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Repost @voguebrasil Dicas de como cuidar do corpo em preparativos para as comilancas do final de ano! Tips on how to prepare your body for the extravagant food fest of the holidays! 😉 #healthyeatinglifestyle #vogue

Day 11 of the 25 days of Christmas 🍴
A healthy lunch ! An italian style salad 👍.
Those of you that follow me know that I love my prepackaged salads. .
Stay tuned for tomorrow dinner ... It requires actually cooking 🙌.

💕 Holaaaa, nuevamente por aquí @nutritionisthenewblack y yo nos juntamos para reflexionar y compartir con vosotros 💕, queremos hablar sobre . .
⏳ Respetemos el tiempo ⌛️ . .
Como siempre digo, los refranes tienen mucha verdad detrás, y eso de - el tiempo es sabio - es en lo particular lo más real que hay . .
Démosle tiempo al tiempo, tengamos la capacidad de tener un poco de paciente, de serenidad y de tranquilidad al momento de ver resultados o de conseguir nuestras metas, sean cual sean . .
Hace algún tiempo fui a una charla de meditación ZEN 🙏🏻 y dijeron algo que para mí cambio totalmente mi día a día y para bien: . .
"Hagamos lo pertinente para cumplir nuestras metas y olvidémonos del resultado". Con esto he aprendido a luchar por lo que quiero pero no fijarme todos los días en lo que he conseguido o lo que no, porque eso hace del tiempo nuestro enemigo en vez de nuestro amigo . . .
Muchas veces cuando queremos cambiar algo en nuestra vida, dietas, emociones, miedos, etc; nos agobiamos demasiado en el proceso porque hacemos del tiempo una presión 👎🏻 y una energía ⛔️, y en vez de ayudarnos nos complicamos y nos frustramos. Nada sucede de la 🌌 a la 🌅, y como siempre he dicho: lo que fácil viene fácil se va . . .
Como siempre decimos hagamos de nuestro estilo de vida un estilo lleno de consciencia, coherencia, armonía y lucha sobre todo lucha, una lucha constante y llena de VALOR. Tú tienes mucho valor, cree en ti y en lo que eres capaz de hacer, pero 👀 no hagas del ⌛️ tu peor enemigo, utilízalo a tu favor, dándole tiempo al tiempo y valorando como siempre cada instante . .
Un ejemplo muy mío es mi adaptación aquí a España, llegue hace casi 5 años y no me forcé en adaptarme simplemente deje que las cosas fluyeran por sí solas, y que el tiempo me mostrara que había sido la mejor decisión de mi vida. Hoy en día agradezco esa valentía que tuve hace 5 años y valoro cada tiempo vivido . .
Respetemos el tiempo y valoremos nuestro esfuerzo 💕 . .
🙏🏻🙋🏼 consciencia y coherencia con lo que hacemos y lo que queremos 🙏🏻🙋🏼

FULLY LOADED BREAKFAST COOKIES! Okay, you guys know how much I love breakfast cookies - I'm all about making healthy easy and this recipe fits the bill . So I took 'em to the next level by amping up the nutrition content with chia seeds and hemp seeds. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a peanut butter chocolate drizzle! Recipe on the blog - link bio. Happy Thursday! #breakfasteats #breakfastcookies #breakfastonthego #busymornings #makehealthyeasy

Food Studio is one of our favorite upstate spots. The salads are packed with fresh herbs and local ingredients. Makes being healthy ridiculously easy. Now, if only I could recreate them 😁

One of my favourite recipes from @clean_eating_alice 😍 Full of good nutrition and I just add some white fish for more protein 👌🏻


Run, (do not walk) to your nearest Trader Joes to stock up on this seasonal Creamy Roasted Cauliflower & Onion Dip, located in the freezer section. This tastes just like my recipe for homemade Cheesy Artichoke Dip with ⅓ of the fat and only a fraction of the work. It takes literally 2 minutes to prepare: Remove from box, microwave for 2 minutes and stir. That’s it! ***
Note: The boxes are small so you’ll want to buy a few if you plan to fill up a small corning ware dish to take to your next potluck. Serve along with some tortilla chips or Almond Nut Thins for a delicious appetizer everyone will swear you slaved over. And don’t forget to subscribe to this week’s Wholly Girl Newsletter for 5 more guilt-free holiday appetizers that are easy to make, take and serve at your next holiday potluck. (Clickable link in bio.)

