Lavender Matcha Latte 🍵 is bringing me all kinds of happy vibes. Not to mention my 5 year old is ready for school on time without a fight or any tears 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Gotta celebrate little victories. This latte was amazing and I’m definitely adding into my rotation. Recipe in comments ✌🏼💕🌱#lavendermatcha #matchalatte #plantbased #momlife #healthymom #notcoffee #coffeealternative #lavender

Cardio Core should be named “Sweat your 🍑 off” holy moly! Between the standing mountain climbers and all the core moves. Yowza! #80dayobsession #day3 #round2 #teamac #cardioishardio #cardiocore

Today was hard you guys! DAY 23 CARDIO but I got it done! It was like I had the little devil and angel on my shoulders each yelling why I should and shouldn’t do this today but I pushed through and went with what I know is good for me!

That’s the Magic in making something a habit! No matter how much you try to talk yourself out of it, you fight that little voice and make it happen! 💪🏻 I found my motivation today and looking at thinking about how much I’ve accomplished in just 23 days! I have a goal and im NOT going to let myself down!
#goalcrusher #getitdone #getoutofyourhead #stronger #better #thanyesterday #fitmom #mindandsoul #healthymom #doingitforme #motivation #fitspiration #progress #mamasaludable #yosipuedo

Don’t care about what people say and think about you, just do what you believe. In the beginning no one has made much of nowadays billionaires

How many are you agrees to this?

1/3 Avena en hojuela natural, (no instantánea)
1 cda. Crema almendras natural (sin azúcar de costco)
1 taza de frutos rojos (congelados de costco)
Chorrito de jarabe de maple (0 calorías marca @promesaoficial )
No saben qué cosa tan más deliciosa y tan más natural y nutritiva me estoy desayunando
De esas veces que sabes que puedes comerlo todos-los-Días
#focus #fit #healthy #enforma #fitmom #healthymom

#momlife this is what my workout room at home looks like. 👧🏻👦🏻 getting it done this morning. Keep pushing yourself to reach your goals. No one else will do it for you. I am on this journey to lose another 80lbs and even though I feel like quitting sometimes I think about how worth it and rewarding it will be when I accomplish it. .
GETTING READY TO LEAVE TO #exuma in a few days. So excited 😆 .

When I did 80 day obsession the first time I had to pause several times to get through the cardio workouts. They are definitely not my strong area and I truly don’t enjoy cardio. But, I kept pushing to get stronger and guess what?! Today I did the whole workout without pausing!! It was not graceful or pretty, but I did it and am so happy to see myself making progress!
Keep at it friends!!! You are getting stronger even when it doesn’t feel like it 💛

💚LUNCH de los niños.
✅Croquetas de Quinoa, frijoles, verduras. .
Enseñemos a nuestros hijos a NO DESPERDICIAR !! conozco muhas personas que no pueden comer recalentado! Tiene que ser recién hecho, de verdad me da una pena que tengan ese desprecio a la comida cuando hay tanta gente que no tiene que comer !.
Educa con tu ejemplo y #nodesperdicies .
💚Beneficios de la Quinoa :
✅Sin gluten.
✅Alta en proteína.
✅Alta en fibra.
✅Versátil en su uso, dulce o salado. ✅Aporta minerales (calcio, hierro, magnesio), vitaminas (C, E, B1, B2 y niacina) y fósforo. ✅Es rica en aminoácidos, que influyen en el desarrollo cerebral.
La Quinoa en todos sus colores la encuentran en :
💚@verdeeucaliptomty .
. ✍🏻 Receta de las Croquetas de Quinoa en mi perfil ! (Más abajo) . .

#quinoa #quinua
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She loves good vibes, wild waves, warm sun, kind words, freedom, flow, coffee, caring and tacos...... .

Ich hab heute richtig gute Laune, die Ernährung läuft 👌🏼 und heute geht es endlich wieder in mein Lieblings gym 😍🏋🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️... der Tag könnte nicht besser sein.
🤔 Das Wetter könnte aber echt schöner und wärmer sein 😒

Practice what you preach. ❤🙏

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