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Let's stand together. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 Repost from @the_mini_fashionista of her fam resisting at The White House and rocking their #outraged gear! #strongertogether #hearourvoice #kidsfashion

If you’re headed to @refinery29’s @29rooms this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, be sure to visit the Women’s March room and send a postcard to your senator! #DREAMAct #29Rooms #HearOurVoice 📷: @amplifierfoundation
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photograph of the Women's March room at Refinery 29's 29 Rooms interactive art exhibition. A wall is covered with protest signs of women's resistance. Lit up on the wall are the words "hear our voice". At the bottom of the photo is a white table holding pens and postcards featuring more resistance art.]

We are here at the Amplifier Pop Up Studio in LA. It's an amazing space with all the art work from Women's March!! Come through!!! #HearOurVoice

New video coming up soon 🎥✨ What does the creative and youth community want in Sydney with the #HearOurVoice campaign @thequoau

Females are strong as hell 💪🏽💯💄💋👗 #WomensMarch #HearOurVoice #29Rooms

If you’re in New York be sure to check out our interactive #HearOurVoice exhibit at 29Rooms - the @refinery29 Funhouse Of Style, Culture, And Technology Sept 8th-11th, at 106 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
HEAR OUR VOICE was created in collaboration with the @womensmarch when we launched an open call to female-identifying artists located in the U.S. Within eight days we received over 5,000 submissions and printed tens of thousands of #posters, which we distributed free to marchers. HEAR OUR VOICE now lives on as a traveling #exhibition showcasing 100+ posters submitted in solidarity with this historic gathering featuring artwork from:
Anika Orrock
Ann Lewis
April Deacon
Ashley Kinser
Brooke Fischer
Camila Rosa
Caryn Davidson
Celeste Byers
Courtenay Lewis
Crist Facciola
Dawline-Jane Oni Eseleh
Devon Bragg
Gina Grittner
Hallie Jay Pope
Heather S. Langley
Ivy Jade Edwards
Jann Kniskern
Jean Bradbury
Jennifer Maravillas
Jess X. Snow
Jessica Sabogal
Joanna Price
Katy Galvin
Kelly Wills
Kerry Stavley
Kirstie Bones
Lauren Crew
Liza Donovan
Lucy Holtsnider
Madalyn Harbert
Mari Mansfield
Megan Lynn Kott
Misha Zadeh
Monica Rose Kelly
Natalie A. Rogers
Olivia Gathright
Samantha Hahn
Sandra Nadine Khalifa
Sarah Podrasky
Sarah Rosenblatt
Shyama Kuver
Sofia Zabala
Sophia Zarders
Tenbeete Solomon (Trap Bob)
Victoria Garcia
Curated by @cleobarnett

there is power in channeling our creativity, uniting, and using the power of our voices to create change 💪 it's beyonddd surreal to stand in a room, surrounded by art that fights the good fight, knowing this is what I want to do for the rest of my life 💛 thank you @amplifierfoundation & @womensmarch for opening so many doors #HearOurVoice

#HearOurVoice • In Collaboration With The Women’s March #29Rooms 3/3

Super excited I got to see my piece in the #HearOurVoice exhibition for the #womansmarch2017 partnered with @obeygiant and @amplifierfoundation really full filled my sense of purpose with this one.


Thank you Madeline Stecz for leading the charge! The driving force in defeating Trumpcare has been because of the grassroots strength of our supporters and patient advocates. Continue to call, write, and share your story! Every voice is heard and every voice matters. #IStandWithPP #ProtectOurCare #HearOurVoice "Just spoke to Portman's staff with some fellow Ohioans why this new version of the Trumpcare bill is STILL disastrous. We voiced our concern about how thousands in Ohio and millions of people in our country will lose healthcare and specifically lose healthcare through Planned Parenthood. Portman needs to listen to his constituents and stand up to the party". -Madeline Stecz

Across the Ditch? You can still have your say in New Zealand's 2017 General Election. (Photo cred to #womensmarchnewzealand)
From now until 23 September, you can vote from overseas, if you’re a NZ citizen and you've visited NZ in the past three years.
Check out @womensmarch.nz for more info!
#katesentme #hearourvoice #whyIvote

How we're feeling today: enough. Enough of denying climate change for profit. Enough of desperate GOP attempts to repeal Obamacare and kick millions off insurance. Enough of Trump's rash reactions putting the entire country, or world, in danger.

