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Happy Thursday! 🙌 what are you grateful for today? I like to start my days off by giving gratitude, filling my brain with brain fuel, and using the power of prayer 🙏 #healthyhabits #healthybody #healthymind #healthyfinances

It is days like today that I am reminded why I am SO grateful for my health coaching business.
Jaxon 👶🏻 has been battling a cold for over a month now.. And as he fell asleep in my arms this morning, my heart became so full of gratitude. Gratitude because I get to stay home and raise him and his sister, gratitude because I get to help people truly change their lives, gratitude because this program has changed my life and my family's life, and gratitude because I get to stay
home with him while he fights this awful cold. After all, There is no one better than mama snuggling you when you feel so sick.
There isn't a corporate job that would allow me to take a month off as I tend to my baby. I love that I get to take care of him, love him, breast feed him and be there for him as he fights this cold. I'm so grateful for the day this program was introduced to me. This has been one of the biggest blessings in my life ❤️. #healthybody #healthymind #healthyfinances #healthcoach #sograteful

Sometimes it takes a MAJOR LIFE'S EVENT to wake us up to realize that we NEED health in order to live for what is most important in our lives ♥️♥️
Please help me celebrate Craig's REBIRTH!!♥️♥️
He says, "Non Scale Victory - Being able to fit on the couch and nap with my grandson Jackson! June 2013 was the month that changed the direction of my life. Morbidly obese for many years I struggled to put on my socks and fit into restaurant booths. Then I found a program that changed my life. I lost 100 lbs in 7 months, got off my high blood pressure and cholesterol medications and can honestly tell you I feel better in my 50's than I did in my 40's. I became a health coach to help others that have struggled like me. I want to thank my daughter Melissa for having the courage to tell me I was out of control and find this incredible program for me."
Does Craig's story relate to you? Reach out and let's chat soon. Your family would like you around for a long time! I'm giving a $50 credit to any Dad or Grandpa who starts the program this weekend! Happy Father's Day! Give the gift of health. ❤️#healthybody #healthymind #healthyfinances 💪💡💰#healthcoach

Discover OPTAVIA™ ONTARIO, CA on Saturday, Dec 9th at 8:30 am PST coming your way!! For local CLIENTS and HEALTH COACHES. What you'll learn? ����
Body: Maintain your ideal weight, improve your quality of sleep, optimize your movement
Mind: Enhance your relationships, experience life fulfillment, develop your spirituality
Finances: Become abundant, achieve freedom, access resources to create memories
If you feel like you are settling for anything less than your optimal life, then I really hope you will join me (and many others)!!!
See you soon! #healthybody #healthymind #healthyfinances

Looking back, then to now. #transformationthursdays got me feeling all the feels. ❤️
I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and I am so #thankful 🎉
I would love to help you on your journey and to become a better version of you, physically or financially! Let’s do this together! Thankful for my physical & financial change with this amazing company!
#optavia #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #healthyfinances #grateful #healthierme #mybiggerlife

• H o m e 🍯 R e m e d y •
I’m all about them oils ✨ It has become second nature for me where anytime there is some type of something, I️ immediately hit the books. I️ try blend after blend after blend until I️ hit the @doterrajackpot! And this one is definitely a winner 🥇

Hey, Chime fam! 💚 What's your favorite thing about the Chime app?

Great Saturday hanging out with my mommy learning about #healtybody #healthmind & #healthyfinances I'm excited to help coach her to her health goals. Her Goal is 50lbs in 5 months and come off medications!💪🏾 #hotmama

So cold right now and missing the sun 🌞 can't wait til our next vacation 🌵✈🦂🐍 can you guess where we're going from the emojis?? Put your guesses in thr comments 😊 #lifeofahealthcoach #financialfreedom #healthyfinances #fiance #jetsetter #ilovemyjob #vacationing #momof3 #momboss #weddingcountdown #lifeofabundance


• T r i u m p h 🏋🏻‍♀️ •
In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. Yes, this program is super easy & very effective. Yet that doesn’t mean that it isn’t difficult. For some it’s the adjustment of giving up certain foods that are super unhealthy & serve no purpose other than “they taste good”. For others it’s the psychological attachment to food & the dependency on bad habits. THAT is the purpose of a good health coach. To be that voice of reason during difficult moments & to cheer you on with every step forward. To remind you of your “why” & assist in getting you to your goal (& beyond) 🏁 Anything is possible - if you want it to be 🍀

Thai YOU should be one proud lady‼️
So glad you have found a solution with our program, it’s about creating Health not just Weight loss❤️
Message me if you want help creating your health‼️❤️ 🦋My Story:
“I have Insulin Resistant PCOS. It has always been a struggle for me to maintain - let alone lose weight.
My body always felt tired and sluggish and my cycle was waaaaaay out of whack. I have actually had Doctors tell me that I could only ever hope to maintain my weight, never lose. #priorities #thetimeisnow⏰ #loveyourselffirst
But there was hope -- someday my insulin that is in overdrive now would give out and I would become a type 2 diabetic & at that time I will be able to lose the weight. What??!? That sounded like hope to them? I had really given up any real hope of having better life.. Then I seen a post similar to this one you are reading right now. And I said what the heck! Did I think it would work?
Not really - but I HAD to try, just one more time.
Boy am I glad I did!! I have lost 23 pounds in 8 weeks, I have more energy, my outlook on life is better and my cycles are less painful and regular. I am glad that I got on that call!!” #takingcontrolofmyhealth #fitmom #healthcoaching #truetoyourself #healthylifestyle #godisgood #onamission #inspred #changeforlife #healthyfinances #youcandoit

• H o m e 🍯 R e m e d y •
I’m all about them oils ✨ It has become second nature for me where anytime there is some type of something, I️ immediately hit the books. I️ try blend after blend after blend until I️ hit the @doterrajackpot! And this one is definitely a winner 🥇

2 years ago I choose the 🎁gift of Health🌱 and it has kept giving🍃. Over the last 2 years I have made it my mission to assist others to dream again 💖. I'd love to connect with you and help you peel back the layers. What do you want to create in your health, life, and finances. I never dreamed I would be where I am at in 2 short years. It's incredible how getting healthy changes it all.

