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Pregnancy is draining me. Glad I got my workout in! Mom's do you have a little workout partner?

Much needed stretching done!

Being this far along in my pregnancy I haven't been able to get much exercise in. I'm too exhausted and I didn't really exercise most of my pregnancy to begin with. That's why I'm really focusing on my nutrition! This apple banana (healthier version) muffin is one of my favorite snacks!

Anyone else eat Brazilian Nuts?
I usually have one a day.

They are packed with selenium Which has a few major health benefits.

Selenium helps fight:



free radicals(which cause cancer)

(Long post)

My family is my Why! I'm choosing to start over. I want to take care of my self physically, mentally, and spiritually. Most of you probably don't know this, but I've struggled with depression most of my life. Lately it has made it hard for me to function. I'm not sharing this for attention or for anyone to feel sorry for me. Please don't! I'm sharing it for anyone else struggling. I want you to know there is hope! In 2011 I decided to make a change. I began to eat healthy and exercise. I also decided to really give my life to Jesus. I lost about fifty pounds and I felt the best I ever had. My depression was gone! No, I didn't have a smile from ear to ear all the time, but I wasn't hopeless anymore. Fast forward to 2012 when I became pregnant with my first son. I started to eat lots of junk again and didn't really exercise. I became depressed again. I gained all my weight back. A few years later I gave birth to my second son. In between I would exercise, eat healthy, and attended church on and off. I was never consistent. I struggled with emotional eating and the negative thoughts in my head. Now I have my 3rd son on the way. Going to make big changes! This isn't just another New Years resolution for me. This is going to be a life style! Believe me. I'm going to fight dang hard to overcome this obstacle! I truly believe that my relationship with Jesus and a Healthy life style healed my depression. I'm not saying it will for everyone. Some people may truly need medical intervention. I'm just sharing my experience. Don't be afraid to get help or talk to someone if you are struggling! There is hope!

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Die besten Dinge im Leben sind NICHT die, die man für Geld bekommt💕
Fühl dich wohl in deiner Haut und in dem was du machst. Lass dir von niemanden sagen was gut oder schlecht, falsch oder richtig, gesund oder ungesund, schön oder hässlich, dünn oder dick ist. Du bist so wie du bist und so bist du perfekt. Liebe deinen Körper, deinen Verstand und deinen Charakter.
Kämpfe für dich und nicht für jemand anderen💪

Trying to enjoy the cold weather.😂😂😂

Anyone looking to eat healthier this year?!! I'll be running a FREE 5 day healthy eating group! Grocery list and meal plan will be provided. Plus support and accountability! If interested DM me or email me for more info. Email is on my profile.

Low impact 3rd trimester workout

Just use a lights set of weights
1. Sumo squat w/ 10 second hold X3

2. Bent over row w/ 10 second hold X3

3. Lunge w/ 10 second hold X3 (both sides)

4. High plank 30 second hold

5.Chair pose w/ 10 second hold X3

6. Bicep curl w/ 10 second hold X3

7. Curtesy lunge w/ 10 second hold X3 (both sides)

8. Front raise w/ 10 second hold X3


Always check with your doctor before exercising!

This pregnancy has me pretty drained lately. Glad I got some cardio in.Gave me an energy boost!

Mommas what exercises or stretches did you do to prepare for labor?

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Pre Baby Bliss adalah pijatan lembut yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan khusus untuk para ibu hamil. Menggunakan minyak dari biji anggur yang anti alergi dengan kualitas tinggi. Pijatan ini difokuskan untuk meningkatkan sirkulasi pada kaki & betis, meredakan tegang pada punggung bawah & leher, melancarkan peredaran darah sehingga asupan nutrisi dan suplai oksigen ke janin lancar & membuatnya menjadi lebih sehat

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Marybetts Sinclair, LMT
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Made these healthy fixate banana apple muffins for breakfast!

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