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I appreciate all that have told me happy thanksgiving but I honestly don't celebrate. As a person of Native American and of African American Heritage I just can't celebrate mass killing. Yes I am happy to live in America, but at the same time I just don't celebrate. Hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy... Remember to be thankful everyday and we won't need just one day.
And for those that say "That was so long ago, move on!" It's pretty damn hard to move on when it is constantly thrown in your face... and not only thrown in your face but with a lil bit of "lie" sprinkled on top. And that goes for anyone that is mistreated in such a way. Look what is happening in our country and with The world today.
This post is to spread love and to have people understand that there is no moving past something as long as that something is thrown in your face constantly. It's like being in an abusive relationship that came into your house beat you, killed your family raped your wife but then said sorry but then celebrated that day every year of how they took your house, raped and killed your family all while making the story sound like you invited them into your house and how you offered your house to them... all while negating to bring up all the bad things that happened told to let go of the abusive ways because we need to move forward. It to mention how they convinced many of your family do these same acts to their own people.
Before over reacting and thinking people are bitter or angry put yourself in the shoes of the person first and you just might see that they actually are making sense.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

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Anxiety is lying to you. You are going to be okay. #healyourself

☯️What does it mean to be a human animal and where do we actually fit in as an animal?☯️
☯️Far too much energy spent creating food pyramids, rather than understanding food chains.
☯️How are you supposed to understand and give knowledge on nutrition without understanding soil and the patterns of our fellow animals we competed with for survival.
☯️Life and Death are equals when observed in food chains, and population numbers/health of a species is intriguingly linked by the state of the chain below it and further below that.
☯️I want to share this knowledge with you in my Ebook releasing January.
☯️For discounted 20% pre order, price, release date and further details of the books subjects,
Please msg and deliver me your email 👍🏽
Photography by @nico_ortiz_photography
Clothes by @shorefitnessuk

☕️Caffeinate & Appreciate🙏🏼 Loved being able to put my phone away yesterday and really be present with my people. So I'll share my cheesy, yet totally genuine gush of appreciation 💕💕💕 post today...⠀
🙏🏼Thank you. Thank you for wanting to connect with me either through the blog, podcast, Instagram, IRL meetups, all of it. I can't believe how truly jazzed I am about life and a humongous part of that is that I get to do what I love every day. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼And I really do love it. I get to talk about living a joyful, energized life of purpose. How flippin' cool!🙏🏼
🙏🏼Thank you for every comment, message, word of encouragement, hug, everything. I hope you're kicking off this holiday season with joy, intention, gratitude, and grace. Love ya!🎄❤️✨

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Eating correct is step 1👑

Once you get used to feeling good you will have a better momentum on your emotions & there is where you reflect with maturity & heal Yourself one step at a time
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GO AWAY Black Friday you encourage people to buy things they don’t need or want. I don’t know when this became a thing in UK but I don’t like it, I don’t want it & I’m not participating in this commercial BS! It’s such a ridiculous day to have after a day of Thanksgiving ☮️
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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I ate so much and for sure needed to do a 2 day cleanse. Finishing up strong with day one and ready to hit the sack. I just wrapped up a live video sharing 2 tips on getting through a cleanse day without being tempted to quit. Also, I’ve got my eye out for all the Black Friday deals and sharing those in my insta stories. .
I have a question for you though... what is your biggest obstacle for losing weight? I’m getting pretty good at thought work for myself and would love to see if I can coach you through the things that are keeping you stuck. .
#blackfridaydeals #blackfriday2017 #familystyle #cleansejuice #iatetoomuch

A big ol’ bowl of papaya, muesli, almond milk with seed mix and coconut toppings!🙌🏻 YES PLEASE.😍 Off to park run this morning with @mikeslenses - let us know if we’ll be seeing you at the @ozcfarm market after!✨

The new Happy Hour. 🎉

The link I posted with the “How to make Cannabis Oil Capsules “ somehow broke.
Thanks to my interweb guru Justine we deleted and reloaded it. It is now ready again.
Easy explanation of cannabis oil and how to easily capsule it yourself.
Please share with ANYONE who needs the info.
#cannabisoil #rso #phoenixtears #ricksimpsonoil #robruckus #fuckcancer #diy #healyourself

Nothing, in all of the Universe is more delicious than to be in this physical body allowing the fullness that is you to be present in the moment - Abraham-Hicks

I have the desire to get better and I have no room to feed my excuses tonight I have been fighting this nasty sore throat + traveled back home today + feeling inspired by one of my FIERCE Y FUERTE amiga’s I coach that posted in our group that she got day 1 of 21 days of shifting! So here is to day 1 of staying 💯 to the meal plan + 25 minute speed + completing the burnout in 7:58 minutes (100 BURPEES 😳). Something about counting to 100 makes my anxiety ⬆️ @chrisdowningfitness so my trick is I count by 10’s! 👊🏼 BTW I keep shredding inches...time to get some new workout pants so they don’t keep sliding down! 👍

“Before you were born there was this same nothing-at-all-forever. And yet… you happened. And if you happened once, you can happen again.” -Alan Watts

You stop attracting certain people when you heal the parts of you that once needed them. AMEN! 🙏🏽🙌🏼

More than a hundred plants so big it looked like they were selling Christmas trees on the sidewalk."They actually built a wall in the opening of the door, tapped into the electrical system and it looks like they've been here for a while". Investigators say the giant grow operation had taken over two apartments in the multistory building. Police are working to determine who was renting the apartments. So far, there are no arrests.
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No gym? No problem! Check out this post 🦃 Day workout inspired by @jeremyscottfitness - didn't have any dumbbells, so I had to #mcguyver it. 🔥10 Rounds, 10 Reps each🔥
✔Static squat jumps
✔Incline pushup
✔Knee tucks
✔Plyo step ups (10 right/10 left)
✔Straight leg raises
✔Monkey Ladder (↕x10, and yes I 100% just made that name up)
✔Broad jump to reverse lunges (10 jumps, 20 lunges)
✔Planks tucks w/twist (10/side)

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