Don't Let financial stress ruin your holiday joy!
Check out 32 ways to save money every single month on our blog. Link in bio!
#advicefromacpa #accountantslife

Another bomb shirt from my boys @bored_at_work_project

Reflecting back on 2017 this morning and the word that comes to mind is GROWTH. For a while now I have been planning out my year and each time learning to be more specific about what I want to accomplish. I set GOALS instead of resolutions, because resolutions normally focus on negative things that we want to change.
Proverbs says, The plans of the diligent lead to profit. Therefore, If you want to change your situation, whatever it maybe, you have to diligently take baby steps towards accomplishing some goals no matter how big or small. Then one day you look up and realize all of those baby steps actually equated to change.
For me, it's not enough to do this alone. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!
The goals for 2018 are getting bigger and I plan on bringing many others with me!
So with that said I'm excited to announce the Maximum Tax Resources Homeownership program coming for 2018. I'm committed towards continuing to strive for economic growth in our communities, creating business ownership, and now helping members in our community accomplish a piece of the American dream through homeownership. Everyone included!
Look for our flyer over the next few days. If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of the movement anywhere in the country feel free to reach me at 4044787197 ext 2. #homeownership #wealthbuilding #educatingthecommunity

• A v o c a d o 🥑 C i t r u s •
Sans oil & bursting with flavor 🍋
#homemadedressing #programapproved

Happy Friday!!!

Celebrating Beth today!
Doesn’t She look Happy and Healthy??! She made a decision and never looked back 83 lbs gone! and her smile 😁 is bigger than ever. 🎊Lets celebrate with her on her journey🎊. My program brings abundance to so many different aspects of life, from the obvious weightloss to coming of medication... restored self confidence, energy, .. financial independence and Lifelong optimal health:). I can help in all of these. let’s talk and see which aspect of my program works best for you. Do you know what a health coach really does?🤔... some people think I’m a trainer💪..I’m not, well sometimes lol ☺️well not the kind you are thinking. let’s chat. I would love you journey with you. Getfitwithharrison@gmail.com #health #program #healthcoach #makeachange #weightloss #weightgone #nopillsorcreams #allnatural #healthy #fitspo #fitfam #takingover #optimallifelonghealth #dietsdontwork #doitfortheboys #freedom #healthybody #healthyfinances #healthymind #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fit #fitpeople

Friday motivation!!!

Combined weight loss of 75 pounds! Say What!??! IN 10 MONTHS.
My husband and I, not only transformed our health AND our minds, but also our lives! For me a Knee injury and Sciatic Nerve Pain made it nearly impossible to continue my workout routine. So the weight started creeping up and it began to complicate my health, it WAS a vicious cycle. But not anymore! 30 pounds gone in 3 months. My husband lost 40 pounds in 2 months!
Finally I found something that works, a program that I know is giving me the proper nutrition that my body needs to keep going daily. YES! Now my daughter sees two healthy parents that can set an example for her. I am creating health and I LOVE it!! I am exercising (pun) my life career choice of Registered Nurse on a whole new level. Now I am a Certified Health Coach and I am helping people get healthy before they end up on medications or in the hospital. This is why I am a health coach and it gives me great satisfaction to be so. I am meeting kind and wonderful people along the Way! That's a Bonus!!
Purpose is everything! Now I pay it forward! Why? How could I not pay this program forward? It is a powerful program that transforms lives. http://coachyessenia.com #coachyessenia #healthprogram #itsnotadiet #dietsdontwork #lifelongtransformation #healthybody #healthymind #healthyfinances #healthandnutrition #eatbetterlivebetter #weightloss #transformation #transformationyourhealth #transformation #realsolution #hopeisnotlost #changeyourlifenow #youareworthit #givethebestversionofyourself

Please join me on Sunday evening to explore this amazing passion that I have found in health coaching! Trust me it's not what you think! Message me with any questions! #carriesclients #optimalhealth #healthyhabits #healthcoach #healthyfinances

Happy Friday!! Please help me celebrate Jeanette!👏🏻👏🏻 She's been such an inspiration to so many along her journey!! It’s awesome to see the ripple effect one can leave.
Sometimes one simple change we make ourselves can inspire so many others.
If you or a loved one is looking for a healthier body, healthier mind, or healthier finances, I’d love to chat. Our program has been a life changer for so many including myself.
Who is ready for change?? 🤗 #optaviahealthcoach #program #healthyhabits #eatbetternotless #water #life #investinyourself #youareworthit #goals #weightlosstransformation #mybiggerlife #healthyfinances #fitindecember #newyouresolution #stopputtingitoff

• S a v e 🕴🏻 F e r r i s •
It’s just like my father-in-law always tells us, “You can’t argue with a mushroom!” // This little tidbit is something I learned the hard way but experiences are life’s most valuable lessons, aren’t they? Now despite what you may think, I am not referring to anyone in particular here, so let me just be clear on that! However the fact still remains 😏 #happyfridays

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