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Thumbs up for blackberry and cinnamon oatbran, with vanilla milk. Simmer a few in the porridge til they soften and ooze and top with lashings of cinnamon. Blackberries are excellent source of fibre (100g = 43kcals and 5g of fibre), Vitamin C and K (25% and 19% of your RDA) not to mention the oatbran (the best bit of the oat - I love @mornflake) which lowers cholesterol and fills you up. Try swooping your usual porridge this week for oatbran - a simple swop that's so worth it.
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Every now and then I compare pictures to remind myself of how far I've come. These pictures are about two years apart. Same shirt, similar hairstyles, and a much healthier version of myself in the right pic. I was sicker than I could have even imagined in the pic on the left. About three months after taking the left pic, I was actually placed on bed rest due to a viral heart condition (pericarditis). In addition to the heart condition, I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and pre-diabetes. Back then I was happy to have a diagnosis from my doctors, until I realized that having a diagnosis did NOTHING to help me heal. I had multiple doctors who were experimenting with the latest meds to TRY and help me, but no one could tell me the true cause of my mysterious conditions. That all changed when I found the @medicalmedium website one night after I had almost lost all hope of ever getting better. I was tired of being sick, and even more tired of not knowing what was wrong with me. That night I ordered Anthony's first book titled Medical Medium, and my healing journey began. I slowly started incorporating all of the healing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and natural supplements recommended in the book, on his website, and on his weekly radio show. I found out EXACTLY what was wrong with me, and also learned HOW to heal myself. I share my story as often as I can to inspire others to take charge of their health and stop believing that doctors have all the answers. For anyone who doubts Anthony's God-given gift, I am living proof that he has the most accurate healing information available out there, and I am forever grateful. #nofilter #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcleanse #healing #vitamins #thyroiddisease #thyroid #hashimotos #allergies #heartdisease #rheumatoidarthritis #RA #autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #lupus #vegan #plantbased #fruitsandveggies #diet #healingthrunature #beforeandafter #heartdisease #healthyheart #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #chronicfatiguesyndrome #diabetes #blessed #thankful #knowledgeispower

As of yesterday another round of @shiftshop has been completed by this girl. The girl who could never make the commitment to finish a program. The girl who never believed in herself enough to just try. The girl who never thought she was capable of changing her life. To the girl who settled so she didn't have get out of her comfort zone.
Here she stands with more confidence, more self love, more results and more life in her than ever before.
Obviously that girl is me. Y'all I feel strong! I am feeling empowered and I am feel loved! All three things @chrisdowningfitness wanted us to feel in this program. He hasn't left me down yet. 5 rounds and going strong. I'm not sure I'll be able to stop shifting. I'm not sure what I am going to do next- but while I'm traveling for the next week and packing up I will be doing some fun random workouts from beachbody on demand! Love love love having options!
I have some exciting things coming up in October and I want YOU to join me- seeing results, learning to love yourself and living a healthier lifestyle! I have 12 spots open! Claim yours now by sending me and email to getfitwithjaim@gmail.com.
*this picture was 42 days in between eachother!

The first singing lion. I laughed until I had tears gushing down my cheeks. A little laughter don't hurt no body. Joy and happiness and a feeling of peace can heal faster and make you live longer #laughter #MondayMotivation #healthyHeart #happysoul

El Doctor dijo que mi objetivo en la vida era mantener un corazón fuerte (literalmente hablando del órgano) así que en esas andamos ❤️💪🏼 #healthylifehn #healthyliving #healthyheart

Did 30 minutes of this hill today. Didn't count on the reps this time but rather the amount of time. 🙌
How I stay motivated!?
* wear a cute outfit 💃
* set a small personal goal for the day👍
* remember who you've inspired, they are watching👀
* positive role model for the kids👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
* remembering that even on my bad days a work out will change my mood🙏
* being lucky to be able to exercise because some people can't🏃
* being grateful that I am healthy🥕🍒🍉
#healthyme #fitness #exercise #hillrunning #motivation
#inspiration #loseweight #stayfatden #healthyheart #fitnessjourney

Had such an amazing few days with @fitbituk_ireland! Lush meeting these two beauts @twicethehealth 💖

#HouseOfFit #healthyheart #marrakech #Morroco

✔️El mejor aliño de cualquier comida.... será el amor con el que se prepara.
✔️El mejor plato siempre será la compañía con la que compartes ese momento pleno.
✔️Y las calorías ...carbohidratos proteína y cualquier mezcla que tenga para mantenerte sano y en forma .... será la certeza de saber que la persona que lo hizo te ama y lo hizo con absoluta devoción !!!
✨✨✨Mi plato: coliflor con brócoli, pollo y huevos... .
✔️mi status : Satisfecha y Feliz!
#TatiG el mejor sabado del Mes! ✨

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Happy Sunday Loves! A day to unwind and rest up. Hope everyone is tending to the needs of self- before the week starts up.
Today I decided to whip up some Sautéed y Steamed vegetables//Caribbean Style (spicy jerk vegetables) ... along with a healing tea I pieced together earlier. "What's good for the body is good for the soul"
Healing Detox tea: basil leaf, eucalyptus leaf, cinnamon bark, ginger root, rhyme leaf, elecampane root, peppermint leaf, cardamom seed, mullein leaf, turmeric, coconut oil, and lime.
Healing is feeling--feeling is healing. Let's do it everyday.
@reneamesa @amesareneart
#30dayveganchallenge #VeganForLife #veganfortheworld #starttoday #foodisart #loveisart #healing #feeling #love #healthymind #healthyheart #healthybodies #eternalspirit #amesareneart #CookingWithAmesaReńe

Ciao a todo lo tóxico, ciao a todas las malas energías 🍃bienvenido todo lo positivo y mucho amor 🙏🏾😊💙💛#goodvibes #ciaonegative #nomoresadness #wellness #healthyheart #freemind #freeheart #happyheart #happiness #brunnette #latina #selfie #autoshoot #selfportrait #makeup #modelnotmodel #longhair #selfsteem #loveyourself #empoweredwomen

Hubbies $15 Meal Prep for 5 days.. so excited for a fresh week!! Used up some tuna and veggies from last week.. table is missing his daily superfood shake too.. changing things up for him and that's how you do when you are ready for change!