Lemon Greek Yogurt With Berries⠀

½ cup whole-milk Greek yogurt⠀
Juice of ½ lemon⠀
1 tbsp raw cashews⠀
¼ cup blueberries⠀
¼ cup strawberries, halved⠀
Mint leaves⠀
Serve Combine yogurt and lemon juice. Top with cashews, berries, and mint, and serve.⠀

Nutrition Per Serving⠀
200 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated), 20 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 13 g protein
#healthyhabits #healthymeal #healthymeals #healthyhabits  #healthyfoods #healthygirl #healthyfamily #healthywife #healthynotskinny  #freshfood #freshfoods #portioncontrol #fuelyourbody
#makingchanges #struggleisreal  #helpingothers  #yourchoice #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoals #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #fitrecipes #lifestylechanges #healthandwellness

#TBT to when making cookies was a lot messier...and a lot more work! Now I barely have to do any of the work! .
As my kids get older, part of me misses them little, I miss the round faces and the sweet little voices. But then I remember there are so many good things about the stages they are in right now. .
So when one of these memories pops up I have to not wish for the past. I have to remind myself to enjoy ALL the ages and stages, because they will never be THIS age or stage again.

A little Nutritionally Fit chia seed pudding appetizer action. Because, who can wait for their meal to cook? #notme
Love the sounds of living this lifestyle, but not sure how to execute? Check out audreybyker.com for cooking class and coaching info! Link in profile!
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On mornings like today, when it’s snowing and the kids have a two-hour delay, I’m thankful I can workout right in my family room. Having hundreds of workouts I can stream right through my TV means I’ll never get bored...I just might have a hard time deciding what to do!! 😬
Today I opted for a 25 minute HIIT workout since I know I’ll get another workout shoveling later. .
Now to enjoy my coffee while watching the flakes fall!

Breakfast | nice and warm filling breakfast this morning 🙌🏼 woke up with a horrid headache and feeling extremely tired. I’ve got two healthy living cumberland sausages for 2 syns, 1 syn for tommy sauce and speedy cherry tomatoes 🍅 and yellow peppers. #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldblog #swblog #swlife #swfood #slimmingworldplan #swplan #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodtracking #fooddiary #healthyeating #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthylifestyle #eatingwithbraces #fitlife #healthylife #dietplan #newplan #cleanfood #calories #caloriecounting #mfp #myfitnesspal

Activating Optimal Essential Fatty Acid Status in Vegetarians and Vegans

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the following facts should be examined.

Vegetarians, especially vegans, diets are relatively low in ALA (please see my previous post for a discussion on ALA). Compared with Linoleic Acid (LA), also provide little, if any, EPA and DHA (please see my previous post for a discussion of EPA and DHA). Clinical studies suggest that tissue levels of omega-3 fatty acids are depressed in vegetarians, particularly in vegans. Fatty acids have numerous physiological benefits, including potent cardioprotective effects.

These effects have been demonstrated for ALA as well as EPA and DHA, although the response is generally less for ALA than for EPA and DHA. Conversion of ALA by the body to the more active EPA and DHA is inefficient in vegetarians and vegans. So, total omega-3 requirements may be higher for vegetarians and vegans than for non-vegetarians, as vegetarians and vegans must rely on conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA in order to get the nutritional benefits. So, what are we to do?

Dietary changes are recommended to increase omega-3 fatty acid status. There are two important steps vegetarians and vegans can take to improve their essential fatty acids status. This is the discussion for tomorrow.

There is an effect of two things, “To know and to believe one knows...To know is science, to believe one knows is ignorance.” - Hippocrates

#herbofthefield #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyeatinglifestyle #livehealthy #omega3 #omega3supplements #saynotofish #fish #essentialfattyacids #vegan #vegetarian

“I deserve it.” “One bite won’t make a difference.” “I’ll get back on track in January.”
It’s easy to fall into the trap of “holiday thinking.” So many of our celebrations this time of year revolve around food. The high-sugar, high-fat, high drool-factor kind of foods that are hard to resist anytime of year. And they’re everywhere! At the office, at the hair salon, at our friend’s and family's homes and at holiday parties. Especially the parties! But just because the food is there, doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it! Especially if you come prepared….
Sign up for this week’s Wholly Girl Newsletter and find out my “5 Favorite, Guilt-free Holiday Appetizers” that are easy to make, take and serve at your next holiday potluck. All of the recipes are low-carb, grain- and gluten-free and most are Whole30-compliant. Clickable link in bio.
The holiday season will come and go, but good health will stay with you forever! So stick to the goal you set for yourself last year, last month, last week..and have yourself a Healthy Little Christmas.

