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Kalo udah capek gini pingin ada ditengah2 gelak tawa dan miaw2 para sahabat...ilang kali capeknya..cheers my friends..selalu dalam sehat, berkah, sukses dan bahagia lahir batin #happiness #friendship #bff #healthyfriendships #lovelyfriends #cheers #chattime @waanal_coffee

Inspired to cook a healthy lunch today.. love that I’m always surrounded by people who are health, food and environment conscious. Much happier and healthier these days thanks to my squad ❤️🙌🏼 #healthyfriendships #naturaleating #foodforthemind #nomoreprocessedfood

Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer. I connected with Melinda founder of SENDING PRAYER ministry & I am so glad I did. I remember asking for prayer at some point in time to a certain individual & never got a " yes of course I will pray for you" reply back. Don't want to come across negative but just becarful out there not all who claim to share the word of God are actually in it for the right reasons. God knows are hearts!
So when Mel reached out & her words were "Mary" how can I pray for you?" I was in tears. She's so sincere in her walk with God that you can instantly feel her amazing vibes. God has big plans for her & I am so grateful we crossed paths.
I received this happy mail full of encouraging words & this scripture came in perfect timing as I will be running my first half marathon this weekend. 🙏🙌 now that my friends is all God! Mel, thank you!💞
#running mom


Finding good friend and nurturing friendships.
In order to have good friend , she had to be a good friend.

Have you ever saved a friendship that was beginning to fade? Or have you ever walked away from a friendship that was beginning to hurt?
Let’s share our stories and share our strength.

Hey guys, due to no water at the Canyon Falls Hike right now (so there is no waterfall) we will be switching the hike to The Wisdom Tree Hike 🌳🌵
We will be meeting in Hawthorne at 7am. Or you can also meet us at the Hike. (Tree of Life Trail, Los Ángeles Ca 90068) 🤙🏽
Everyone is invited! Let me know if you’d like to join us. February 25th @ 7am 🤝🌱🌎
#HeroicSoles #letshike #activelifestyle #healthyliving #healthyfriendships #wisdomtreehike

Kapan lagi bs selfie dengan orang" kuat seperti ini... mereka bagian dr inspirasi... 😎👍👊💪👬👭 #personaltrainerinbali

Friends who train together stay together👯‍♀️💪🏼💜👌🏻💁🏼‍♀️
#friendshipgoals #healthyfriendships #partnerworkout #gymlifestyle #fitmamas #lovethem

I used to be that girl 💁 who bought the membership and VOWED that I would make a change this time. I had it all planned out awesomely with SOLID intentions, but by the end of month one I found myself, once again, making EXCUSES! •
It doesn’t matter how awesome the gym and all the perks are….. If you don’t know what to do when you get there, or you're so shy you get paralyzed just even thinking about asking for help, or too scared to just try because the FEAR of WTF stares and laughs……. yeah, it's wasted time and money.

If you are like me and you need MORE support, structure, safe & comfortable environment then this group might be your golden ticket.

All those things I just listed above, WAS ME !!!!! 5 years ago I found this system you see me use and talk about all the time. -I liked that I didn't have to leave my safe place- home.
-I dont have to fit my workout in on someone elses time frame, and -I NEVER have to GUESS WHAT TO DO for my daily exercise.
-It tells me exactly how to eat, even down to what and how much- seriously a missing link in my past for soooo long. >🎟IN MY Body Love GROUP🎟<
I work right along side of you (YES- I am a work in progress too, we all are, and always will be because it’s a journey NOT a destination🤘) 🏋️‍♀️We workout at home, learn how to eat healthy with our family, get support from a personal coach & other people on a similar journey. All in a PRIVATE group on your phone.
Working with a coach is really helpful because they get to know you, your needs, your goals and can help guide you this entire way. Plus become good friends for life #HealthyFriendships 🚫It won't be like a gym, I WILL contact you if you go MIA.

Have questions?
📲📲📲Shoot them my way below or in a private message. I'd love a chance to chat and really see if this could be something that can flip your life like it has for me.

#BreakTheCycleOfDestruction #Transformation

I swear I'm the queen of boundaries😎 but what she @ethereal.1(repost) said right there 😱 I couldn't said it better😎 I've got nothing but love for this woman. #boundaries #boundariescrossed #healthyrelationships #healthyfriendships

it's been a 1.5 months we start the JOGIA. Mba Bingar said its not about how far the track is, but its about the consistency! ❤
📷 by @oktavianusgalih19
#jogging #pertemanansehat #jogia #healthytuesday #healthyfriendships

In this chapter we discuss ways and strategies to help teenagers make positive and healthy friendships. Do you still have a positive and healthy friendship with one your friends from Middle School or High School? #bestfriends #love #guidance #parenting #understandingyourteenagersmind #healthyfriendships #photooftheday

This film came out 30 years ago as Val and I walked the campuses of Clark Atlanta University and Spelman College. We are HBCU proud. We are excited to share in this proud moment. Spike Lee you are a history maker.

loved! - ✨

You can always dm us, we're here to talk - 🍃

Each and every one of you is perfect in your own way -🍃

Good morning - 🧜🏻‍♀️

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