Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist?
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Working our at home - I get injured usually when I do this... #healthzealot 😳🛸

Wanna feel freaking awesome!!!????? This is my miracle shake that I make when I'm going for a long run or make for my breakfast and lunch. It's easier to just make a blender full. Don't get turned off by the green color! It's actually yummy a hell😋 2cups #GoodKarmaFlaxMilk. (I get the unsweetened vanilla that has 5g protein &50k per serving) one scoop of#AmazingGrassSuperfoodI1 scoop of #GardenOfLifeRawHighProtein, 1scoop #RainbowLightAcaiBerryBlast, 1tbsp chia seeds, 1tbsp #BobsRedMillOrganicWholeGroundFlaxseedMeal, 2cups #OrganicKale, 1 serving #organicmicrosprouts, 1 cup of canteloupe, 1 cup blackberries, 1tbsp #SafslimTangerineCreamFusion, 1 cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon, cayenne pepper(whatever you can stand, I like it spicy) handful of walnuts. Blend and if needed add water and/or coconut yogurt. The kale, spirulina, and sprouts make it green so don't freak out on color! It's alive, literally with things your body will praise you for and it's super yummy. Has 756k 99g carbs, 17g of healthy fats, 68g protein 23g glucose sugars, 33g fiber, 632mg of sodium, 0mg of cholesterol. I drink half for breakfast an half for lunch and then I'm ready for a long run or my day. I have enough simple sugar for immediate energy, enough fiber to keep my glucose from spiking and reduce cravings and keep me full, enough carbs to keep my brain sharp and enough protein and fat for sustained energy throughout the day! Enjoy!!! 😊❤💚 😊

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