I'm going through some old pictures, and they are motivating the crap out of me! I had to set up my Talk with @tierragoesgreen, to put things back into perspective. You have to go with the formula that works! In 2017, I started being diligent with my exercise regimen @effectfitness. You have to find what works for you. Now for 2018, it's time to get more strict with the eating 80% is diet. I am working with @cheftregaye getting my meals prepped. #noexcuses Gotta get this fat off, that REFUSES to come off... LOL! If the Graves can disappear, so can high blood pressure!!! Let's Get it! #foodismyweakness #mindovermatter #mindoverfood #holdmeaccountable #christinajohnson #healthyinhermid40s

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