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There is nothing better than a simple high puff! .
I decided to give my curls a break from product so I washed with @janecartersolution co wash and then I used my @snappeeinc to create this easy high puff. The best thing about the snappee hair ties is that they snap together to create a headband and it is multi-use! .
Get you some snappees and create those easy hairstyles!!!! .
#highpuff #ponytail #tutorial #snappee #Sunday #hairstyle #hairvideos

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UNREAL😍 @iamawog .
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⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ Day 6 (I was ready to give up on my hair and wash it before
going out but I'm glad I didn't) You can transform a bad hair day 5 or 6 into the best hair day, it's all down to a few tricks. 🎈Massage a few drops of lavender oil on your scalp to soothe and refresh it. 🎈Separate big chunks of hair for more volume🎈 Have it up in a pineapple for as long as you can prior to the occasion🎈Have it flipped to the side to hide the frizz around the crown area (which wasn't the case on that day but it does happen sometimes) 🎈apply a combination of a cream and oil/gel to really activate your curls. My main preference is the @Boucleme Curl Cream ( I believe it's the best cream to re-style my hair), @bouncecurl Gel and the @muximaofficial Oil 🎈Wear it with confidence, and make sure you wash your hair the next day! Haha 🎈


You don't have to comb your afro, but if you want to and struggle with hard hair that's painful to comb, the Earthy Healthy Hair combo, especially the Butter can be tremendously helpful in softening hair and making it easy to comb. 👑 #healthyhair #afro #naturalista #naturalhair #instahair #hairproducts #softhair #comb

Just look how healthy my hair look!!❤👌 Been using Annes hair oil for 4 weeks now!! Ignore the white area, promise my hairs not going white....its talcum powder!! #anneshairoiltotherescue #healthyhair

Nothing is as powerful as a group of entrepreneurs coming together for the betterment of their businesses and their industry
@qabaofficial is proud to facilitate this mastermind group in our annual conference 2017 in beautiful Shang-ri la Ras Sayang, Penang, Malaysia
#qaba2017#hair #hairstylist #melbournehairdresser #healthyhair

I am usually posting up pictures of my clients that have used my Aluminè product & the results. It only just dawned on me that I've yet to post up a single picture of myself using my own products 🙈. I truly have the best natural hair & skin care product on the market. I am 100% passionate about it & this is the reason because of the results & testimonies of the people that have used it.
You won't find another product on the market like this I can guarentee you. I hear people saying ridiculous things like its too expensive but they have bought a watch, shoes, trainers, clothes, alcohol which cost much more than my products would ever cost.
If you want the best you have to pay for quality. Instead of buying those unesscessary products invest in a product that will help your skin & body.


The exclusive scalp serum contains a potent blend of our proprietary Chinese herbs, along with apple stem cells and Swertia extract to stimulate healthier hair growth, by regenerating and revitalising hair follicles.

Contact me today to place your order you will not be disappointed.

Please also like, share & follow my page for the latest post updates.

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This is one rule I need to practice more!

The hardest thing is not touching your hair... I am a flicker and a twirler and it is a hard habit to break 😬 but trust me curls love to be left alone especially when they are wet! If you can avoid touching your curls whilst they are drying it will help to stop the frizz and it will help them keep their natural curl pattern, that also goes for when it is dry!
I find my hair can stay looking great for 2-3 days if I touch it less.... it's hard but trust me together we can do it 😜#aussiecurls #hair #curls #curlyhair

#haircolorprotection #purhair #purhair_premium_hair_products
#hairlove #newprodukts #vegan #peta #fellthehair #naturalbeauty #thenewwayforbeautyfulhair
#beautyful #hairdresser #munich #care #healthyhair
Dieses produkt verwendet ihr nach einer grossartigen anwendung mit purhair magic shield complex color oder aufhellung, um den erworbenen glanz und eure lebendige Haarfarben​ zu behalten. Grade blondem/ hellergefärbten haar ist die struktur beschädigte​ . Pflegt sie mit magic shield complex um euer haar zu stärken so wie die farbe Schützen . All the best N

Blowdryer ,Curling iron & a few clip ins ! •

#clipins #blowout #remyhair #blowdry #tapehair #closures #qualityhair #hairextension #blowdrybar #healthyhair

@123chrissielee 👇🏼
how beautiful is this? 😍 removing unwanted brass, banding + a strong demarcation line with one technique 🖌 nothing beats the balayage ✌🏼️ absolutely love how the warm tones are encorporated within this colour 🔥 the overall appearance of the hair becomes so natural + look at that shine ✨ perfection ❤️
#taylortaylor #kevinmurphy #colourme #olaplex #chocolates #healthyhair #balayage #natural #love #colourcorrection

I need some help from you peeps, but there's only 5 spots!

My hair is finally healthy (hairdresser life coloring my hair frequently took its toll 😂), my nails grow daily which has NEVER happened before, I have more energy, im sleeping better, cravings are reduced (trist me those sweet cravings were strong 💯) my skin is clearing up after many months of problematic/horminal skin & I am feeling really amazing. Ive just finished the berry challenge myself & im about to start round 2!

I know it works - but i need to test the berry challenge on others to collect information for our hollistic wellness program, The Healthstyle Emporium, SO im looking for 5 girls to take part in this challenge. You will be getting 9 serves of berries in a whole food capsule everyday for 120 days. Imagine the cost of buying 9 different berries by the punnet? eeek 🍇
Only $11AUD per week- all I ask is you to take before and after photos & fill out a feedback form at the end to let me know how much your hair has grown, explain your skin improvements, how your nails have gone bananas and how amazing you feel. Lets get glowing! PM me or comment below if your up for a little challenge 😘 We start july 1st xx

Taking bookings for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. Message me or call the salon! Remember #askformegan 😘 #bowenhaircare #whitsundays #hairgoals #affinage #balayage #bhave #ghd #hairgoals #olaplex #healthyhair #shorthairstyles #longhair #lovemyjob #behindthechair #hairdressersofaustralia #fleek

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