Chicken and Black Bean Burrito Salad in a Mason Jar⠀
Servings 4 servings⠀
½ cup fresh lime juice⠀
2 Tbsp. + ½ cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro divided use⠀
1 clove garlic coarsely chopped⠀
1 medium jalapeño pepper seeds and veins removed, coarsely chopped⠀
1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil⠀
2 cups black beans⠀
8 oz. shredded cooked chicken breast⠀
1 cup chopped jicama⠀
½ cup thinly sliced radishes⠀
1 cup thinly sliced red onion⠀
1 cup halved cherry tomatoes⠀
¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese⠀
8 cups chopped romaine lettuce⠀
Place lime juice, 2 Tbsp. cilantro, garlic, and jalapeno in a blender; cover. Blend until smooth.⠀
Slowly add oil, blending continuously, until well mixed. Evenly divide dressing between 4 one-quart Mason jars. Set aside.⠀
Evenly layer beans, chicken, jicama, radishes, onion, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and remaining ½ cup cilantro on top of dressing in jars.⠀
Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Shake before serving.⠀

Brown Rice - Substitute 1 cup cooked brown rice for 1 cup black beans⠀
Brown Rice and Quinoa - Substitute 1 cup cooked brown rice and 1 cup cooked quinoa for⠀
Pinto Beans –Substitute pinto beans for black beans⠀
Quinoa - Substitute 1 cup cooked quinoa for 1 cup black beans⠀
Vegetarian - Substitute 1 cup cooked brown rice or 1 cup cooked quinoa for chicken breast⠀
Variations: (Adds approximately 40 calories)⠀
Avocado –Add 1 whole avocado (chopped)⠀
Corn – Add 1 cup corn kernels⠀
Pepitas (Raw Pumpkin Seeds) –Add ¼ cup pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds)⠀
Sweet Potato – Add 1 cup cooked, cubed sweet potato⠀

Nutritional Information (per serving):⠀
Calories: 273⠀
Total Fat: 8 g⠀
Saturated Fat: 2 g⠀
Cholesterol: 32 mg⠀
Sodium: 545 mg⠀
Carbohydrates: 33 g⠀
Fiber: 13 g⠀
Sugars: 5 g⠀
Protein: 20 g⠀

Portion Fix Containers⠀
1½ Green⠀
1 Yellow⠀
½ Red⠀
½ Blue

Up early for this moody sunrise this morning. The water was warmer than the air temperature 😂so it would've been wrong not to take a dip.
The entertainment was the poses with the sunrise in bikinis. I'm going to struggle to call that yoga.
Oh well not my problem. Good news is I'm feeling better. Feet in the sand will do that.
#grounded #sunrise #earthed #timeout #chilled #relax #connection #recharge ~~~ #35daydetox #healthyeatinglifestyle #personaldevelopment #positivevibes #positiveenergy #motivation #change #manifest #selfcare #innerpeace #health #goals #joy #heartsoul #astrology #numerology #fengshui #yoga #ayurveda #recipes #fitness

#nutritioncoaching .
 Enjoy the holidays guilt-free, not gaining weight:
I used to gain weight every year during the holidays, so I understand how stressful it can be the day after a party, feeling guilty about everything you ate. I'm going to give you a tip…
The simplest strategy to not gain weight is to EAT SLOWLY. Your digestive system takes about 20 minutes to signal your brain with satiety. Eating slowly will help you notice that you are satisfied BEFORE you overeat. When you eat slowly, you digest better; making it easier to lose or maintain weight. The more you chew, the easier it is for your digestive system to assimilate the food. Also by simply slowing down, you'll eat less.
How to do it?
* Choose high fiber foods that take more time to chew. i.e: veggies like kale.
* Put down your utensils between bites
* Focus on the conversation, take time to breathe and sip on water between bites.
What are your strategies for eating slowly?

