next two days.
Here I am, convincing myself I'm back on track with my nutrition, following my plan, and getting back into the swing of things after my month off. Except I'm not. I keep having little moments of indulgence here and there, where I tell myself "I deserve it, because (insert reason here: I work so hard, I'm so busy, I've been eating so good, and so on...)." But I convinced myself this hasn't really been happening. I convinced myself that I'm 100% on track. And today, between the field trip to the fire station, delivering food to the church for a charity dinner, and picking Olivia up from school, we had to hit the grocery store. And I decided to buy myself a little baked goodie.
An apple strudel pastry. Because it was on sale. And I deserve it. and here I am, half way through the damn thing, enjoying every bit, all while telling myself what a good job I'm doing staying focused... and I look at what I'm pretending I'm not eating.
And O. M. F. G.
I have never been so sick in my life.
Do you see it!? Zoom in.
So this is me. Admitting 100% that I am GUILTY. I have gone completely off the rails. This was clearly the universe reminding me why I'm not supposed to eat this pre-made crap (as if my disappearing abs weren't enough!). 😜 Want to refocus with me? Because I can't be facing trauma like this all by myself! 😫
#HeartAttack #IJustDiedALittle #DoYouSeeIt!?

My #wcw is #demilovato I just watched her YouTube documentary yesterday and I had a lot of respect for her before watching it but now it tripled three times over after watching it she is so strong so fierce and so outspoken, I admire her! #lovatic for life. #lovatics #lovaticsforever #lovaticslovedemi #camprock #nickjonas #joejonas #tellmeyouloveme #sorrynotsorry #heartattack #confident #simplycomplicated

Healthy start to the day. Very important. I can't believe I've found "cupcake pancakes" but it is the USA after all. And they were quite good actually #heartattack #ihop #pancakes #americanfood #cupcakepancakes #partytime #sprinkles #arizona #funnypancake #onlyinusa #breakfast

Great Health is a must. Cayenne Pepper stays in my house. Lots of benefits. #healthy

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