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We prayed with the family this morning for Sephora's ears. When it was her turn to pray she just cried and cried. 😓 😓 She eventually said "I just don't even know what to say God, I'm feeling so sad... I don't want ear tubes." The whole family cried together, including Baby Valor - but for other reasons of course. 😏 Solace says, "Mom water keeps coming in my eyes because this is so sad!" 💔 She has a mild level of hearing loss unlike last time it was severe loss of hearing. But any level of loss in children is significant because of their ability and rate at which they learn. She's clearly suffering as she's pulling back from communal games and imaginative play as she struggles to follow the conversations and stories. She has been doing much more solo play, art, reading and etc unintentionally leaving her friends out. Her surgery is scheduled for the 22nd of February. We just pray that God pours out mercy to this child and makes this experience an absolute personal encounter with her little soul that she may never question His unfailing love, His faithful care and desire for her whole heart. We pray it will become her solid testimony of who and what God is to her. She believes in Your healing hand, Jesus make yourself undeniably real to her. 01.29.17 #hearingtest #entspecialist

IB Group 4 projects are taking place all over campus today. This test was on frequency. #hearingtest #science #IB #nhshuskies

Yeah yeah we just had a baby and I think she's cute. #hearingtest #perfectpitch #violinlessonsstarttomorrow

โดนจนด้ายยย #hearingtest #จริงจังมากอย่างกับออกเทป ปล.รูปนี้ส่งให้สามีดูบอกบ่นมากเห็นมั้ยชั้นหูบอดไปข้างเลย #😋 @jayspencer might have to be here for awhile..

Hayes had his audiology test today and I am so happy to say that this boy is hearing loud and clear still! We needed some good news! Clearly Hayes is happy about it as well! #hayestough #cancerwarrior #cancersucks #chemoproblems #hearingtest

Passed our first test coz we Asian, not Bsian. #hearingtest #newborn that new @wearephoenix album gets us into the milk zone

Just had our two hours hearing test and everyone passed! (Surprised Yale's screaming hasn't altered the boys hearing yet!) #hearingtest #happyhealthy #countyourblessings #twinstagram


“There has been a lot of discussion in racing about helmets, fire suits, gloves and other things, but not a lot about #hearingprotection. We’ve been very involved with that and hope to do a lot more with #NASCAR.” – Dr. Lori Halvorson @roadamerica @jd33davison

When was the last time you had your hearing tested? Contact us at 416-792-9400 to book your hearing test today!
#hearing #hearinglossprevention #hearinglossawareness #hearingloss #hearinghealth #toronto #roncesvalles #torontofamilyhearing #hearingtest

A peek at our @telethon7 booth this weekend... Come visit us this weekend and say hello!
We've got balloons, candy, toys, and a colouring in competition for kids.

Plus most importantly, information and resources around hearing, speech and language.

The expo is open 10am-5pm this Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October.

We can't wait to see you there!

#telethon2017 #telethon7 #TSH50years

We were pleased to share our knowledge with Liberty insurance team ! #hearingaids #hearing #hearingloss #hearingtest #audiologist #selangor #kuching #penang #clarisound

#Repost @brendanpearce19 (@get_repost)
***Mega flashback thurdsay***** My mullet phase #Sortof

@australian_hearing are currently sharing stories of Deaf and Hard of hearing clients not letting their hearing loss get in the way of playing music and I wanted to share mine.
Playing music to me has always been something that I enjoy.  I do it to relive stress or as they like to say ‘be creative’. As a baby despite being hard of hearing I loved pulling my mums stove covers aside and banging them with makeshift drumsticks until she could stand it no more. Growing up with a musical father and sister also helped give me the confidence to step up and learn an instrument when it came time. Much to my parents’ shock I picked drums, for the simple fact I didn’t have to learn notes ( how wrong was I). What appealed to me was the rush of adding either a driving beat to a song or a noise which heavily impacted the sound of a song. I guess in a way that’s why I love concert band music as pictured above.

As a person with a hearing loss it was never a worry that my loss would grow worse as my hearing aids acted as inbuilt earplugs (note this is note the case for everyone). What I enjoyed was having the opportunity to express myself in the same way Beethoven did and in the same way modern rapper/drummer Sean Forbes does. Playing or enjoying music shouldn’t be restricted because of a hearing loss, it should be a choice. One I was blessed to have.

Donna sent us this wonderful collage and said: "Yes, my miss is very much into singing, writes her own songs too, dances with Karen Lee Dance Academy, performs on stage and has been in a musical recently too. She has right unilateral severe/profound hearing loss and wears a hearing aid. We encourage this as due to her enlarged vestibular, via aqueduct syndrome she can't do contact sport." Do you or or loved one enjoy music? Send us your photos with your hearing aids in, for reposting! #musicisforeveryone

Don’t stay home tonight! Go out and socialize… #hearingloss shouldn’t stop you. If it does… Call us to see how we can help!

Happy but tired. Hearing tests at the hospital today. His scores were really good, some small adjustments were made, next check up in 3 months.

#cochlearimplant #cochlearimplantkids #cikids #audiologist #hearing #hearingtest #deafkids #hospital

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