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Thank you
for always reminding me
that it's ok to not know the answer
and instead
just pray.
PC: @marcellalaine

Beautiful Spring is such a great time for gorgeous food!!! Be sure to pick up the October issue of @deliciousaus, for my final column and personal spin on a classic Aussie lamb roast.

Photo - @chriscourt
Styling - @kirstenljenkins

Fuel your desire to C R E A T E; connections, movement, energy, art, community, and L O V E. Dare yourself to be vulnerable and open in sharing to become your own best masterpiece. 🌟


I know my posts are probably annoying AF but I'm buzzing right now.
Last night I had my BioXscan and I'm chuffed to say the least. - Weight ⬇️ from 60.4kg to 57.4kg. My goal was to lose 3.2kgs and I achieved just that! - Body fat % ⬇️ 27.1 to 21.0 (6%) 😱 - I gained 1kg of muscle 💪🏽 I didn't know how I would go, it's been a rough 8 weeks with Luca so unwell and on top of that operating a studio 4-5 days.
I'll always preach F45 training Armadale, it was hands down the best decision I've EVER made. I'm not doing this for anyone else but me and I'm stoked to be crushing my goals.
So much love for the F45 fam!
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scrambling around the house this morning, cause monday, so a throw everything in the pan scramble for breakfast it is 🙋🏼🤤 sautéed mini heirloom tomatoes + organic baby spinach + mini portobello mushrooms + roasted than sautéed brussels + two pasture raised eggs (crack in last once all veggies are done + pan is hot) + add sliced avocado on top 🍳🥑✨happy start to a new week!
see more on my story!
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'I'm not a morning person'
Played on repeat in my subconscious mind.
I was the, wake up 5 minutes before I have to be somewhere kind of gal. Leaving me rushed, full of anxiety, and negative throughout my entire day.
Through self study, personal development books, and my virtual fitness family I came to the realization that -- what seemed to be a simple phrase was actually a self limiting belief and stunting my growth.
We develop these beliefs for our comfort. "What ever we've got to do to protect ourselves from change + the unknown, we will do." I've made a growing list of all my beliefs || good + bad || and will devote time to dig into each one.
Is this belief bringing me closer to my goals, dreams, or the person I want to become?
Is this belief pushing me to challenge myself and grow?
Is this belief holding me back in anyway?
After all, your thoughts become your reality so it's time we take them a little more seriously.
DAY 2 || #teamyouareworthit

Mid work day yoga/stretch break ✌🏻Perks of that no boss life when I get a little fidgety sitting at my desk I can take a little time to get up and move my body! Normally I might go for a little walk but since it's raining I decided for a afternoon 30 min flow. Now getting back to talking to you guys about how you can live this no boss life and getting the last few peeps enrolled my Fall Back To Basics group 💻👯💪🏻❤️ Sometimes it's wild to think how different Monday's use to look before I found coaching 💃🏻 PS I spy my #1 photobomber 😹
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Still need to use up the last of the summer peach harvest? Make a peach cobbler. 😍

// Acceptance // I've been thinking of this word lately.. Accepting myself. Loving and accepting others where they're at. Accepting my life for where ITS AT and where it's guiding me too. And I was struggling alittle with it feeling like accepting meant giving up.. and then I read this quote "Acceptance is not a dispirited surrender from a place of powerlessness; acceptance and aligning with life is an active, courageous walk with the flow of what is." How beautiful is that! 💗 Accepting your life where it's at isn't giving up at all its learning to flow with the transitions. Asking yourself DAILY. "What do I really want?" Taking a look at what IS and figured out how to give yourself what you need ✨•

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let's talk about MINDFULNESS + getting in touch with our mental health.
Sit still and observe everything around you and inside you. find out what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing. Notice your breathing as you breathe in and out. Feel your chest rise and fall. Be still. Relax.
Take your time to focus your attention. Start to notice small things.
Now, think about your feelings like a weather report. Is it sunshine, stormy, rainy, calm, a tornado…? Like the weather, you can’t change your feelings. But, you can adapt the way that you respond to it. You are not your feelings and emotions. Just like the weather, they come and go.
So the most important thing to do is acknowledge and accept them.

You can do this! Whatever it is you need, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy finances I can help you. Just reach out. #success #successful #youcandoit #goals #healthymindset #healthymindhealthybody #healthyfinances #healthy365 #optimalhealth #askmehow

Thankyou @lewishowes for this #wednesdaywisdom #repost.
Time is so precious, we will never have this moment again. Rest & recreation time is very important, choose how you spend this time carefully. Meditate, read, spend time in nature. It is so easy to get caught up watching mindless television shows or Netflix, we all do it. It is important to limit that time, to seize the day and each moment and go out and achieve your goals 🙌🏼
Make today count.

For regular life inspiration reads, check out & subscribe to my blog- link in bio.

How you gonna win when you ain't right within!? 💕⚖️💆🏻💫☯️ #healthymindhealthybody

I hit a huge milestone this morning!! I'm officially the lowest weight I have ever been!! I'm down 3.4 lbs this week and now over 20 lbs in the last 6 months. It feels amazing and I can't wait to see what else this body of mine can do! The goal is to drop 2 more pounds before our trip! Then when I get back it's a whole new set of goals that are less about the scale and more about seeing the physical changes.

On Sunday I begin the 21 Day Fix challenge. I have not done this challenge since April so I'm looking forward to setting my mind to something again. Can you commit yourself to this for 21 days? Do you want to shred some weight, eat proper portions and do versatile workouts? If so, doing this with us is going to help you achieve all that! Message me if you're in! 👊🏻🙌🏻 Let's do this! . 30 minute workouts a day and container menu manning. .
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Such a delicious brekky this morning and so easy! I love that it is full of nutrition and i dont even need to think to hard about what to put in it 😂 Wanting to try some? I have 2 x 30 day trials with just a once off payment 🙌🏻 and you will gain access to our emporium for 30 days to see what its all about 💖

All Workouts dont need to be fueled with hate, anger, rage. Workouts is fun and sometimes its amazing to have a laugh between ur sets before zoning into ur next set. If there is harmony and balance in mind and body then your results in the gym and in life will show faster and be long lasting @theamitsadh @fitzville #workout #bodybuilding #muscle #shredded #gym #mindovermatter #bollywood #goldmovie #amitsadh #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #traininsaneorremainthesame

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