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4. Dark Therapy Soap - last but not the least, this soap has the power to whiten those stubborn skin. Dont forget to use lotion after bathing! I used here the Natural Moisturizing Lotion. Its consistency is watery, but it gives you heavy moisturizing properties that lasts all day. No sticky feeling 🙂🙃 ———————————————— I swear by these products! Use this 2x - 3x a week, you'll get a perfect bright skin you have always wanted. #naturaldetoxbath #healthyinsideout ———————————————— Products used:
Detox Healing Clay Mask - P150, 50g
Refreshing Aloe Vera,
Deep Clean Epsom Salt - P250, 100g
Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub - P450, 250g and P850 500g
Dark Therapy Soap - P200, 135g
Natural Moisturizing Water Lotion - P250, 250ml.

Ok Holiday...Let's do this🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

Right when I finish a workout, I feel amazing. Even though i'm sweaty and have a red face and I don't smell like a rose, I feel strong. It does a lot for me mentally and physically.
#healthyinsideout #day82/100

Body Maid Doctor by Natural Craze [Unit] #alkalinewater [Just got this unit] 🙌

Technical Data:
7 Platinum Titanium Plate 1358 cm2 
Non-sealed Electrode 
Highest pH 11.5, ORP -800mv(up to) 
5 Setting of Alkaline & 3 setting for Acidic water 
Constant pH and ORP function 
GAC-Activated Carbon Filter 
Filter Life Indicator, 10000L 
Flow rate display indicator up to 5/LPM 
ORP/PH/ORP display indicator 
Color changing LCD display control panel 
Heavy Duty, 100+ hours continuous operation 
Additional Mineral Port 
Extra super electrolysis 
Stainless steel output spout 
Built-in Auto-flushing electrode 
Automatic mineral scaling elimination 
Automatic cleaning system 
Hot water temperature resisting system 
Water TDS /MiCom adapting system 
Multi-option installation 
SMPS Power Supply
#alkalinewater #healthyinsideout #bodymaiddoctor

Such a blessing witnessing these guys present the 'Healthy Inside-Out' seminar for the @sharlztakifoundation last night.
It's a great message for our youth, providing them with the information to make healthy choices on their own 👌💜 #sharlztakifoundation

Take time to enjoy the company of plants and dogs.
#healthy choices

• 📸 by @andrewknapp with Momo

2 more days to take control of your health with Plexus and get in on this stellar deal!!!
$89 welcome Packs, $10 off the membership and free shipping until June 26th! 💃🤗😁
#takecontrolofyourhealth #dontmissout #healthyinsideout #theresonlytwodaysleft #coopedupcowboyswife


Love hiking with the Meet-up Hiking Group. It was a beautiful evening, gorgeous view and lovely people. #strangersatthestart #friendsattheend #wanderingWednesday #healthyinsideout #Marykmelissad

🍍Free Weightloss Booster Trial🍍 🍍FOR JUST 48HRS🍍 Are you ready to start smashing those body goals?? 👊💪💃 For 48hrs ONLY you can get a FREE trial of our popular MT #natural weightloss boosters with every MT #smoothie or #capsule order placed by 10pm Friday 😍😍 If your ready then all you need to do is DM me above ⬆⬆ *Offer ends 10pm Friday 30th June*

#weightloss #glucomannan #curbssnackcravings #feelfullerforlonger #dropadresssize #mummytummy

One of my favorites!! 😍😍😍 AND part of my current daily routine 😉🙌🏻
Here's why.... Do you know what 5-HTP is?
5-HTP is an amino acid that gets converted to serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin plays an important role in mood, learning, memory, appetite regulation and sleep! People that are low in serotonin can suffer from many of these issues... 5-HTP NEEDS vitamin B6 for the conversion, so, you guessed it, vitamin B6 is in Accelerator which speeds up 🚀 the weight loss process. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So, while burning fat and getting more energy naturally, you're also helping to improve your mood and sleep!😍😴👏🏻 I've lost 12 lbs so far, no longer want to eat 24/7, am sleeping even better and feel like me again!!!! Who couldn't use these benefits?! #PlexusAccelerator #5HTP
#Plexusfacts #accelerate #healthyinsideout #weightloss #moodlift #sahm #wahm #mommaisgettingfit

Fakeaway dinner yum 😍😍
#ontheplan #tasty #fakeawaydinner

Day 2 of my 30 days y'all! I'm feeling good!! I didn't realize Instagram cut off my video at 60 sec showing the unboxing....Ill post another SHORT video tonight so you can see what comes in it :) Ask me if you have questions!

This is so me at work 😂😂😂
#fulltimework #headphonesin #gettingonwithshit

Min yndlingssalat med quinoa, feta og andre lækkerier
Når det er sommer, så kan vi alle bedre fordøje og nyde godt af salater med friske, rå ingredienser. I dag har jeg lyst til at dele min yndlingssalat og give små fifs til at gøre den endnu mere egnet til dig, der har hhv vata, pitta og kapha konstitution.

Quinoasalaten er god, fordi den mætter, og den indeholder naturligvis alle de 6 smage, som ayurveda fortæller os, vi skal have for at blive tilfredsstillet af et måltid – både nærings- og mæthedsmæssigt. Find opskriften på www.mariajuhl.com/quinoasalat
#ayurvediclifestyle #livemore #struggleless #healthyinsideout #holistichealth #yogameansunion #yogaeverydamnday #youarewhatyoueat #lifebydesign #lifeforceenergy #ayurveda #ayurvedicfood #quinoasalad #onlinetraining @live_more_struggle_less

Its summer and its miserable but I refuse to give up my summer footwear ✌

#rainyday #britishsummer

I am launching my second winter body blitz challenge. 📆Start 1st July!
I want to help you look and feel your best all winter ❄️long.
💥Gain energy
💄Improved glowing skin
🏗 shift unwanted kg
🤕 manage stress
🥛 nourish your body the best you can - with simple steps
💪🏻 gain muscle 🙏🏻 cleanse inside and out 💻 access to our supportive Facebook group.
I'll share as many meals and workouts as possible! 👍🏻 The program involves:
✨Intermitted fasting ✨Superfoods
✨Meal and snack ideas
✨AND 30 day money back guarantee!!!! YES!! #30daywinterbodyblitz #beforeandafter #nutritionalcleansing #healthyinsideout #healthybodyhealthymind #healthylifestyle #pt #guzzfit #shiringuzzardifitness #leanmuscle #fit #strong #healthiswealth

Ok Holiday...Let's do this🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

It was nice to get home earlyish today. Hit me up if you'd like info about the smoothies' ingredients. What's your favorite smoothie?
#smoothiechallenge #challengeaccepted #summerproduce #delish
#supportyourfarmers #setforrestofweek #healthyinsideout #yumm

Tonight I am doing a little reflecting whilst chatting to some lovely ladies 👭

Why am I reflecting? Because when somedays you look at how far you have to go and you say to yourself it seems impossible to do and finally get there and really puts a negative cloud around my journey
So what do I do? I pull out a picture of myself 3yrs ago and compare to a recent photo to motivate me again and can see I was in such a bad shape and this caused so many health problems including a huge pressure on my easphogal problems so I was in pain and suffering everyday
Today I am happy. Im healthy. Im a curvy size 10 again and im not having any problems with my easphogus pains and no more need for invasive surgery which doesnt help my condition. And Im just so happy to have come so far in 3years.

If you are reading this I want to say thankyou for taking the time and please share this with anyone you think is feeling the same. Or maybe you are feeling this way and just need that bit of extra motivation to get started. ❤❤ #motivatemyself #journey #healthjourney #icanhelpyoutoo

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