Our fantasy fitness challenge starts 10/2.. my birthday of all days!! If you need a meal plan, at home workout system, and a private support group.. We got you!! Emails are going out to day to get everyone setup and I'm so honored to be apart of their journey!! Keto, vegan, or carnivore we got your back.. How are you going to end 2017?? Send us a message if we missed you!! 💪👊☝️ ..
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World Heart Day - Share the power ❤️ Il Rotaract Club Bari aderisce alla Giornata Mondiale del Cuore (World Heart Day❤️) il 29 Settembre 2017. @worldheartday
Celebreremo questa giornata promuovendo la prevenzione delle malattie cardiovascolari.
Ogni giorno, a partire da domani, seguite le nostre storie per delle pillole sul funzionamento del motore del corpo umano!
L'attività è patrocinata dalla World Heart Foundation e dalla Fondazione Cuore.
Un grandissimo ringraziamento @carlainde per la realizzazione di questa campagna di prevenzione!
Buona giornata del cuore a tutti!

#worldheartday#RACcontiamoci#heart#moveyourheart#fuelyourheart#loveyourheart #healthyheart #healthy #WorldHeartDay #worldheartday2017 #love #poweryourheart #poweryourlife #knowyournumbers #activity #sport #rotary #rotaractclub #racbari #rotaract #rotaryinternational #service #staytuned #instagood #instadaily #instalike #picoftheday

Cleaned out the fridge before going shopping for the week. This is what I could come up with for a quick, easy lunch. Baked corn tortillas topped with beans, lettuce, tomato, corn and salsa. Not too bad for an "empty" fridge!
#tostadas #plantbaseddiet #healthyheart #wfpb #simplemeal #simplehealthywfpb

It's up!!! This new vlog post is all about 3 awesome benefits of strawberries!! Click on the link in my bio so you can watch the whole thing!! .
I for one LOVE STRAWBERRIES!! I love them in all kinds of places! Smoothies, as a side with my pancakes (oatmeal!) with my oatmeal! On sweet toasts! Even on fondu nights..if you know what I mean!!?! .
What kinds of places do you love having your daily dose of strawberries?? Tell me so I can try those too! .
Don't forget to like/dislike, comment and SUBSCRIBE! 💋💋

Who knew yoga could be so beneficial to heart health #EveryHeartMatters #vascularawareness #yoga #healthyheart #day24

I am leading a guided heart-opening #meditation at @liberatehollywood at 12:30pm today. All are welcome.
For those that can't make it in person, here is a 5-minute #heart meditation from the wonderful @louise_hay_affirmations, whose love and wisdom continues to nurture and enlighten the planet.
She believed meditation is one of the best gifts you can give to your body.
A 5-Minute Meditation to Open Your Heart
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in and breathe out and just let go of all that stuff that is stuck inside you.
This is a special day and we don’t want to carry any old stuff with us.
Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. And as you breathe quietly, notice how comforting that feels. Be aware that you can do this anytime and anywhere and take care of yourself.
You can make yourself feel better with simple gestures and your own breathe. How it calms you down. It lets yesterday go. It gives you a feeling of safety. You are here for yourself. And as you release yesterday and even this moment, you allow your full attention to come into this day, this hour, this time. Turn your full attention to this wonderful, wonderful day.
Let your heart open and make room for all the good of the Universe to come in.
All is well.

hope tomorrow's treatment would be fine...@RSAU Halim 24092017...#dad #hospital #airforcehospital #airforcefamily #healthyheart

Blood pressure is a common focal point of cardiovascular wellness. Get yourself a healthy blood pressure support at Bell Lifestyle Products today!
Bell Lifestyle Products
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Eating well tastes so good! No one is perfect but we aim high to achieve and maintain health. Even health coaches eat an occasional oily French fry or a bite of pizza with real dough or whatever may be calling them briefly. Most people can lose weight in the short term simply by reducing fat and /or calories regardless of the "diet." The power and truth if any way of eating lies in the lifetime sustainability and resulting long term health improvements.
I tried every diet since I was a teen because I though I was overweight long before that was a reality. I suffered a heart condition and related anxiety my whole life.
I suffered chronic knee pain since childhood, as well as adding hip and spine pain as a young adult due to early bone degeneration ( milk and dairy and chemical caused from diet sodas). I developed joint stiffness in my hands, morning congestion and chest congestion, chronic migraines and insulin resistance. I started gaining the significant weight issue in my 30s.
Doctors wanted me on preventative cholesterol meds and the heart association diet. They offered me antidepressants. I refused all.
Finally, I did have to give I to heart meds because the excess weight made me heart issue more dangerous with a higher static blood pressure. It was scary and then it felt like a miracle because I never knew what it was like to live without severe chronic heart palpitations and related anxiety it caused. But the meds are basically poisoning your heart so I kept researching alternatives.

At my bottom, I found Eat to Live and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. My health and life began to change and has since changed forever.

I no longer have ANY of my health issues or pain and lost 90 pounds and counting as bonus. I have sustained my way of eating and my health and weight changes for several years and became a certified master life coach and integrated nutrition health coach.

I still work a day job as well and continue on my journey to reach my personal life and health goals.

Nothing is impossible if you are ready to make a change!
Message me to schedule a FREE consultation for weight loss, health, or life coaching.

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