Balsamic, garlic, basil, Worcestershire, garlic infused canola oil, and salted sauteed tofu served on pasta!! #itswhatsforlunch #tofu #pasta #glutenfree #dairyfree #allergyliving #homemade #ilovetocook #imadethis #missingbbqsauce #healthyfamily #healthykids

My people, my heart in a square. We are forever grateful for oils, we ALL use them and love them! Here is just a quick run down of some ways my favorite people use oils... sleep support, relieving sore muscles, teething relief, tantrum taming, glowing skin, immune support, combatting teen blemishes, easing worries, focus, energy, digestive support, relief during dot week (cramps, moodiness, irritability be gone!) and the list goes on! Our house was out of control (very little sleep, lots of anxiousness, lots of sick days, lots of trouble focusing at school) before I ordered our starter kit, and while most days it’s still a freakin’ circus, at least it’s a FUN one!!! 😂

SWEET DRESSING for the SWEET TOOTH - ENSALADAS CON ADEREZOS DULCES #healthykids #healthymom #healthyeverydamnday #lilibonhealthcoach #health #healthylifestyle
Casi a todos los niños les gustan las fresas o la fruta, el mango, la manzana, y realmente las lechugas muchos tipos no tienen un sabor muy fuerte, entonces en realidad no es un sueño lejano que nuestros hijos coman ensaladas sencillas y dulces ( por ahora) ya sabemos que el dulce en cualquier presentación es bueno evitarlo pero podemos introducirlos al mundo de las ensaladas con aderezos dulces, aquí les va el favorito de Andrés:
🌱se licúa 2 cucharadas de miel de maple, 1 cucharadita de mostaza, 1/4 de taza de aceite de olivo, 3 cucharadas de vinagre balsámico, ajo machacado , sal y poca pimienta, se revuelve y listo!!!!!!!

Snack Time! (Chocolate/Peanut Butter Smoothie) To make, blend together about a cup of milk, about 1 tablespoon of cocoa, about 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, about 1/2 cup of peanut butter, and 1/4 cup of chocolate morsels. This was a big hit for this hot summer afternoon!

#healthynothealthy #moderation #healthykids #summersnacks

👉🏾As a parent on a mission to incorporate healthy food options for my family, its is always challenging and very frustrating going to the supermarket and sticking to the budget. Trying to eat healthy can sometimes be costly and overwhelming especially when looking for options for the little ones.

# I have put together some tips that can help you to STRETCH your dollar while making everyone happy.

# Portion Control - Yes, portion control not only prevents you from overeating, it can help you save money on uneaten food. A report shows that we waste up to 30% of our food because we cook too much, and we throw away what is left on our plates.

# Plan A Weekly Menu - This is very important and something that I have recently started doing. On Saturday or Sunday evenings, once the kids are in bed and I have some quiet time, I write in my planner all the meals that my family will eat during the coming week. Before starting to plan the meals, I will review everything that I already have in the refrigerator and pantry. This way, I don’t buy what I already have.

# Make a list - This goes without saying. Making a list keeps you organized and increases your chances of not deviating from the things you know that you need to buy. Like planning the menu, I also write my list according to what I have in the house. I Plan the menu around what I have at home (usually the meat, rice, pasta etc.), then I make a note of the little things I need to complete each dish. Fruits and Vegetables are always on the list.

# Buy in Bulk - Meats, poultry, and fish can be bought in bulk are big discount offers are available and can be stored in your freezer. I usually clean, individually wrap and store.

# Fruits and Vegetables - It is always preferable to buy fresh produce when they are in season. But when they are not in season they can be very expensive. Buying flash frozen fruits and vegetables can be a good option. They retain most of their nutritional and once stored in the freezer, will not spoil.
# So, there you have it guys. These are all tried and proven tips that I use regularly to keep my family eating healthy and stay on budget.

Summer's here! No doubt you have at least one day trip planned, or at the very least have the intention of relaxing just a little bit for breakfast planning. These healthy Toddler Breakfast Egg Cups are here to make breakfast just a little easier but just as healthy and of course just as tasty. They come in four different combinations and are filled with veggies, eggs, cheese and even bacon! A filling and nutritious breakfast for your toddler that is perfect for on-the-go eating. Click the link in profile for the recipe!
#toddler #healthykids #realfood #breakfast #kidapproved

