Is it hard....of course! Is it impossible....absolutely NOT! .
When we first found out we were pregnant almost every article or baby app I looked at said the same thing! Start eating healthier and if you’re cleared by your doctor try to be active for at least 30 minutes 3-4 times per week. It’s kind of a no brained though right!?!? .
I mean obviously you’re not going to start a crazy workout if you haven’t been doing anything at all but maybe some light yoga, power walks or even a little jogging if you feel comfortable. .
My workouts get slower and slower everyday. Modifications are necessary...but...getting in these 30 minutes everyday make me feel 100% better!!! #fitmommatobe #healthypregnancyjourney #healthypregnancyhappybaby #molarpregnancyadvocate #molarpregnancysurvivor #molarpregnancyawareness #molarpregnancysupport #youcandothisgirl #youaresoworthit

Everyday I eat at least 5 portions of fruit & veg... usually around 10 portions, if not more... and although this was hard during my 3 months of morning sickness I still (mostly) stuck to it... #healthyfood #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #pregnancynutrition #fitpregnancy #nutrition #healthylifestyle #healthypregnancyjourney #healthypregnancyhappybaby #pregnantlife #pregnancydiary #pregnantzone #pregnantandproud #beingpregnantisntanexcusetogetfat #fruitbowl #fruit #5aday 🤰🏻🍏🍌🍉🍓

Maybe pregnant isn’t all bad 😂 recommend to eat a little dark chocolate to keep that growing baby healthy... It has magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium!! What are you waiting for?? #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantzone #pregnantlife #pregnancydiary #pregnancynutrition #healthypregnancy #healthypregnancyhealthybaby #healthypregnancyjourney #healthypregnancyhappybaby #pegnancyfoods #darkchocolate #pregnancyadventures

Dalam membina keluarga, maka kita juga menciptakan generasi penerus generasi kita, yaitu anak. Keberadaan seorang anak sangatlah penting bagi kedua orang tua. Ketika seorang anak telah lahir dari rahim ibu, maka betapa senangnya kita karena telah menjadi orang tua (ayah dan ibu). kita juga akan merawat anak dengan penuh kasih sayang. Setelah cukup lama membina sebuah keluarga, anak-anak kita menjadi dewasa. Setelah mereka memiliki kehidupannya sendiri, maka mereka akan membentuk sebuah keluarga kecil yang bahagia. Setelah anak kita bersuami istri, tak lama pula kita akan mendapatkan seorang cucu. Saat inilah yang merupakan saat-saat terindah dalam kehidupan tua kita. Disaat ini kita telah menjadi seorang kakek atau nenek. Dengan adanya seorang cucu, maka suasana akan menjadi lebih menyenangkan, apalagi bila sang cucu tertawa bahagia.
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We wish you all well on the baby delivery 😘

I'm still here doing my thang! 😎 I made it a goal to exercise 5 days a week and stay active though this pregnancy. Is it easy...no! Some days I just don't feel like it but I push though and always feel so much better after. 😊

Snack time! 😜

Dreaded cardio. 😛 I was procrastinating my workout today cause I hate cardio! When I received not 1 but 2 messages from friends commenting on my workout from yesterday. Guess what I did? I got my ass up, got workout clothes on, put on a workout with fun music, and got it done! And this is why I post my workouts...it totally keeps me accountable! 🙌🏼

I am not a fan of evening workouts but I had a busy day and didn't get it done earlier. Got it done! Never miss a Monday! 🤣

Do you stretch after workouts? 🤔 I used to always skip stretching at the end of a workout...that is until after I had back surgery. Now I stretch after every workout...even if I have cut a workout short I will try and get a short stretch in. Stretching helps with muscle repair and recovery! Don't forget to stretch! 👍🏼

Still getting it done while pregnant!🤗I am determined to stay as active as I can throughout this pregnancy. In my last two pregnancies I never even thought about working out. I did think a lot about food though! 🌮🍕🍧🍩😂 I need all the help I can get to stay motivated and accountable! Anyone want to join me❓

Morning sunshine ☀️ Quick and easy breakfast of soft boiled egg on whole grain toast, with a spinach, sweet corn and cauliflower salad. Plates up in less than ten minutes, and will keep me nice and full while I run my morning errands. I naturally have low iron levels, and being pregnant means it’s even more important than usual that I get plenty of iron-rich leafy greens into my diet. Eggs are packed with nutrients and vitamins that will help keep mama and bubba healthy and happy and whole grain bread is full of dietary fibre and low GI, so keeps you fuller for longer and keeps your insides happy! Just goes to show that a meal doesn’t have to be complicated to tick a lot of boxes 😎 ***
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“I am 26 weeks pregnant and using that as a REASON not an EXCUSE.
Results don’t come to those that are lazy.
They come to those that WORK HARD!
There are about 30 days between pictures.”
She had to modify and push pause to stay safe for her growing little one. She also admitted she has not completely nailed the nutrition....and that’s fine! She’s okay with it… She said, “This was such a confidence boost. I have been all about the internal victories throughout my pregnancy [and not focusing on the numbers].” Morgan completely blew me away when I saw her photos and read her story in our online support group as the results from Phase 1 started rolling in.
I know I am not pregnant and not a mom, but I can STILL relate with her story and am sure as hell inspired by her (and several other pregnant women) in this group who, with the support of their doctors, are taking on one of the most difficult programs I’ve ever been through AND doing it with a growing child inside them!
Their experience is a little different than mine, of course, but aren’t all of our own journeys different anyway? Isn’t that what makes this experience so unique and special?

The point is - whatever excuse you have for not making your health and fitness a priority - it’s most likely invalid.
Someone busier than you is working out right now.
Someone that’s going through hell in their personal life is spending their Sundays meal prepping so that they can be set up for success (and an easier week).
Someone with more weight to lose has decided to go for it and they press play every day.
Someone with less money to spare than you bought the “all in results package” when they decided that enough was enough, and now have mind-blowing transformation photos and boosted confidence.
Someone just like you is saying “now is my time” and making a decision and going for it.
So why not you? Why not NOW?
If you are finally ready to kick the excuses, I am here and ready to help you do it! Comment below that you’re in, or send me a message! *only positive comments, please.

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