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โดนจนด้ายยย #hearingtest #จริงจังมากอย่างกับออกเทป ปล.รูปนี้ส่งให้สามีดูบอกบ่นมากเห็นมั้ยชั้นหูบอดไปข้างเลย #😋 @jayspencer might have to be here for awhile..

This girl deserved an ice cream treat tonight for rocking her 2 hour hearing test this afternoon. So proud of her!
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We prayed with the family this morning for Sephora's ears. When it was her turn to pray she just cried and cried. 😓 😓 She eventually said "I just don't even know what to say God, I'm feeling so sad... I don't want ear tubes." The whole family cried together, including Baby Valor - but for other reasons of course. 😏 Solace says, "Mom water keeps coming in my eyes because this is so sad!" 💔 She has a mild level of hearing loss unlike last time it was severe loss of hearing. But any level of loss in children is significant because of their ability and rate at which they learn. She's clearly suffering as she's pulling back from communal games and imaginative play as she struggles to follow the conversations and stories. She has been doing much more solo play, art, reading and etc unintentionally leaving her friends out. Her surgery is scheduled for the 22nd of February. We just pray that God pours out mercy to this child and makes this experience an absolute personal encounter with her little soul that she may never question His unfailing love, His faithful care and desire for her whole heart. We pray it will become her solid testimony of who and what God is to her. She believes in Your healing hand, Jesus make yourself undeniably real to her. 01.29.17 #hearingtest #entspecialist

Yeah yeah we just had a baby and I think she's cute. #hearingtest #perfectpitch #violinlessonsstarttomorrow

Just had our two hours hearing test and everyone passed! (Surprised Yale's screaming hasn't altered the boys hearing yet!) #hearingtest #happyhealthy #countyourblessings #twinstagram

"Getting my hearing aids set up #hearingaids #hearingtest @phonakuk #nottingham" I'm a long term @phonak fan & have all the accessories;) @nicktedd

Hayes had his audiology test today and I am so happy to say that this boy is hearing loud and clear still! We needed some good news! Clearly Hayes is happy about it as well! #hayestough #cancerwarrior #cancersucks #chemoproblems #hearingtest

Having fun feeding the monkey during his #hearingtest

So when Jonah had his hearing test in the hospital, he failed the right ear. We didn't tell a lot of people because I just didn't want to discuss it. He had his audiologist appointment this morning at Arkansas Children's Hospital and he PASSED! I'm so thankful! He can hear 100% out of both ears! #newborn #babyboy #hearingtest #postpartum


Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices that sit in or behind your ear. Have you ever wondered how hearing aids work?
Step 1: When a person speaks, the hearing aid microphone picks up the sound to convert it into electrical signals
Step 2: The brain “hears” and understands the electrical signals as speech

Test your hearing with our FREE online hearing test, it only takes a few minutes! > https://www.phonak.com/uk/en/online-hearing-test⠀

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Where Caring is Our Calling

#Hearing test at home for your convenience
#EarSolutions Hearing Clinic we want everyone to benefit from our services.
If you are unable to attend our centres we can arrange a #hearing test at home.

We have special equipment made to be easily portable allowing us to bring the latest hearing test equipment to your home. So you can be confident that the #hearingtest at home will be as good as the service in our clinics.

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Comment below. Let's see if you can guess correctly 😊

The sound of silence...🎶🎶
#soundofsilence #hearingtest 👩🏼‍⚕️👶🏻

This girl deserved an ice cream treat tonight for rocking her 2 hour hearing test this afternoon. So proud of her!
#hearingtest #magicears #hardofhearingkids #mylove

Sister Anne Gardiner was awarded Senior Australian of the Year 2017.

