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In December leading up to Christmas my family always has “chocolatadas.” Which is basically a Peruvian tradition of Christmas hot chocolate. It’s traditionally made with chocolate,evaporated milk, water, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and orange peels. My mom took that tradition from our family in Peru and has made it a part of our family tradition here. I have such fond memories gathering around the table with a hot chocolate and panettone. 🤗 My parents tweaked that traditional basic recipe by adding lemon zest and omitting the vanilla. I’ve taken the recipe and tweaked it once again so that I can still take part of this family tradition during the holiday season!.
AIP Chocolotada topped with coconut whipped cream: ☕️1 can (13.5oz) full fat coconut milk.
☕️ 1cup of water.
☕️ 2.5 Tbsp carob powder. ☕️ 1/2tsp of cinnamon powder.
☕️ 2 Tbsp maple syrup. ☕️ 1tsp of gelatin.
☕️ zest of 1/2 a lemon.
☕️ orange peels (optional).
☕️ 2 cinnamon sticks (optional). ☕️ coconut whipped cream (optional) (need 1 can coconut milk or 1 cup of coconut cream).
To make the chocolatada simply put all ingredients except for the coconut whipped cream into a medium saucepan. Whisk it up over medium heat. Right before it gets to a boil, it’s done!
Coco whipped cream: keep can of full fat coconut milk in fridge over night or I just put it in the freezer for an hourish. Take only the cream from the top and put into a chilled bowl. Use hand mixer on high to whip it up until peaks form. Mine turned into cottage cheese looking clumps because it was a little frozen. But once it defrosted a little I whipped it again
and it got more whipped cream like 👍🏽 add a little honey drizzle and whip it up. .
Pour your chocolatada in a mug, top it with some coconut whipped cream, a dash of cinnamon powder, and enjoy!! . [@arisgrainfreelife] #AriAIP

Let’s face it, heath in many ways comes down to way more than practicing yoga or meditating. Let’s talk about what is happening in your stomach. Did you know that 80% of your body’s function is associated with your gut? Your stomach is your “second brain”. Not only is it important what you put in your mouth in terms of food but how you are helping your stomach to digest and receive the nutrients from your food. Most of my students that struggle with weight loss, pain management, and mood struggles have two things in common, poor digestion and inflammation. As you know, I’m super passionate about living the yoga lifestyle and not just doing poses. In the next few posts I’m going to share with you my happy belly routine and some of the products that I use and why. Ready to get your body working for you? Tag a friend who might benefit from learning about gut health 🍎🌿🥗🥦🥑🌈 photo @ifilmyoga #happybelly #inflammation #healyourself #yogalifestyle #guthealth #gotothebeachandfeelfree #tummylove #healyourgut

Brunch 😍⠀

Whoever said brunch needed to be fancy with 2 hour long lines, got it all wrong. Visit us at the South Lamar trailer for the tastiest gluten-free egg salad toast and avocado toast in all of Austin. ⠀

Pair it with a seasonal butter coffee (Eggnog Latte, Candy Cane Mocha, or Pumpkin Spice Latte) and you're well fueled for an epic day ahead!⠀


✨ Gluten-free Avocado Toast with pesto and pine nuts⠀

✨ Gluten-free egg salad topped with bacon bits⠀

✨ Pumpkin Spice latte (make it dairy-free by substituting coconut milk for butter and collagen instead of whey).⠀

Cheers! ☕️

Anyone like a Sunday gym day?? 💥✨☀️ I have not been to the gym THIS WHOLE WEEK 😱 Because I have been so sick 🤢
But I’m moving on and forgiving myself because that’s what’s going to get me on track, not beating myself up!! ❤️ Self love and having a clear WHY are your most powerful tools. Are you using them? 💪🏼👏🏻❤️

When I moved to the Bay Area, one of my favorite spots immediately became Mt. Tam, and the Muir Woods area. The natural beauty is so incredible, and for some reason my Ulcerative Colitis always feels more calm when I’m out in nature. When @libbycooper and I got Blu, Mt. Tam also quickly became his fav. Now we have even more motivation to get out there! ⛰🐶😎

