Are you all caught up on the Thrival Nutrition Podcast? A new episode comes out every Tuesday, but last week’s was so good with @alidamron talking about adrenal fatigue! Make sure you go catch up over on iTunes + Google Play! 😘

I love what Ali says in the episode about length of time adrenal fatigue can take to begin to heal. Remember, it’s a process, it can be long or short, but results don’t happen overnight (just like adrenal fatigue didn’t show up overnight 😉)

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Gm world! Question of the day: What If?! What would be different in your life? We are all striving for ways to build a future! What if we worked together instead of against each other? What if you challenged yourself to become a better you! I’m challenging you this morning to make the decision to take bigger and braver steps today! What’s stopping you?! #mondaymorningthoughts #whatif #healthymomsinspire #happymonday😊

We are looking forward to another fun-filled week of BuggyFit classes 💙💪💚 Classes filled with laughter, exchanging of stories and tips from Momma to Momma 👌👶 #momcommunity #mommyandme #fitmomsofig #fitmommyclub #fitnessjourney #fitnessclasses #momlife #mombod #healthymomsinspire #healthymomhealthybaby #healthylifestyle #buggyfitsouthafrica #buggyfitpretoria #postnatalprogram #postnatalfitness #postpartumfitness

Dreaming about a Fitness plan to follow that allows you to be active but still enjoy summer fun? A plan that will fit around your life to enhance it. .
I have found it! Which is why I have this huge smile!! 😁😁😁
LIIFT4 is Officially OPEN!!

If you want to learn how to FINALLY achieve your weight loss goals.....
💪🏾 Without a huge time commitment 💪🏾 With a TALENTED super 🔥 trainer
💪🏾 Have time to do other activities you love like dancing, yoga, sports etc with only 4 workouts a week you have more time 💪🏾Having treat days with no guilt (hello pool parties)
💪🏾All without the expensive price tag

LIIFT4 is for you 💪🏾❤️✌🏾
Comment “SUMMER FUN” and I’ll send you a free WORKOUT & All the DETAILS 👍🏾

Happy Fathers Day to this man, “my twin!” ❤️ You are a perfect example of the strong and loving father who has always been there and supported me in everything I always wanted to do! You have the most amazing heart and so blessed that you were chosen to be my DADDY and the grandpa to my babies!! To many more laughs, adventures and memories...I Love you more than words can say!! 💋 #HappyFathersDay #daddysgirl😘

Happy Fathers Day to My Love, my best friend and the BEST Daddy EVER! ❤️ Thank you for always putting us first, for being our Rock and for showing our kiddies how to be the best in anything they do! You are a blessing to our family and we are forever grateful for you! Wishing you an amazing day, you deserve it! .


Golf day with my loves😍 #lakehairdontcare


Because guess what you guys!!
If your blood sugar is stable:
▪️Your energy will be next level
▪️Your hormones will balance
▪️You’ll be so much happier + in a better mood
▪️Your sleep will become deep + amazing

If your gut is healthy:
▪️Your immune system will be strong
▪️You’ll have less anxiety or sadness
▪️Your brain fog will be gone
▪️Your skin will glow

If you reduce inflammation:
▪️Your discomfort + puffiness will go away
▪️Your body will not be stressed
▪️Your body will be able to fight illness

Switched up my morning workout for sleeping in and drinking out of my new Incredible Mom cup! Then it’s time for some water park fun!!❤️⚡️ #iaintmad #crazyhairdontcare #tomorrowitson #happysaturday


Seriously one of my FAVORITE ways to warm up those glutes doe 💃🏽🤗🎉

Just uploaded today’s short home workout on Thrival’s Squat Squad. Head over to the website/link in bio to get access 😘

Almost six months postpartum! Not gonna lie - I’m kinda proud of myself! 💪🏼 Compared to my first postpartum journey, I am in a totally different place. Physically, yes, but also mentally!
I strive everyday day NOT to compare my journey to anyone else’s and it’s HARD! Social media makes it that way but there is also so much positivity and good on here too! Everyone is showing the highlight reel but who wants to be a Debbie Downer? Just be careful not to get caught up comparing because you already know that people take pics with the best angle AND lighting AND flexing 😆 (guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️).
My goal is to not make you feel bad but to empower you to join in and BELIEVE in yourself and DO YOUR BEST! I am just like you, still have loose skin, still battle the cookies daily BUT I am just working on myself a little each day and inviting you to do the same with me 💙
Happy Friday y’all! You can join in and make this a weight loss weekend too if you just make the decision to commit 👊🏼
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