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Lots of orders finally going out for #ourchildrenarewatching print! Still available in my shop all proceeds donated to @aclu_nationwide #whywemarch #hearourvoice

you CAN sit with us. #repost @radicistudios

Found a new favorite piece of activist art at The Amplifier Foundation. You'll know which one it is 💘
Hats off to @argonautphoto and @obeygiant for rallying us and @drawnbymary for her art @amplifierfoundation #HearOurVoice #WeThePeople

Yesterday we met with Congressman Lloyd Doggett to discuss how to get more women and progressives elected in Texas! #MarchOnTexas #hearourvoice #hearourvote #dontmesswithtexaswomen

Excited to finally hang this in my new office! #hearourvoice

Hey friends! We are very excited to announce our second #HearOurVoice exhibition launching in Asheville, North Carolina at the @ashevilleartmuseum. This exhibition will include 45+ posters submitted to our @womensmarch open call and artworks from our @obeygiant x #WeThePeople series. Check out the link in our header for more details including the full artist lineup.

Today's #SignOfResistance is a reminder that although we marched, there is still work to do. We support our global ReSisters and thank you for keeping the momentum!

#repost #womensmarchsigns #hearourvoice

Thank you @keyboardkatstein for planning an incredibly powerful event for @plannedparenthood over the weekend. Our voices need to be heard.
#istandwithplannedparenthood #nastywoman #hearourvoice #conniesricrac


Today is International Day of Action for Women's Health. Please continue writing your reps supporting federal funding for Planned Parenthood! These cards are available through link ☝️✏:@alexpaddle

you CAN sit with us. #repost @radicistudios

So good to hear that the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling against Trump's travel ban 💪🏿💪🏽💪 Keep writing and calling - it's working! #nowallnoban ✏: @oliver.wurst

For the weekend

Excited to finally hang this in my new office! #hearourvoice

Join us next Saturday, June 3 from 3-5pm for the first event in our new Write to your Reps series!
We'll be at Smackdab Bakery writing to our representatives and performing a program of music relating to letters including Sull'aria, Dominick Argento's "Miss Manners on Music," musical theatre favorites, and more!
Let us unite our art with our calls to action and use our voices for good. .
#praxillafemina #livemusic #liveperformance #chicagofeminists #musiccollective #feministagenda #hearourvoice #strengthinnumbers #writetoyourrepresentatives #writeyourreps #musicinchicago #operagasm #letterwriting #takeaction#resist #theresistance #resistthetyranny #expressyourself #thisisnotnormal

Be wonderful & dream. But on 8 June, make sure you VOTE. #swipeleft gallery 📸s. Nipped to the #essex coast this afternoon to get some clean air in my lungs & some headspace.
Chatted with quite a few folks, including the young woman at Holland & Barratt who I'd hoped might register to vote. Sadly she hadn't. Turns out she had chatted with someone else & she told me she also did some care sector work, so this election really needed her voice more than ever. It was v clear she cares, but it's got me thinking about how we can reach those young people & women, in particular, to step up, vote & lead? Like Lauren of the #Emilymatters #DearLauren campaign, this young woman had felt her vote wouldn't matter but talking with her again a second time seemed to make that positive change of mind. Something to reflect on & tackle for the long term. I feel the drama & creativity side of #Emilymatters & the play at its heart, @tofreedomscause have the potential to reach those who to date remain illusive & silent at the ballot box.
Join the #loveyourvote campaign to help ensure that all women & young people who have now registered, use their voice, their vote! See #linkinbio.
Step Up | Vote | Lead | Because #youmatter | 🌍 bit.ly/Emilymatters #Emilymatters

WHO RUN THE 🌎 #repost @gavinbrownsenterprise

Let's end childhood poverty and hunger. #rednoseday2017, #maggierai, #hearourvoice

#linkinbio Help us encourage more women & young people to vote on 8 June 2017. Let's do Emily Davison & her sister suffragettes proud! Democracy works better when more of us have a say. The suffragettes never stopped fighting for rights too many of us take for granted today. Your
VOICE, your VOTE matter. This general election is pivotal. The government that is chosen will influence our future for decades to come. Remember that others with v different views to you will vote.Why let their voices be louder than yours? #swipeleft for gallery.
Join our #loveyourvote ❤️🗳️ campaign. See #linkinbio.
Step Up | Vote | Lead | Because #youmatter | 🌍 bit.ly/Emilymatters #Emilymatters #suffragette

So excited to see my poster up in another exhibition!! This time in Asheville! Mine's on the bottom row, at the end. #Repost @ashevilleartmuseum #asheville #womensmarch #hearourvoice
Hear Our Voice installation is underway! On view Saturday, May 20 at 175 Biltmore Ave. The exhibition explores the potential of visual art to empower people, artists, and communities ---featuring a selection of about 50 posters organized by the @amplifierfoundation.

you had us too 🥑 🥑 🥑 #nowall #repost @protestyouwear

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