Así nos fuimos hoy😃🙏
.. .. 🌀 Platanito con crema 🌀 Mango 🌀 Pirulino de chocolate
Aguita y refresco de mandarina natural
Bendecido Martes!
#mamaenamorada #Diosesbueno #loncheritasaludable #loncheritacreativa #ideasparaniños #instafood #instayum #yummy #healthykids #healthyfood #lunchforkids #lunchboxmania #mipequeñaloncheritasv

I took a break from the chaos of prepping to see my #fitfam at our conference in Indy this week to get lost amongst the wild flowers.
Finding moments of peace in the craziness of my every day routine is so vital to my #selfcare. #mindfulness at its best today ✌🏻

#trysomethingnewtuesday ✨✨
What bee-utiful weather we’ve been having! I’ve been trying to sneak out bright and early on Saturday mornings (before the kids are even up) to wander around the market in @stjacobscountry. I ❤️ kicking-off my weekend this way. The local produce is jusssssst starting to trickle in but one vegetable was pretty abundant - asparagus! Can I let you in on a little secret though? I can’t stand it! 😝Eeeeep - I know I’m not supposed to feel that way about a vegetable, but I swear it’s one of the few veggies on this planet that I just can’t get on board with. The smell! The stringy-ness! And don’t even get me started on what happens on it's way out…(if you don’t know what I mean, it doesn’t happen to you so don’t worry about it!) So admittedly I rarely buy it. But I need to practice what I preach 😇, so I decided to bring home a bag of ultra-local and fresh asparagus tips. We roasted most of them for a bbq we hosted, but I also tossed some raw onto a veggie platter at dinner the next night. And there was nooooo way I was getting around eating some — Maggie made sure of it. “Mommy, you don’t like asparagus YET…make sure to try it!” And you know what?! It’s WAY better raw. No smell. No stringy-ness. I still wouldn’t say it’s my favourite…but I’m definitely warming up to it! 💚💚💚Asparagus-lovers out there (and I know there are a ton of you) how do you eat it??
#newfoods #makefriendswithveggies #healthwise #trysomethingnew #challengeyourself #healthylifestyle #variety #healthykids #pickyeaters #local

This quote is all over my house it’s so true. I started a new journey with youngliving that came to a smashing halt and I couldn’t under stand why! So many beautiful people so many success stories. But those stories as beautiful as they are where not my story yes every home in the world needs young living I would be doing a disservice not sharing My story being true to me As wise woman( Lindsey Teague Moreno) says all the time I LIKE YOU YOU LIKE ME WE ARE ALIKE. This business has opened my eyes so much to being genuine. People will see and fell it. Sorry that was long that’s my rant for the day ❤️ #sleep

Glance at grace, for that nod and smile. Look to Love, for the arms up, wild celebration. Hear hope, because you are worth every new beginning life presents you with.

• pan-fried tofu (with curry powder)
•mixed grains and beans (cooked in rice cooker)
•shredded raw carrots (using a microplane zester)
•steam roasted yellow bell peppers & eggplants (w/balsamic vinegar)
👩🏻‍🍳Yesterday, I shared a little bit about my most current meal plan/prep.
Over the weekend, here’s what I cooked:
🥦Veggies: 🔹steam roasted (📹live demo on story highlight):
•eggplants & bell peppers (w/balsamic vinegar)
•broccoli & purple cauliflower (w/curry powder)
🔹roasted sweet potatoes (w/cinnamon & nutmeg)
🍗Protein: pan-fried tofu, roasted chicken
🍚Whole grains: mixed rice and beans, whole wheat couscous
All this will probably last us 3 days so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor until then! Whee!! 👍👍Let me know in the comments below whether or not you’d like for me to continue sharing my meal prep in this style at the beginning of each week! I’ll share how you can use the same components to create diff meals 🤗

Anyone else just get happy when they look inside their fridge? 😍😍😍

Never give up great things take time 😎😍

It's just as well that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day in this house.... It takes a lot to feed my two girls that's for sure!
I just realised this morning that this is a mostly plastic free meal too 👍
Homemade bread for toast, homemade crumpets bananas in their own handy protective skin (😏) peanut butter in a glass jar that I will repurpose.
Unfortunately @marmitenz still comes in a plastic jar and budget came into play for a massive bag of 🥝 in a stupid mesh bag... 🙊
Pretty good on the whole though I think 🤔
#breakfast #toast #crumpet #banana #kiwifruit #peanutbutter #marmite #plasticfree #wastefree #zerowaste #kids #fullbelly #food #healthy #healthyeating #healthykids #healthyfamily #zerowastekitchen #zerowastejourney #eco #mindful #vegetarian #yum #healthyfood #everythinginmoderation #healthyhabits #growingkids

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