Sometimes you find a shirt that sums up your feelings perfectly. 👩🏻‍💻🎅🏼

Since I finished a program yesterday, I didn’t have a workout on the schedule. Not to worry, I have HUNDREDS of choices in my virtual gym! .
So I just picked one that was less than 30 minutes that I didn’t need equipment for and was fun! MMA style cardio for the win!
And finding my kiddo on the couch where I usually do my workout wasn’t a problem either. My virtual gym goes with me on my iPad, so no excuses!! .
I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow... 🤔 Any suggestions??

Chicken Florentine⠀
Servings 1 Serving⠀
1 tsp. olive oil⠀
2 cloves garlic finely chopped⠀
1 (4-oz) raw chicken breast boneless, skinless, pounded thin⠀
1 cup steamed spinach⠀
1 slice part-skim mozzarella (or provolone) cheese (about ½ oz.)⠀
Preheat oven to 400° F. ⠀
Heat oil in ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat.⠀
Add garlic; cook, stirring frequently, for 1 minute.⠀
Add chicken; cook for 3 to 5 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the middle. Remove from heat.⠀
Top chicken with spinach and cheese.⠀
Bake for 2 to 3 minutes, or until cheese is melted.⠀

Nutrition Facts⠀
Amount Per Serving (1 Serving)⠀
Calories 251⠀
Total Fat 11g ⠀
Saturated Fat 3g ⠀
Cholesterol 75mg ⠀
Sodium 586mg ⠀
Total Carbohydrates 9g⠀
Dietary Fiber 4g ⠀
Sugars 1g⠀
Protein 32g ⠀

Portion Fix Containers⠀
1 Green⠀
1 Red⠀
1 Blue⠀
1 tsp.
#healthyhabits #healthymeal #healthymeals #healthyhabits  #healthyfoods #healthygirl #healthyfamily #healthywife #healthynotskinny  #freshfood #freshfoods #portioncontrol #fuelyourbody
#makingchanges #struggleisreal  #helpingothers  #yourchoice #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoals #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #fitrecipes #lifestylechanges #healthandwellness


👉🏼 Save this post for later

30g pescience protein powder
25g oats
100g egg whites
100ml almond milk
1x medium frozen banana

Blend with a few cubes of ice and PRESTO!

Optional toppings:
Chia seeds

Ugh it’s just too easy!
What’s your go-to smoothie recipe?

What Foods Are Good Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

There are two major types of omega-3 fatty acids in our eating lifestyle. One type is alpha-linolenic (ALA), which is found in flaxseed and in walnuts, which are the better sources. ALA is also found in some green vegetables, such as brussel sprouts, kale, spinach and some salad greens.

The other type, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) is found in fatty fish. The body partially converts ALA to EPA and DHA. We do not know whether vegetable or fish omega-3 fatty acids are equally beneficial, although both seem to be beneficial. Unfortunately, some populations do not get enough of either.

For good health, you should aim to get at least one rich source of omega-3 fatty acids in your eating lifestyle everyday. One meal idea could be a handful of walnuts or ground flaxseed mixed into your morning oatmeal, or perhaps a meal including one or more of the following vegetarian options:
-chia seeds
-brussel sprouts
-mustard seed
-green beans
-romaine lettuce

There is an effect of two things, “To know and to believe one knows...To know is science, to believe one knows is ignorance.” - Hippocrates

#herbofthefield #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyeatinglifestyle #vegan #veganeating #omega #omegafattyacids #omega3 #fish #omega3supplements #flaxseed #walnuts #wholefoodplantbased #wholefood #fattyacids

Yum! I ❤️ Roasted Cauliflower--its the perfect savory side dish or snack...or whenever you’re craving something warm and filling. I like to make mine extra spicy with plenty of crushed red pepper. To make, just toss some cauliflower florets with a little coconut oil and your desired spices (I also add thyme, lemon juice, salt substitute and a little garlic powder), place on a baking sheet and roast at 430 degrees for approximately 20 minutes.

