“Remember to appreciate what you have in front of you now. Even if you haven’t accomplished all you want to accomplish, cherish the journey. Admire all the hard work you’re putting in. You’re doing absolutely fantastic.” #shineyourlightBRIGHT

I’ve been testing this SOS Spot Treatment from @Beautycounter as a part of my skincare routine for a few weeks. It’s targeted at reducing blemishes and clearing skin. I’ve especially found that it helps my random hormonal acne-prone areas, redness where a blemish hasn’t quiet surfaced, and occasional oily t-zone. . . At the same time, the rest of my skin remains normal, moisturized, and fresh ✨ It doesn’t sting when applied, doesn’t bleach clothes or linen, doesn’t smell potent, has 2% salicylic acid (compared to lower quality brands I use to use that only have 1% salicylic acid and didn’t work)
This stuff is truly a life savor - I’ve had no problem applying it under makeup, and usually within 2 days (using it twice daily) the blemish is either gone, or never becomes anything! Whether you’re in your 20s like me, or older, or younger - I highly recommend this as a staple in your toolkit 🙌🏼
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There are quite a few reasons why I do what I do, but this is most definitely one of them.
One of my goals is to be an inspiration to all worn , no matter how big or small, short or tall, athletic or not!! #healthymomsinspire #twinmums #twinmom #fitisin #fitmomsclub #inspiringothers #healthmatters

Roasted butternut squash(1) and chicken breast(0) for dinner👌🏻I’m literally horrible at eating dinner due to our busy schedules, so prepped dinner for myself last night for the next few evenings.

I LOVE butternut squash. Its a very creamy texture and mildly sweet. It’s an absolute pain to peel and cut, so worth the extra dollar or two to buy the precut stuff. I throw mine with about a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper and then roast it at 375 for 30-35 minutes 👌🏻

The chicken breast was seasoned with Twisted Qs seasoning pictured if you swipe left. Best chicken rub I’ve found. It’s seriously so good. I buy mine at QFC/Kroger.

3 month challenge- -OCTOBER {Bootcamp} now open-I’m doing something I’ve never done before, because I feel the need- if I myself feel a need then I know other ladies #busymommas do as well. •
Fall is always the busiest season which leads to another busy season {holidays} Halloween approaches and we have some candy 🍭 then insert Thanksgiving with the turkey 🦃 mashed potatoes 🥔 and then the busiest holiday Christmas 🎄 with the endless parties 🎉 that have drinks 🍹 🍺 one party after the other - ya feel me?!?!? This is also the time when we normally say “ I will start after the new year “ which leads to weight gain - and having a few months of picking up bad habits that are hard to break!

For the next 90 days I want to take you through Q4 stronger- leaner-more focused than you’ve ever been before without sacrificing the fun that your probably thinking when I type this out- being in a healthy lifestyle isn’t about one month or two months, it’s about creating habits that you can sustain for 12 months- no matter if it’s the right time or not.

Interested? I’d love to chat with you- because I get it that it’s going to be tough- that is why our accountability and community support will get you through it! Drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ below girl and let’s do this together, finish 2018 strong!

“Thanks for inspiring me to get off the couch more often and encouraging me to get outside to enjoy the simple things. I feel so much more connected to my family and myself thanks to these simple consistent acts.” Excerpt from an email I received this morning❤️. And the perfect summary of why I do what I do (and practice what I preach!)☀️.
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Hey there!
I’m just over here filling my brain with information. I thought you might like to know...
Various studies have reported that people taking multivitamin supplements experience a reduced risk of chronic disease development.
Are you a habitual vitamin consumer like me?
My wellness company deliverers am/pm packs that make my life even easier.
If you are someone who may have a greater need for dietary supplements feel free to dm me @chonaodonnell no pressure at all. .
P.S. did ya know that calorie needs generally drop with age, but the need for protein, vitamins and minerals don’t decline?
This is the stuff I’m passionate about so if you ever want to try the highest quality protein or dietary supplements I’m your girl.
Tag a friend who might need to see this and let me know if I can be of service 🙏🏼 Namaste

Finally got my girl some of her own blue blocking sunglasses because let’s be real - that iPad isn’t going anywhere in the evening. Just like her mama, she loves to wind down with shows 💁🏽‍♀️

But I don’t want her melatonin production to be hindered at the blue light! •
🤓🤓Bought these off Amazon! Will let you know how they are 😘

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Weird things I do; completely deconstruct sub sandwiches so they last longer. Idk. Sandwich connoisseurs are probably horrified seeing/reading this, but it makes my food last longer and I feel like I’m getting more this way so 🤷🏼‍♀️ really I could leave the pile of cold cuts. That bread though 😍😍😍 I counted the sandwich as 9 points. 0 for the turkey. 9 for the bread. And worth every stinking point.