Rain, hail or shine we'll be out here slinging Kraut. Come on, brave the elements, we'll warm you up from the inside out.

went a little crazy with the nut butter on top of my overnight oats but is that even a bad thing? 🤷🏻‍♀️ i made these persimmon + almond butter overnight oats & they were DELISH! this bowl of oats was super simple to make - just mix together 1 c. @quaker oats, 1/2 c. @siggisdairy drinkable yogurt, 3/4 c. vanilla @ripplefoods plant based milk, 1 scoop @ora.organic vanilla protein powder, 2 tbsp. @navitasorganics chia seeds, 1 whole persimmon (diced) & 2 tbsp. almond butter! such a yummy, seasonal brekky! 😋

Give your GUT a helping hand this silly season with this nourishing Gut Health GIVEAWAY with @meadowmarrowbonebroth and @hilbilbyculturedfood (two of the key ingredients in my Gut-loving aioli in the previous post!)
@hilbilbyculturedfood Fire Tonic is an ancient gypsy recipe of Apple Cider Vinegar steeped for 3 months in 23 different herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, including chilli! It’s got a kick and it’s the best, I use it in all my salad dressings, take a shot first thing each morning and have extra during the day if I’m feeling under the weather (fixes me up in NO TIME). .
Bone Broth, has to be an essential in EVERY person’s fridge whether it’s homemade or a fantastic concentrate like @meadowmarrowbonebroth The minerals that get cooked out of the bones over a long and slow cook provide your body with calcium, iron, phosphorous as well as collagen! I use @meadowmarrowbonebroth in everything from smoothies and sugar-free jams to dressings, soups, stews and to cook my quinoa in!
So you can see why I’m so excited to announce that 2️⃣ (TWO) lucky winners will take home:
1 x Meadow & Marrow Natural Bone Broth,
1 x 180mL Original Fire Tonic,
1 x 90mL Stainless Steel Fire Tonic Hip Flask,
1 x stainless steel Fire Tonic Pourer.
To enter, simply:
1️⃣ Follow @meadowmarrowbonebroth @hilbilbyculturedfood & @pennybenjamin.nutritionist
2️⃣ Like this post
3️⃣Tag a friend who’s gut might need a helping hand in the next few weeks!
Competition will start on 10th Dec 2017 at 6pm AEST and will end on 13th Dec, 2017 at 8:30am AEST. Entries open to Aus residents only. Winner will be announced on the comments of this post. Entries are verified. Disclaimer: This contest is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc.
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It's the happiest time of the year... or is it? Stress at this time of the year can be amplified. Do you know what impact stress is having on your gut? Head on over to the link in bio to learn more about what stress is doing to your gut.⠀
#brothbunker #guthealth #bonebroth #healyourgut #stress


Wrapping up my takeover with a little glimpse into my Sunday evening. Thankfully I had time this weekend to get chores done and do some proper meal prepping! I made a few meals for lunch at the office with a couple snacks (more figs and coconut butter this week! 😋). I’m also taking some time for “self care Sunday” and enjoying a nice, relaxing epsom salt bath with some eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. 💆🏻‍♀️
Meal prep includes simple turmeric, salt and garlic chicken breast (just put all those ingredients on chicken breasts and cook up in pan with some coconut or avocado oil); ground beef with turmeric, oregano, basil, garlic and salt (cook ground beef in pan with olive oil and sprinkle seasoning over it, stir around, cover until done); oven roasted sweet potatoes and some slaw mix. Snacks: figs and coconut butter/manna. .
I hope that I can continue to interact with many of you over at my account @arisgrainfreelife! It’s been a great experience to open up and share a snapshot of my life and some of my more vulnerable stories with all of you. Finding the AIP community and the people who shared their unfiltered stories helped me feel that I wasn’t alone in figuring out how to navigate my AI diseases. Apart from the food, the biggest adjustment can be feeling like someone understands what you’re going through. So, if I did anything at all this week, I hope I provided some relatable stories and/or inspiration. 💜
To health and happiness!.
~Ariana ✌🏽.
[@arisgrainfreelife] #AriAIP