I'm creative by nature so that goes into everything I do, that includes the kitchen. When I have time, I like to play around with different ingredients and combinations. Sometimes it comes out a bit weird, other times it is good, nevertheless both are really fun and I find pleasure in the actual process. The end result makes all the healthy food more enjoyable.
How do you prep your food? Do you like it when it's easy and quick? Do you enjoy the long and complicated process?
#like #comment what you prefer below

||💡👉 Many health pros say that moist-heat cooking methods, such as boiling, steaming, and poaching, are the healthiest ways to prepare meat and produce. 🍜💯💜#healthyeating #hotpot #japanesecooking .
✒: "How to cook your food for the biggest health benefits" health.com
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Tuesday 12th December | didn’t take a photo of dinner but it was a small jacket potato with cheese (hexa) and mixed salad, was starving so I just shoved it down 😂 I managed a no syn, low calorie day after yesterday’s 40 syn day with 1500 calories. So proud of myself! #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldblog #swblog #swlife #swfood #slimmingworldplan #swplan #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodtracking #fooddiary #healthyeating #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthylifestyle #eatingwithbraces #fitlife #healthylife #dietplan #newplan #cleanfood #calories #caloriecounting #mfp #myfitnesspal

Monkey Salad⠀
1 sliced banana⠀
1/4 cup blueberries⠀
1/4 cup raw cashews⠀
1 tablespoon almond butter⠀
Sprinkle of cinnamon ⠀
Coconut flakes (optional)⠀
INSTRUCTIONS: Slice the banana and add to a wide mouth mason jar or bowl. Add in cashews and blueberries, gently toss. Add almond butter to the top and sprinkle cinnamon. You can also add coconut flakes. Enjoy!
#healthyhabits #healthysnack #healthysnacks #healthyhabits  #healthyfoods #healthygirl #healthyfamily #healthywife #healthynotskinny  #freshfood #freshfoods #portioncontrol #fuelyourbody #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoals #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #fitrecipes #lifestylechanges #healthandwellness

Mixing up gingerbread dough on this National Gingerbread House Day! I guess I’m a little behind! 😱
Do you decorate gingerbread houses? Anyone else crazy enough to MAKE their own houses??

This morning I was challenged to stop complaining for 24 hours. .
I was told that if I felt a complaint forming in my brain, to stop myself and to think of something I was thankful for in that moment. .
So instead of complaining about the cold, rainy weather I decided I was thankful it wasn’t snow and that my kiddos were in school.
Since then I’ve found even more things to be thankful for today! Imagine that! .
Are you a complainer? Do you think you could stop for 24 hours?

Maple Chai Roasted Chickpeas⠀
Servings 6 servings⠀
2 cups chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained, rinsed, dried⠀
1 Tbsp . olive oil⠀
1 Tbsp . pure maple syrup⠀
½ tsp . ground ginger⠀
½ tsp . ground cinnamon⠀
¼ tsp . ground cardamom⠀
¼ tsp . ground cloves⠀
¼ tsp . sea salt (or Himalayan salt)⠀
¼ tsp . ground black pepper⠀
Preheat oven to 400° F.⠀
Combine chickpeas, oil, maple syrup, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl; toss gently to blend.⠀
Place chickpeas on large baking sheet in a single layer. Bake for 35 to 38 minutes, shaking baking sheet every 10 minutes, until brown and crunchy.⠀

Nutritional Information (per serving):⠀
Calories: 151⠀
Total Fat: 6 g⠀
Saturated Fat: 1 g⠀
Cholesterol: 0 mg⠀
Sodium: 477 mg⠀
Carbohydrates: 20 g⠀
Fiber: 6 g⠀
Sugars: 3 g⠀
Protein: 6 g⠀

1½ Yellow⠀
½ tsp.
#healthyhabits #healthysnack #healthysnacks #healthyhabits  #healthyfoods #healthygirl #healthyfamily #healthywife #healthynotskinny #portioncontrol #fuelyourbody
#makingchanges #struggleisreal  #helpingothers  #yourchoice #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoals #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #fitrecipes #lifestylechanges #healthandwellness

The feeling you have when you complete a program that scared the crap out of you a month ago!!
The feeling you have when your mind pushed your body to places you didn’t know it could go. .
The feeling you have when you overcome fear and doubt. .
That feeling is everything!

Breakfast | after shoving a massively 40 syns in my fat mouth yesterday 😳 I’m having a syn free day, so two yogurts and a satsuma for breakfast 🍊 and after that, I’m going back to sleep 😂 #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldblog #swblog #swlife #swfood #slimmingworldplan #swplan #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodtracking #fooddiary #healthyeating #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthylifestyle #eatingwithbraces #fitlife #healthylife #dietplan #newplan #cleanfood #calories #caloriecounting #mfp #myfitnesspal

Day 98: this is my face today eating fruit 😂😂😂....not feeling it at all

👀 What’s in my KITCHEN and where YOU can FIND it 👀

🖊 Save this post for your grocery shop!
👭 Tag a friend who will find this useful
🧐 Read till the end for a special announcement!