It's 100% fall and 100% apple season here! 🍎
You can kick up your cider and add delicious immune boosting ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Check out the blog or my story for the full Spicy Apple Cider recipe! 😘
What are you doing with the fall apple harvest?

✨Life is better when you have Amazing women by your side lifting you up Everyday✨
I love these girls right here!
Are we different? Yes we are!
Are we different ages? Yes we are!
Different personalities? Yep!
But we each have one thing in common...a passion for helping others and I know God put us together for a reason!❤️🙏🏼
I work from home.
I make an income wearing workout clothes...HELL YEAH!
I workout and eat healthy about 80% of the time.
And I simply share these things in social media In hopes of inspiring others.
YOU could totally do this‼️
Its fun and more then anything it keeps me accountable on my own journey!
There is no secret and I am no one special, I am just like you! I definitely started it afraid and wondered if I could really do this?? But I had to lay those FEARS down and just embrace the FUN of what this really is!
I truly LOVE helping people everyday and Inspiring them to do better!
I can help you do this with me! I can help give you all the tools to be your own boss and make an income and living your best life with amazing women by your side!
Join me on Wednesday night for Sneak Peek into what it is I do as we share all the goods!! NO obligation at all, just learning and joining in on some girl time!! So grab a glass of 🍷or ☕️ and let’s have some fun!
Comment 👭 below and I will add you!!💋

Day 15 Total Body Core done. Hotel workout✔️
No excuses. Just because I am homeless for a while doesn't mean I can't workout.
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Monday Motivation 💋#mondaymotivation

Real talk:
Apple crumble-
Apple pie-
Dutch apple-
Whatever you call it - it got me feeling all....
ewwwww today!
Sometimes the weekend wins and when Monday comes you feel like
Ok- now I need to get control back!

Today- I’m THERE!
BUT I always say a week will fix ya!
So next week I’m running a FREE 5 day clean eating group!
(Starts 10/1)
It will be fall themed and we will share fun recipes and tips for healthy sustainable weight loss or maintenance!
Who wants a spot!
Just comment below
“YES” and I’ll add you in! (Must be on fb to join)

Believe me when I tell you - I’m with ya friends! Let’s do this together!

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Really didn’t want to get up this morning 😴 ...but I had made a commitment to my virtual workout buddies to be there. So glad I did 💪🏼 Chest & Tris 50/50 was a sweat 💦 fest 👊🏼 Love It!
Make Today Fabulous - Live Life!
#51andfabulous #maketodayfabulous #getupandgetitdone #earlymorningworkout #healthymomsinspire #goldendoodlelife #goldendoodlelove #accountabilitypartnersarethebest

Sweat sessions in progress.

My alarm went off this am and I hit snooze, but when hubby’s alarm went off, I figured hey.. why not motivate each other. It’s always better to workout with a buddy 🙌🏻 My neck is in bad shape lately, so I took it easy and I’m only doing low impact workouts and yogilates 🧘🏼‍♀️ feels great to give the body a rest, no matter what your fitness level.

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My girl @fitnixfit is my SG Transformation Inspiration for this evening looking unrecognizable in her photos (because she is a total Bad A$$)
After years of struggling to lean out despite actively exercising, we put together a program that was better suited for her goals
This Mama of 4 dropped is an inspiration to her family and rocked her very first fitness photoshoot after dropping over 20 lbs 💪
I'm so proud of this STRONG GIRL Rockstar and can't wait to share more of her 💯
And if you're ready to start your @teamstronggirls Transformation, our Global Support Community of Strong Women will help you 10x your Fitness Goals
Just fill out my questionnaire (link in bio) and say "Jenny I'm ready!" ...
See you there 😊
Photo @west_studio
MUH @prettymemakeup

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