Thank you to my friend @robertsimms_ for sharing this great lecture by two of my favourites, Professor Grant Schofield & Dr Caryn Zinn. In the space of just over an hour, it covers many of the topics I’ve talked about since starting this page. If you can’t wait to win their book in my competition (see my post with handsome son to find out more about that), then take the time to listen to this sensible, practical & commonsense lecture. As a summary, it covers:
- how the evidence has shifted to only a few having access, to access for all. If you want to find the answers for you, do your own research.
- Grants time at the WHO doing contract diabetes education, and comparing the health of the inhabitants on two islands. One eating real primal food, one eating processed refined foods. The health outcomes are vastly different.
- the research & health markers for type 1, 2 & insulin resistant people on low carb diets
- the insulin response in these metabolically unhealthy people to varying foods, including starchy slow to releases carbs (about the 35min mark). Often these foods for these people can see a longer insulin response. Interestingly oats fairer the worst. - the evidence on LCHF and cancer & brain diseases
- Dr Zinn puts this all in practical terms with what you can and should not eat. .
Link in profile or here:
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5mlpe9T74NU .

Love that these two supplements are working together to block some of the sugars and carbs from all the yummy Christmas party food while the other is working to keep my gut healthy and stop that Candida ( Google Candida overgrowth) from taking over as a result of the carbs and sugars consumed!! #christmasparty #teamdinner #lotsoffun #secondfamily #coacheswife #radforduniversity #blocktheholidaybulge #controltheyeast #healyourgut #candidaovergrowth #leakygut

Doing late night meal prep cutting up some collard greens and listening to podcast by @morganharpernichols -

Happy Sunday and Live It Well tomorrow 😊 -
#mealprepgamestrong #sundayfunday #foodfoodfood #functionalmedicine #healyourgut #eatwell #saladlife #sunday #yumm

Summer time means your food should be lighter. Less cooking.

So instead of your big roasts try stir fries. A little bit of fruit. Less caffeine.

Most of all, remember to chew and enjoy it!

#summer #summereats #digestion #digestivehealth #guthealth #healyourgut #eatseasonally #chinesemedicine #orientalmedicine #japaneseyoga #yoga #pilates #aikido #meditation #personaltraining #turramurra #stives #pymble #gordon #wahroonga #alignbreatheconnect #ancientwisdom #summertime

I started chopping and adding and chopping and adding and before I knew it I ended up with this enormous bucket of filling for rice wraps. I should mention that last night I went to see the Donna Summer musical, and the songs were stuck in my head, so I put the Best of Donna Summer on Spotify, and started cooking and dancing around the kitchen. It is entirely responsible for this. I don’t know why people took so much cocaine in the 70s when just the music has this effect. Take it from me - don’t cook to disco. (Toot toot beep beep)

Finished off the weekend making these delish cookies 🍪. @addicted_to_lovely ‘s Vanilla Coconut Collagen Cookies. Sugar & gluten free — Paleo with a vegan option 👌🏻. #collagencookies #primalkitchen #paleo #glutenfree #sugarfree #cleaneating #baker #healyourgut #guthealth

Birthday dinnaa😎 Kale salad, roasted zucchini and halibut marinara on a bed of braised spinach!

When I moved to the Bay Area, one of my favorite spots immediately became Mt. Tam, and the Muir Woods area. The natural beauty is so incredible, and for some reason my Ulcerative Colitis always feels more calm when I’m out in nature. When @libbycooper and I got Blu, Mt. Tam also quickly became his fav. Now we have even more motivation to get out there! ⛰🐶😎

Better late, than never!