Call your reps and tell them, it's enough. We need sustainable energy. We need public healthcare. We need to stop threatening and start thinking. Enough is enough. 👊🏻

Perfect quote and I feel it's perfect for what I'm about to say. I must let this out for the fact I LIKE TO LET EVERYTHING OUT. Not cool to hold anything in. It wasn't fair. Recently on Snapchat I had written a quote about my life. That day I woke up with hope, positiveness. I had written something like this "I sometimes WISHED I could kill myself (keyword WISHED:Past tense) but 1 look into my children's eyes and I realize I have to always keep fighting/ I live for them #mykidsareworthliving😍" it somehow got misinterpreted and it somehow seemed suicidal to someone. So I was told I need help and I'm not gonna lie I told them what they wanted to hear because me explaining my post was not HEARD. Went through one ear and out the second ear IN 1 SEC! I'm so happy I just had my newborn and to be thought that I'm feeling the opposite I'm just like NO. I'm now at that age if you don't bring anything positive to my families table or you want to be passing all these judgements assuming you are someone else, forcing wrong feelings on someone and trying to make a grown adult explain themselves you need to seriously keep walking. Filter your mouths if you don't have a clue about the truth or if you always think you're right, guess what? You're not. I'm a woman, a wife l, a mother and there is SO MUCH TO SMILE ABOUT, Dont you ever misinterpret my shit and turn it into a negative. Where the fuck was everyone when I actually wanted to kill myself almost 3 years ago? Where were you as I healed? Where were u when I finally said WOW I don't HAVE THOSE THOUGHTS ANYMORE? Oh I know where, probably not giving a flying fuck. So before you think YOU KNOW SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ASK AND LISTEN BEFORE YOU MISINTERPRET BS IN YOUR MIND. DONT EVER FORCE FEELINGS ON OTHER PEOPLE LIKE "She wants to kill herself" just NO. STOP. #dontjudge #quotes #instaquote #quotestagram #instalife #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #stopjudging #dontforcefeelings #listen #hearourvoice #itsnotjustallaboutwhatyouthink #knowthetruthbeforeassuming

Repost from @changebyfeminism

💥 "I do face challenges getting the kind of work I would like to be involved in. I would also like to best cast for a beach shoot, but apparently I don't fit the 'beach shoot' look." @alexandramantoura's HEAR OUR VOICE photography and street art campaign is putting young, Sydney-based creatives like @helena.sifa front and centre. Full video in bio 💥 #representation

when you see it #AllAreWelcome -- make sure to check out The Avo's issue on Muslim Ban & refugee policy while it's hot. Link in our bio! #repost @civicdirect

Almost nine months ago, "millions of people marched all over the world, in more than five hundred cities across the United States and on all seven continents. They were marching to support women's rights, civil liberties, and equality. They were marching to show their opinions mattered and their voices could not be ignored. The Women's March was the largest mass mobilization in United States history."
This book is another platform for us as parents to teach our children that they are important, that they matter, and that they have a voice. No matter how small or tall you are, your voice matters. We need to teach our children to stand up not only for themselves, but for others as well. .
I sit here reading through the empowering messages, quotes, and thoughts of these young children and can not feel anything but overwhelmed. This is a book I want my son and daughter to read regularly. They both need to hear the words each child is saying and help leave strength, courage, love, and above all else kindness in their hearts and on their minds. .
I truly hope you find a copy of this book on Sept. 26th and share it with the children in your lives, because everyone's voice matters!
#thelittlebookofactivists #activists #letyourvoicebeheard #littleactivist #vikingbooks #penguinbooks #empowerment #empoweringchildren #hearourvoice #womensmarch @penguinkids @vikingbooks

4 days! Get excited people. In 4 days L'advocate chic et Le sophistiqué will launch officially. We will be discussing 2017 fall trends just in time for the Autumn Equinox! Hope you are all ready!!!
#blackgirlmagic #blackwomenprofessionals #fashionistas #blogger #lifestyleblogger #classy #chic #sophisticated #twoisbetterthanone #goinglivesoon #chicandsophisticated #blackwomencomingtogether #hearourvoice #fallfashion #fallfashion

Did you know our "Pencils of Pride" are 40% off? 😱 Use them to write to your rep! 🌈 Benefits @humanrightscampaign #lgbtq #pride #hearourvoice #outraged

Today, on the train, I sat next to 2 young girls, both around 8-10 years old. We sat accross from a @missguided ad.  One of the little girls read the ad and tapped her dad on the arm and with a big smile said, "daddy, the future is female". She then looked at the other little girl next to her and continued chatting like nothing.
#hearourvoice #refinery29 #29rooms #brooklyn #home #happy #happiness #engaged #love #live #summer #newyorkcity #newyork #fun #life #beauty #beautiful #ny #nyc #missguided #thefutureisfemale

I've appreciated the art and craftsmanship of basket weaving, but have never thought one was sexy before!!! @vmfamuseum #vmfa #basketweaving #deception #hearourvoice #nativeamericanartist

this goes without saying #repost @weregettingmoreequal

Let's be good to our 🌍#repost @femalecollective

#hearourvoice time to start sewing....working on a new quilt idea. Honoring our long tradition of women sewing to take a stand and make a difference.

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