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Function over fashion was so 2016 #HeartAndSoles

Big shout out to @kait_the_great_33 for earning the Hard Hat Hustler to end our first week of practice this season! #heartandsoles #EARNEVERYTHING #dowerk 👷🏽‍♀️⛑💪🏽

🎶Girl you really gotta hold on me, so this isn't just puppy love 🎶 #foreverchildish #aml #heartandsoles #cptri

Champion Supreme. S/O To @fwitm3 For The No Look Pass. #Supreme #HeartAndSoles

Beautiful evening for a walk and some great views with friends.
# kona #2016 #ragnar #heartandsoles

I love these "humans"! Summer Camp has begun! Dance all day everyday. My favorite of any class is the one song improv after warm up! Release the beast! Let them freely dance, then you'll really see your students shine. #missgina #hoanyourcraft #heartandsoles # lovemyjob @divinerhythmsdance

#heartandsoles 2017 5k. Let's do this!!



Found These Sitting On The Shelves Yesterday And Its Straight To The Rotation. 📸: @jassey

The Hobby of obtaining Air Jordans & Sneakers in general evolved from something that was rooted in my love of sports into an outlet that has granted me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people who are now lifelong friends, travel to & experience new places outside my normal jurisdiction, connect with people in the social media age & establish a strong work ethic / goal oriented mindset as a young man to grind hard to take care of all priorities first just to be able to enjoy this expensive hobby in the first place💰. I can honestly say I never got caught up in the negative side of it all because it was always a grass roots effort & I am & always was entirely too laid back for all the competitive shit. It's definitely not the only hobby/interest I have but it is something I'm still somewhat known for & derive a lot of enjoyment from. Happy 54th Bday salute to the Goat. @jumpman23

🎶Girl you really gotta hold on me, so this isn't just puppy love 🎶 #foreverchildish #aml #heartandsoles #cptri

Function over fashion was so 2016 #HeartAndSoles

Chris Mullin Monday #gsw #1stplace #wdywt