Stewed apples for brekky 🍎👌 amazing for gut health because of the pectin, make sure to keep the skin on #guthealing

Skeptical? Yep, so was I. Until I came across article after article and scientific studies on how many illnesses and health problems are linked back to the gut. Do me a favor: Google “gut health and _____” and see what you find.

For example:
🌟Gut health and headaches
⭐️Gut health and anxiety
🌟Gut health and sleep
🌟Gut health and skin 🌟Gut health and digestion
🌟Gut health and mood
🌟Gut health and inflammation 🌟Gut health and hormones
🌟Gut health and allergies
🌟Gut health and thyroid
🌟Gut health and auto immune diseases

The “gut” in the medical world is called the “second brain” because it's the center of all body systems. The majority of your immune system is located there, 400x more #melatonin is in the gut than the brain. Up to 90% of #serotonin is made in the gut. Don't believe me? Do the research and you might be surprised!! #loveyourguts #healthandhappiness

Lovely roasted bone marrow with garlic and rosemary. In the winter, we keep the wood stove going, making it easy and pleasant to prepare warming and nourishing foods.

Day 8: Vriksasana / / Tree.
How do you stay grounded during the holiday season?
#rootchakra @fit.movement
There are a few things I like to do to stay grounded during the holiday season.
One of those is that I like to make extra time to be by myself. Even if that means hiding from the world and taking an extra day to recharge.
Another way I like to stay grounded during the holiday season is always being grateful for the little things. Grateful I have a place to sleep. Grateful I have family to love. Grateful my family loves me. Grateful I have a wonderful dog. Grateful I have amazing friends. Grateful for life. Sometimes people can get over materialistic during the holiday seasons. By exchanging one or two meaningful, crafty, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts is more meaningful to me than something that is overpriced, large, and a lot of. Be grateful that someone thought of you, no matter the size or price of the item. •

•SPONSORS: @butiyoga @goldenrationutrition @elisabettarogiani @tharasacra @rebeldeck @thesoulfulfairy @eatingevolved •HOSTS: @bizziegold @dat_tribe_life @tara_jae_buti_yoga @ekateryna23 @nadiacarriere @nanimoves @in_my_lane @mssashi @fit.movement

It's the happiest time of the year... or is it? Stress at this time of the year can be amplified. Do you know what impact stress is having on your gut? Head on over to the link in bio to learn more about what stress is doing to your gut.⠀
#brothbunker #guthealth #bonebroth #healyourgut #stress

Coming from someone who struggles to find the food choices that agree with the many ebbs and flows of my system, I can say I am definitely excited about this new find @lovvelavva! A PLANT BASED, dairy-free and soy free yogurt with Pili nuts (grow in volcanic soil) and a few other kick-ass simple ingredients that actually tastes REALLY GOOD! Sounds odd at first when I say this, but I knew I was onto something good when I first noticed how their raspberry flavor is not a bright “pretty” pink... because it DOESNT HAVE DYES AND IS MADE WITH REAL RASPBERRIES! #eatrealfood #healyourgut #healthieroptions #gutrelief #lavvayogurt

Charcoal coconut cream blend in my new @scumugs from @shop_old_gold.

AVOCADO AS A TOPPING??? Mmmm got this idea from @rachel_eats_rainbows and I couldn’t be happier 😋😋
Real talk though I’m feeling p proud because I splurged and bought some @sambazon açaí packets, so this is my FIRST açaí bowl I’ve ever made! So, so good.
what’s inside: •handful of spinach and field greens •açaí packet •frozen squash, banana + avocado
•collagen powder •water
TOPPINGS: I’m out of granola until my current batch gets out of the oven, so I made due with just almonds, coconut shreds, avocado and cinnamon to top everything off🤟🏼happy sugar free Sunday!!

