This week was definitely a week where I could of given up and just stopped working out, but thankfully I didn’t. This week i had the stomach bug, i was down Monday-Wednesday. Wednesday as soon as I felt a little better i got up and pushed through and did what I had to do to reach my goal. Wednesday we had an appointment and both baby and I are doing great💕 I’m so blessed. Also... y’all know I’m obsessed with my Fitbit and I’m so happy because I earned a new badge, I reached 4,132 miles🤗. I’m going to keep going strong for as long as I can. As the weeks go by and i get further into my pregnancy, i will keep going and i will not get discouraged i will push and workout, even if my workouts start to get shorter or if I only workout 1 time a week. I will keep going!🤗❤️💕#prenatalworkout #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyworkout #prenatalfitness ##pregolife #ejerciciosparaembarazadas #workingoutathome #workingoutwhilepregnant #workoutmotivation #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #fitmom #gettingfitwhilepregnant #pregnanthealth #prenatalhealth #embarazoactivoysaludable #25weekspregnant #babyontheway #mommytobe #mommyworkout #plussizepregnancy #pregnantandlifting #prenatallifting #pregnantlife #fitandpregnant #healthypregnancyjourney #healthypregnancyhealthybaby

There is no better feeling that the movement of life inside you
Be ready for prenatal fuctional pilates in our studio!! @marinos_fani with a certified prenatal fuctional pilates coach Fani Antoniou
Be able to enjoy and be fuctional through your pregnancy journey
#pregnancy #fitpregnancy #feelings #prenatalpilates #pregnant #women #shouldwork #healthypregnancyhealthybaby

My pink world is turning blue 💙👶🏻💙 .
So happy with baby boy coming to complete our family 😍
And I always thought I’m such a girl mom, guess I am more than I thought 🤰
I’m looking forward to learning all about trucks and cars and superheroes and monsters. 🚗🚛🏈⚽️🧟‍♂️
Mostly looking forward to having a mama’s boy of my own 😍👶🏻💙
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Today 14th November is World Diabetes Day.
Here are some local facts:
-280 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes every day, That is one person every five minutes
- Around 1.7 million Australians have diabetes. This includes diagnosed as well as silent undiagnosed diabetes
- More than 100,000 Australians have developed diabetes in the past 12 months
- For every person diagnosed with diabetes, there is usually a family member or carer who also lives with diabetes every day in a support role. This means that an estimates 2.4 million Australians are affected by diabetes every day.
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and is the fastest growing type of diabetes in Australia affecting thousands of pregnant women. Between 12% and !4% of all pregnant women will develop GDM diabetes and we test every pregnant woman at 28 weeks gestation. Women who have risk factors for GDM or have had developed GDM in a previous pregnancy are tested earlier.
We do a further test for diabetes three months after delivery and if that is normal, diabetes screening should be done every two years by your GP.
For more information about gestational diabetes, have a read of Len's blog found in our bio.

Healthy snacking.
I remember when I was pregnant with my first and I couldn’t eat anything but ‘white food’ for pretty much the first 16 weeks... mashed potato with a side of chips and rice and a glass of milk please. But with my second I was all about the sweet things... 🍫 Pregnancy can be the strangest thing!
No matter what your early days cravings are though it’s really important to make sure you’re topping up on the healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar nice and even, your energy levels as high as they can be and your mood steady and calm. And don’t forget your pregnancy multi-vit to boot 😉
Our suggestions to keep it healthy -
- Hummus + pitta or veg sticks
- Natural yogurt + honey (+ low sugar granola if you need more substance)
- Mashed avocado on toast / muffin
What snacks would you suggest to our lovely pregnant parents-to-be?
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Finally seeing a bump now! Baby is the size of a mango 😍 6 inches long and weighs just about 6 ounces.
I’ve felt movement in my tummy ( and no, it’s not gas 😜😜) my doc said we start feeling baby move around the 15th week. I’m 19 weeks! Almost halfway there! There’s actually a difference in weeks when we measure the baby’s femur and head - totally normal. I’m happy to report that this baby is growing healthy and I cannot wait to find out tomorrow if it’s a boy or a girl!
90% of the people who answered my poll over the weekend think its a BOY 💙 I thought it is a boy too but for some reason, during the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking it’s a girl ! 👶🏻👧🏼
Did you guess it right when you were pregnant?

Registration is now open for the Fall Fertility Group!⠀

Are you ready to start building or adding to your family tree👣? Or maybe your path to conceiving hasn’t been as straightforward as you would have liked. Either way, this six-week pre-conception and fertility optimization program was created just for you to prepare you and your partner to conceive in the healthiest way possible. ⠀

Our group is a small and intimate group that meets once per week.⠀

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program will guide you through the steps you need to add fertility-promoting foods, along with lifestyle strategies into your daily life. ⠀

Remember, it’s never too early to start planning.⠀
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Miss Gracie is loving her new @cheeki_bottles stainless steel insulated tumbler.⠀

Gracie normally has a smoothie everyday which is jammed pack with all her supplements. As the weather is warming up in Sydney the great feature of this tumbler is that it keeps liquids cold for up to six hours. It also comes with a cool stainless steel straw as well!⠀


🍌2 frozen bananas⠀⠀
🍌4 pitted dates⠀⠀
🍌 Tablespoon of honey (optional)⠀⠀
🍌 Handful of strawberries⠀⠀
🍌Approx 3/4 cubes of frozen bone broth or a teaspoon of @meadowmarrowbonebroth ⠀⠀
🍌A cup of non-dairy milk (we use Coconut Milk)⠀⠀
🍌Pop all ingredients in a powered blender and blend until a nice smooth consistency!⠀⠀
Perfect way to get your child to have some broth if they aren't keen on drinking as a plain broth (e.g Miss Gracie).⠀⠀
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It’s Monday and it feels like it too! Had the toughest time rustling up the motivation to do my tough leg workout today, but I just took a deep breath, reminded myself of my goals, and pressed play!
Workouts are becoming harder and harder the larger my belly grows, but I’m refusing to let that get me down or keep me from working out and staying healthy! I’m gonna press on! Even if I have to modify, even if I have to take breaks, even if I have to eat a snack midway through 😂🤷‍♀️
We can do hard things mama’s! Let’s not sell ourselves short! Let’s push past those “I can’ts” and turn them into “I cans”!