🔹Pescience protein powder - shop online at @pescience
🔹Walden’s Farms Pancake Syrup - shop at @adrenalinehq OR online at @iherb
🔹 Egg whites - shop at @colessupermarkets (refrigerated section)
🔹 Low Cal Tomato sauce - shop at @colessupermarkets (health food section)

The rest you can find at any local supermarket!
🔹 Unsweetened Almond Milk
🔹 @chobaniau Greek Yoghurt
🔹 Whole Eggs
🔹 All-Bran Cereal
🔹 Corn Thins or Rice Cakes
🔹 Rolled/Quick Oats

Not featured:
🔹 Tuna (Springwater)
🔹 Low Fat Cottage Cheese
🔹 Chia Seeds
🔹 @halotopaus
🔹 @twistedyoghurt

And of course a whooooole lot of fruit and veg!
I’m missing a lot of staples and it’s clearly time to do a grocery shop 😂

Tomorrow I’ll give you some snack ideas on how you can actually use these ingredients!
So get shopping 😊

What are some of your kitchen staples and what do you use them for?

P.S. I’m going LIVE TONIGHT @ 7PM (AEST)
I’ll be talking a little about me and my approach to coaching as well as doing a little promo!
Make sure you tune in!

Monday Meal Makeover: Chicken "Fried" Rice. ***
I LOVE Chinese food but it doesn’t love me! ***
The sugar-laden sauces, high-sodium content and unhealthy cooking methods are enough to put my blood sugar in a tail spin, leaving me feeling hungry and bloated just an hour after eating. Add to that endocrine-disrupting soy sauce and a heavy emphasis on high-gylcemic, simple carbs (a.k.a. white rice) and it’s little wonder why Chinese food has been practically banished from my list of eating-out options.
That’s why I like to make my Chinese food at home where I can control the ingredients, cooking methods and flavor without sacrificing good nutrition. Like this recipe for Chicken “Fried” “Rice,” inspired by Creme De La Crumb. ***
A traditional bowl of this Chinese classic has 329 calories per cup with 33% of those calories coming from fat and 52% coming from carbs! But by making some simple changes including replacing soy sauce with coconut aminos, swapping out white rice for riced cauliflower and baking this dish instead of frying it, I reduced the fat content to just 15% and the carbs to just 21% for a high-protein, Paleo-friendly bowl of Chinese deliciousness that satisfies without sacrificing your health.
For the recipe plus macro count, visit my @WhollyGirl page. (See link in profile.)

Enjoy this video!
🎵 Tap screen for music 🎵

Twenty-nine days ago I could barely do this exercise. I may not have it 💯% but I’ve made a lot of progress! .
I don’t workout hoping for perfection, I workout to be better than I was yesterday. If I walk away feeling like I crushed it, that’s progress and that’s all the matters.

peanut butter protein balls⠀

Ingredients (makes 12-15 balls)⠀
1 cup quick cooking oats⠀
1/2 cup flaxseed⠀
1 cup peanut butter⠀
1/3 cup honey⠀
1 tsp vanilla⠀
1 tsp cinnamon⠀
1/2 cup coconut⠀
1/2 cup pecan pieces⠀

Combine all of the ingredients together. Chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Roll into bite sized balls. Pop one in your mouth when you’re in need of a healthy pick-me-up snack!
#healthyhabits #healthymeal #healthymeals #healthyhabits  #healthyfoods #healthygirl #healthyfamily #healthywife #healthynotskinny #portioncontrol #fuelyourbody #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #weightlosscommunity #weightlossgoals #fatlossjourney #healthyeatinghabits #healthyeatingideas #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #fitrecipes #lifestylechanges #healthandwellness
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I think this is SO important when you’re struggling, we all have those urges to just stuff our face and think “fuck it” I’ve done it plenty of times and I haven’t felt the nicest after! It really doesn’t make you feel any better after. #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldblog #swblog #swlife #swfood #slimmingworldplan #swplan #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodtracking #fooddiary #healthyeating #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthylifestyle #eatingwithbraces #fitlife #healthylife #dietplan #newplan #cleanfood #calories #caloriecounting #mfp #myfitnesspal