Happy Sunday! Started off my day with a Clean Green Smoothie Bowl! Topped it off with some Organic berries and @traderjoes Grainless Granola. ⠀
Smoothie Recipe:⠀
1 cup raw spinach 🌱 ⠀
1 cup frozen pineapple 🍍 ⠀
1/2 of a medium banana 🍌 ⠀
8oz of water⠀
Pour into your bowl and top with whatever berries are in season and your favorite nuts and seeds. ⠀
For some added protein add a scoop of @gardenoflife plant based protein and about 2 extra ounces of water. ⠀
#cleaneating #smoothie #smoothiebowl #raw #vegan #veganfood #whole30 #fresh #yummy #eatclean #nutrition #healyourgut #fitfam #fitfood #healthyfood #healthcoach #strength_coach_t @strength_coach_t

It's Sunday! That means breakfast all day! 🍽 Check out this amazing Morning Collagen Stovetop Oats by @melodymirandafitness 🌞 Cheers to another week! ✅ Shop now!! ⬆️⬆️

Anyone like a Sunday gym day?? 💥✨☀️ I have not been to the gym THIS WHOLE WEEK 😱 Because I have been so sick 🤢
But I’m moving on and forgiving myself because that’s what’s going to get me on track, not beating myself up!! ❤️ Self love and having a clear WHY are your most powerful tools. Are you using them? 💪🏼👏🏻❤️

Happy Monday everyone! Here at the Gut Healing Community we pride ourselves on providing you with all the amazing businesses out there who’s aim is to share their amazing products and services, to look after your gut health! Think of it as a one stop shop for a happy healthy gut 👌🏼 Our directory is growing nicely, and we are very proud of all the companies listed with us so far. Please send through an email if you wish to join us.

Goat cheese, mushroom and spinach omelette and (non lectin free) potatoes. Been re-evaluating the #lectinfree diet recently, and have decided to follow a more flexible approach for the time being which includes eating #pressurecooked beans and white potatoes 🥔 •

#lectinfreediet #plantbaseddiet #plantparadoxprogram #plantparadox #healthyeating #healyourselfwithfood #healyourgut #plantparadoxdiet #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmuneplate #eatyourveggies #lowlectin #nightshades #goatcheese #omelette #pasturedeggs #pastureraisedeggs

During this crazy busy time of year It's easy to let your health get off track. Detox Delivered makes meal time effortless with our range of Nourish Salad Jars. They are versatile, packed full of nutritious ingredients and easy to eat on the go. Place your orders by this Friday to make the week leading up to Christmas as stress free & healthy as possible 🥗

Life of a GAPS family
We were out all day Sunday, which meant taking a small esky full of food for our youngest, with one thermos for his stew for lunch, and another for his snacks - carrots cooked in broth. Plus his thermos drink bottle for the stock.
It is a lot of planning, but we’ve become so used to it now that it’s just routine, and we are so lucky that he eats anything we put in front of him as he’s never known any different.
In fact, he often gets upset when we are out because he doesn’t have sauerkraut to put on his meal! He’ll start shouting - SAUERKRAUT PLEASE MUMMY!!! 😂 Unusual for a kid I know, but actually not if they’ve always eaten ferments froma young age.
Here we were sitting down to eat our lunch and he insisted on moving over to the smaller table next to us to sit by himself to eat with his little bowl of carrots - he looks like such a little old man sitting here all by himself 😂 - that’s my kid, full of quirks!

Beet Kvass, Sauerkraut, and Bone Broth. All of these provide incredible immune boosting properties. Bone broth in particular is my absolute favorite for gut health and radiant skin. Drink it almost daily for the amino acids and hyaluronic acid to hydrate my body from the inside out. Got all these goodies @joysplacelive... so grateful for this place! #sauerkraut #beetkvass #bonebroth #radiantskin #jointhealth #healyourgut #fermentation #nutritionist #baumancollegealumni

Just five weeks until start date! Make the commitment pre-Christmas to #controlyouribs in the new year now, and go in the running to win prizes from @hellococofrio, @summerlandcamels and a bunch of other goodies as well! Sahhh fun! 💫