Zeytinyağı ile zenginleştirilmiş diyetin gestational diyabetin etkilerini hafifletebileceğini biliyor muydunuz? Yapılan bir araştırmada, gestasyonel diyabetli fareler %6 zeytin yağı ilave edilmiş diyet ile beslendiğinde, standart diyet ile beslenen farelere göre, plasental disfonksiyonun ve fetüsün anne karnında gerektiğinden fazla büyümesinin önemli ölçüde azaldığı görülüyor. (Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, Volume 62, Issue 19, Ekim 2018)
Did you know that diet enriched with olive oil may attenuate the side effects of gestational diabetes? Recent research with gestational diabetes rats shows that consumption of diet enriched with 6% olive oil reduced placental dysfunction and fetal overgrowth significantly compared to standart diet. (Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, Volume 62, Issue 19, October 2018)

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Our girl’s nursery is finally coming together! My sweet mama made this beautiful bedding for us and I can’t wait to see Emmie Grace’s laying there! This is by far my favorite thing in her nursery so far! .
What was your favorite thing about your baby girl’s nursery?

4 months pregnant and that's how my diet is on my second trimester.
-Meal 1: pancake (egg whites + oats) Topping PB and sugarfree jelly
-Meal 2: orange -Meal 3: black eye peas salad with rice, olive oil, lemon juice and boiled chicken -Meal 4: 2tbsp cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, 1tbsp granola -Meal 5: 2 small whole wheat tortilla filled with turkey ham, mozzarella cheese, halloumi and tomato
-Meal 6: few mini chocolates 😍
I only eat sugary treats 1 or 2 times per week in small amounts

Generally i am not a salty or oily food person. Healthy dishes are much more delicious in my mouth 😋 but i like to enjoy some chocolates here and there.
My weight is pretty much the same until now maybe 1,5kg 👆when i get bloated and i am training 4 times per week 20-30 minutes (light weights and cardio) #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #pregnancymeals #prenatalnutrition #healthypregnancyfood #healthypregnancyhealthybaby #4monthspregnant #secondtrimester #fitmums

Let’s talk about boobs during pregnancy! 🤰🏽Lots of changes happen... your areola & nipple get darker & larger, blue veins appear, bumps known as the Montgomery glands on the areola become larger, breasts get larger, firmer & might feel tender. These are all good signs that your breasts are preparing to feed your sweet baby! 🤱🏽 📷: @windplusbird

Oh sweet, precious baby girl, your mama can’t wait to meet you and kiss your sweet cheeks! #25weekstoday and feeling good! Having a little leg pain after sitting for long periods of time and cramps if I walk too fast for long periods of time, so just trying to lighten up on my workouts a little and take a few more rest days. Of course I’m more hungry these days so trying to continue to choose the healthiest options I can, but I will say, sometimes you just gotta have the donut 😂....We had a doctors appointment this week and the baby is growing and healthy! We’re so thankful for such an easy, smooth pregnancy so far! God is good!

Forgot to post this yesterday....let’s blame it on #pregnancybrain ! Which BTW is so real ! I don’t remember this during my first pregnancy but this one holy cow! I’ve been super forgetful 😬
Yesterday was such a fun workout! I mentioned in my stories that I’ve never tried a Barre Class at any gym, just the barre class that comes in my netflix of workouts...and I love it! 💞
I did ballet as a child for 7 years or so and it was basically my life. I did classical baller, modern ballet, jazz and tap dance. I also had a class that was dedicated 100% to stretching ( so good!) and I spent 5-6 hours a day at the studio. So having some ballet inspired moves was a lot of fun!!! 💞
I think it’s important to think about what did you enjoy doing as a kid? Did u like sports? Dance? Swimming? Chances are, you would still enjoy them right now! Don’t feel you have to do what’s in right now....it’s important to move your body, but also important to have fun while doing so! Otherwise it becomes just another chore and who needs more of those?!😊

So tell me, what was your favorite activity growing up??? .
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So happy for you @kara_lyn_g !! Haha, thanks for the awkward belly picture 🤗... So proud of you for doing everything you can for your health now. Your baby boy is going to be so happy and healthy! 🙌🏼 #sandiego #instagramhealth #healthybaby #healthybabyboy #healthoptimization #healthypregnancy #healthypregnancyhealthybaby #functionalmedicine #chiropractic

First picture is my daughter’s plate @isabelapian. Slide 👉🏼👉🏼 to see mine 😃
Your kids are always watching! Lead by example!!! #healthypregnancy #preggofit #pregnantandfit #getbackontrack #settinggoodexamples #leadbyexample #kidsarewatching #pregnant_world #healthyfood #healthypregnancyeating #healthypregnancyhealthybaby #pregnancylife

24 weeks today! Baby is doing so well! Kicking mommy and even letting daddy feel some kicks (she gets shy every time he touches my belly 😂). Sweetest feeling ever! I’m still feeling really good! Honestly, a lot of days I struggle mentally with the weight gain. My body just naturally blows up everywhere when I’m pregnant 😡 and that’s tough. But I’m trying to remind myself that this won’t last forever and to treasure this sweet time in my life. I’m just thankful Emmie Grace is healthy and growing! God is good and I will thank Him!!!

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