Weigh in | I did it!!! I did it!!! After TWO weeks of maintaining, I planned my meals, went to the gym and I’ve lost 3lbs! 4st 6lbs all together, 2st 10lbs with Slimming World 🌟🌟🌟 I’ve got two weeks left until I’ve hit a year with Slimming World, let’s get this 3st award shall we?! 🌟🌟 so chuffed with myself that I was able to beat this horrible maintain. 62lbs down and for the first time I can remember I’m under 200lbs?! 💫💫 #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldblog #swblog #swlife #swfood #slimmingworldplan #swplan #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #foodtracking #fooddiary #healthyeating #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthylifestyle #eatingwithbraces #fitlife #healthylife #dietplan #newplan #cleanfood #calories #caloriecounting #mfp #myfitnesspal

I’ve been out of a solid gym routine for abouuuuuut 7 weeks now.
Holy shit I didn’t even realise it had been so long till I typed this out…
I digress.
You wanna know why? (well I’m gonna tell you either way 😂)
I’ve been travelling
I got married
And then I got INJURED
Just some silly lower back pain after a bit of beach volleyball
Remember what I was saying yesterday about LISTENING to your body when you’re injured?
I mean, it’s not gonna tap you on the shoulder and tell you to rest,
But it sure as hell WILL tell you if you decide to,
I dunno,
Saaaay do some yoga (way) too soon after you’ve injured your lower back SHRUG
And bing bang boom I was back on the couch
No gym, no yoga
My point is, don’t try and rush the process!
The pain is there for a PURPOSE
It’s telling you,
“Girl, somethin’s up so you better just CHILL for a minute”
So you better stop, listen and evaluate before you make your next move
Go on, be honest, have you pushed yourself back into exercise before you were ready????

This week we will be looking at miracles of good health in the form of omegas!

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I love learning about new fruits and veggies! Thanks @eastsmf for the delicious brunch and for introducing us to Quince! It smells divine. I’m searching for recipe ideas. Anyone have any experience with this fruit?
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With the holidays in full swing the LAST thing you want to think about is HEALTH & FITNESS. But with the New Year right around the corner, I know a LOT of you are going to want to get back on track.

But do you have a PLAN to do that?? 🤔 What if I could help?
🤔 What if I told you that there's a brand NEW fitness program launching in January?
🤔 What if I told you that this program is going to have 80 UNIQUE workouts?
🤔 What if I told you this program might make you obsessed about being the BEST version of YOU in 2018?
🤔 What if YOU could be one of the FIRST to do it WITH me?? I'm SUPER EXCITED to announce my EXCLUSIVE New Year’s Obsession Test Group for this BRAND NEW fitness program will be starting on January 8th!
So why am I talking about it NOW?? Because if you have a GOAL for 2018, you NEED to have a PLAN, and the time to plan is NOW!

To help you see if this program is right for your plan, I'm hosting a 1-Day Sneak Peek this coming WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th over on FB! I'll be giving you the inside scoop to the workouts, the timed nutrition plan, the supplements available to get the BEST results, how the exclusive test group will work and how to reserve YOUR spot.
There's no obligation to this group, just come be a fly on the wall and get all the information from some videos. 🙂
Interested? Comment below, "Yes!" and I'll get you added into the private group over on FB!
Sharing starts on Wednesday, see you there!

We had a lovely time seeing the Nutcracker this afternoon! It’s extra fun when you know Clara personally. 😉

🇬🇧 One thing I never understood was why people are so competitive and work against each other instead of supporting each other?
I strongly believe that if we work together, we get much further and can do more good than if we work alone and don't share our knowledge and don't collaborate.
Of course everyone has their reasons to think the way they do. But I am so happy that as a self-employed, I can choose the ones with a similar mindset to collaborate and hang out with.
Who else thinks that sticking together and supporting each other rocks?
✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ 🇩🇪 Etwas, was ich nie verstanden habe ist, warum viele gegeneinander arbeiten statt miteinander?

Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass man gemeinsam mehr erreichen kann und eine größere Auswirkung hat als wenn man versucht nicht zusammenzuarbeiten und sein Wissen nicht mit anderen teilt.
Klar hat jeder seine Gründe warum er/sie denkt wie er/sie denkt.
Ich bin so glücklich, dass ich mir als Selbstständige die Leute/Firmen suchen kann, die da genauso denken wie ich, um zusammenzuarbeiten.

Wer denkt da genauso? Zusammenzuhalten und sich gegenseitig zu unterstützen rockt?

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