I'm forever amazed at the variation in flavor and texture you can get with just flour, water, and salt. I rarely add additional ingredients to my sourdough yet somehow eat an entirely novel loaf each week. Oh, the wonders of fermentation!
This 36 hour loaf spent the last 16 hours before baking shaped and refrigerated. I've found that my loaves get the best rise and stretchiest consistency when they get some chill time.
Italian studies with celiac patients and traditional sourdough bread show -incredibly- that fermented wheat is tolerated quite well. This is probably due to the effective protein denaturing work that microbes do to foodstuffs. Thanks bugs! 🐛🐜🐙

The real stars of the show!!! 2 large and in charge organic farm eggs from Sullivan county NY, and a succulent kimchi nicknamed Concussion Kim (due to an injury I sustained while in the creation phase). One day i'll tell you all that story. It definitely led to a delicious, although untraditional kimchi. .
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Sunday Brunch ✨ . .

Last night I made breaded chicken with coconut flour and turmeric (hence the yellow). It was the perfect addition to my salad this morning 💛 I had the usual mix along with avocado, Asian micro greens and beet kraut. 🥗 . .

It felt SO good to sleep in this morning! I got 9.5 hours of glorious sleep 😇 I plan on spending the rest of the day self caring 💆🏼, resting and getting ready for the week while my husband finishes up assignments before finals week hits. I’m SO glad I’m not having to deal with the stress of that! I don’t miss it at all! I’m hoping he finishes in time for us to go see Christmas lights later! 🎄 What are you doing on this chilly, beautiful Sunday?
#autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunepaleo #paleo #realfood #itschristmastime

K I N D . W E L L N E S S

Have a thriving wellness routine so you can feel your best to live your best:

Give your body the gift of high quality, nutritious AND delicious food.

Focus moving over exercising.

Prioritize rest + relaxation and know it's purpose.

Realize that health isn't the destination. It's the vehicle that enables all that you do.

You can’t take care of others when you are depleted, unhappy and unfulfilled. Take time for yourself.

There is no 'one diet' or 'magic pill'. Find what works best for you and go with it.

Choose 'good for you' foods 80% of the time but allow yourself to scribble outside the lines the other 20%. #TheKindBrands #KindWellness

Preserved Meyer lemons 🍋
Wash and cut into desired shape/size, toss in a bowl with sea salt until coated and juices begin to form. At this point I squeeze the juice from each piece into the jar as I place them inside to fill and place a weight on top so keep them all submerged when I place the cap on. If the juices don't cover the fruit you'll want to add salted water so that there is no exposure to air. 🍋
Twice per day release the lid to let air escape and let them sit to your liking (3 days minimum for me). Enjoy!
#meyerlemon #preserving #preservedlemon #healyourgut #paleodieta #dietapaleo #aippaleo #keto #lchf #cleaneating #healthyeating #cleanliving #healthylifestyle #paleo #primal #weightloss #fitness

Even better than that long nap.....🤔 100% natural, plant-based, non-gmo supplements that heal your gut and help you with enough energy to make it through your day fully charged. 🙌🏻😍🏃🏼‍♀️ NO NAP REQUIRED. 😴

Seriously, if this is the kind if energy you want then message me! What I’ve found WORKS 100% of the time for those that are consistent and dedicated to heal their body! I never knew just HOW good I would & could feel until I took the leap! 🤗

Hot cocoa // today is made for sipping hot chocolate.. who's with us 🙋? Enjoy the rest of your - hopefully - cosy and warm Sunday evening 💓
#returntheflavour #foodintolerance #intolerancefriendly #dairyfree
#foodblog #instahealthy #homemadefoodisthebest #instafood #foodspiration #eatrealfood #gezondeten #healyourgut #naturalhealing #foodismedicine #holistichealing #consciouseating #itsthelittlethings

Feeding the gut. 👌 Bone broth is rich in minerals that boosts your immune system, decreases inflammation, and heals your gut! Cheers!