She is well known to Australian Hearing Darwin and to audiologists providing Outreach services at Wurrumiyanga. She has had hearing loss since the mid 1980’s and has been a client for many years.
Sr Anne, a member of the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart order, has lived and worked on Bathurst Island, north of Darwin for 50 years.
Sr Anne was principal of the school. Since retiring, she has devoted herself to the community, supporting Tiwi language, culture and local decision-making. Sister Anne is much loved and respected by the Tiwi people.
Sr Anne shared her thoughts for health experts to remember when working with Aboriginal people: Take the time to explain the issue but more importantly, make time to listen to people’s story to know what is wrong.
That's her main message: 'Listen. Listen. Listen’.


Having fun feeding the monkey during his #hearingtest

Not sure if Lyric is right for you? Visit https://www.phonak.com/uk/en/hearing-aids/lyric-invisible-hearing-aids/lifestyle-checklist.html to complete our lifestyle checklist.⠀

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Did you know that between 2 and 10 percent of babies fail their initial newborn hearing👂 screening❓. 1% of these babies will have a true hearing loss. Babies who fail, may still have amniotic fluid in the ear canal, or behind the ear drum, or the test is inaccurate due to excessive movement or crying of the baby. A repeat test is usually done 2-8 weeks later. A new study by Israeli researchers note a high false failure rate, of up to 20%, in C section babies tested within 2 days of birth.

Cutie ❤️❤️ #love #hospital #hearingtest

Oh "deer"!
...So sleepy from driving over 1200kms AND working in between the driving in the past 3 days 😴
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You guys! I have been home MAYBE an hour today. I have been teaching classes and running kids around all day.
BUT I still took 25 min out of my day to get MY workout in!
It's like this. Make time now for your future, or put it off and risk how long that future is.
What are you going to do?

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Nearly one week post ear-surgery, and **New Post 💻** up on the blog reflecting on hearing loss stuff. This one centers on the {dreaded} hearing test, which is so much a part of life for those of us dealing with hearing loss.
A snippet: "The hearing test: part of my life. I've done it dozens of times in the past year and a half, and I know just what to expect. Before I enter the room I anticipate the procedure and the emotions it will bring: the strained effort, the subtle sense of defeat, the quiet resignation at the end. I had an audiogram this week before my surgery, and the whole cycle ran itself through.
My story is my story, and the hearing test room will always be part of it - even if my hearing improves as a result of my surgeries… But maybe—“ -
Click on over the blog {link in bio} to read the rest. - -
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With a career spanning twenty years, and a reputation as one of the nicest guys in country music, it’s no surprise that Troy is approached by many organisations seeking his support. But, above all others, the award-winning musician has chosen to align with Australian Hearing – the country’s leading hearing provider of government funded hearing services – who last August announced the musician as their ambassador.
Although, Troy has never personally experienced hearing difficulties, he believes hearing health is priceless. Raised by a single mother in Grafton in New South Wales, Troy has admitted he didn’t have an easy childhood but says that, of all of his senses, hearing bought him the most comfort. “When I was young my mother played a lot of music on an old record player,” he recalls. “I didn’t have a brother and sister to fight with so in the quiet times when mum was working and I was on the property by myself, music became an escape.” When Troy was nine-years-old, he came across a second-hand guitar and by twelve was busking on the streets of the country-music mecca, Tamworth. Fast-forward two decades and, after winning the talent competition Search For A Star, Troy has gone on to sell in excess of half a million albums.

But with two decades of performing, comes health concerns. “I am all too aware that in my profession you can lose your hearing,” says Troy, “I’ve often played a very loud gig and gone to bed with ringing in my ears, thinking, ‘what am I doing to myself?’’ That’s why ten years ago, Troy approached an audio equipment company to make him in-ear monitors, which he now always wears when performing. “They look like big hearing aids, but allow me to control how much volume goes into my ears,” says Troy.
Currently, Troy is touring across Australia playing his new album Freedom Rides, but will make time to return home for an important appointment.

Most recently, Troy dedicated a new song to Australian Hearing titled ‘I Can Hear You Now’. To read the full article retype this link into your browser window: http://bit.ly/2uEnfXm

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