Best books of the year... Holiday Book #5: A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD, a holistic psychiatrist who unravels the connection between gut health, mental health and beyond. We all need to know how we can heal our bodies to reclaim our lives. Dr. Brogan has healed patients with many kinds of health problems, including putting autoimmune disease into remission. A must read for everyone with chronic health problems... If you're an Amazon shopper, Amazon will donate .5% when you shop through our AmazonSmile link here: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-4564177

Watch this great interview of someone who put their autoimmune Lupus into remission by following Dr. Brogan's diet protocol:


#DrKellyBrogan #diet #food #organic #nonGMO #depression #autimmune #thyroid #Lupus #HealYourGut #microbiome #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa

#healthysnacks and easy are my fav! I run around a lot, constantly moving from one appointment to the next, I don’t always have time to sit for a full meal. Creating meals that are quick easy and nutritious is the way I like to go. ⠀⠀
Here we have:
#fresh kale
Sliced tomato
Goat cheese
Liver pate dashed with a dollop of honey and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds 🤤
I’m upping my snack game... What’s your favorite homemade snack? #thegutgal

When I came to Jayme with the idea of trying some new products, we never imagined just how much it would positively impact our family. I was looking for a quick fix weight loss program (which doesn’t exist), but what I found were amazing products that get the core of your health (literally the gut!) and have made us both feel so much better.
We take an AH-MAZING Probiotic to help with so many things we deal with, the seasonal irritants, those nasty sniffles with coughs, that difficulty catching your breath, the hard focus time (Oh look a chicken!), the awful digestion bathroom issues, sleep issues, problematic skin, and so much more!! 🤧🤕😖😩😧🙊💩🙈 ❤

What makes my Probiotic different??🤔…WELL Go grab your probiotic (if you take one), look on the label for: 'CHITOSANASE'. If you don't see it, chances are your probiotic is NOT killing the fungus in your gut...but ProBio5 does!!! 😳 Chitosonase is what specifically pokes the holes in the CHITIN layer (not the protein layers) of the fungal cell wall. 😱

Chitin is like the hard eco-skeleton of a june bug. Digestive enzymes are not able to penetrate this layer. THAT'S what makes it so difficult to KILL fungus! Look at other enzyme products, even "candida control" products. How often do you see Chitosanase??? Now you know the KEY ingredient in ProBio5!!! ❤👍🙆‍♀️🙌🎉😍❤ This product along with the others we take have drastically improved our health and we love sharing them with others. ❤️
#Probio5isprettyclosetoperfect #getridofthosebadbacteria
#GutHealth #BalancedHormones #healyourgut #leakygut

Muscle mass.
Joint health.
Physical energy.
Cognitive support.
Digestive balance.
Weight management.
So many reasons to eat a healthy diet. Doing it because it’s an act of self respect is a priority. ~ Culinary Maven💋💪🏼

Be on the lookout for Master Blaster at stores near you! 👀

Today’s stock: meaty lamb bones with sage, thyme, and ginger. Rich in gut-healing nutrients like collagen, glutamine, and glycine, stock is one of the simplest ways of nourishing your body. Plus it’s delicious and makes the best base for soups and sauces!

Ted meeting Santa. Ted has had a tricky few days as he had a reaction on Thursday - it’s been 6 months or so since he has been ill so poor mite has had a rough time. We can’t work out exactly what he ate but we can only assume a bit of playdough as the reaction was extreme which only happens with dairy or gluten. As well as standard allergy reactions of poorly tummy, screaming in pain, breathing difficulties, mental confusion, rash and a rough few nights for mummy and daddy staying up making sure he is still breathing, it knocks your confidence and spirits as brings back memories of the dark days when this was what Ted was like all the time. He is on the mend now though and reminds us all of how grateful we are to have found GAPS. We didn’t want him to miss out on meeting Santa but he was super tired 💤 time to regroup and recover for me now - Ted has perked up now and seems his normal self again! #guthealth #healyourgut #allergykid #allergymum #microbiome #paleodiet #gapsdiet #setbacks #staypositive

Rain, hail or shine we'll be out here slinging Kraut. Come on, brave the elements, we'll warm you up from the inside out.

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