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When you look at this photo, does it make you feel sad? Would it make you feel better if I posted a photo next to it with my stomach relaxed or pushed out?

To me, this is the same concept of taking comfort in other people's "discomforts" or misfortunes.
I've said this before, I personally don't think seeing photos of other people's stomach rolls and cellulite truly help someone feel better about themselves (and if it does, it is very short-lived)

Why? Because we are STILL comparing, and we need to realize that self-love doesn't come from comparing, but mainly from fulfillment of our own actions.
To me, showing a photo of myself with my stomach pushed out makes no sense. Not only because I do not walk around with my stomach pushed out - but I don't measure my own success in relation to other people. When others succeed, I don't feel like a failure. My own success is not threatened by other people’s progress or success.

Reality is - There is always going to be someone better than you at something. Comparison really is the thief of joy and it's important to not allow others success (or perceived success) discourage you from reaching your own happiness.
Of course - I never want people to feel bad about themselves when they look at my photos or read my posts. My vision is always to inspire - whether it be to learn more about a specific topic or to look at things from a different perspective. This photo is from last summer, and TBH I'm actually inspired to work towards a physical goal and get some visible abs back.

Good morning. I woke up today craving chickpeas for breakfast instead of eggs so chickpea scramble it is! Cooked in tomato and onions with sautéed kale, onions and mushrooms both cooked in avocado oil and avocado slices on the side. I'm also loving my new @danielwellington Classic Petite watch with the rose gold mesh strap. So classy and beautiful. Use my code ZESTMYLEMON to get 15% off on www.danielwellington.com #danielwellington #ad

breakfast spread with so many favs🍓🍌🍞🙃sour dough toast topped with nut butter, sprinkle of granola and fresh fruit for J and a mug of chia pudding for me (1 cup milk, 3 tbs chia seeds, 1 teaspoon cacao and BLEND) both with a drizzle of raw honey from Thrive Market🍯🙌🏻i am sharing a few of my favorite items that i order from Thrive here (http://thrv.me/rachLmansfield1m25p) for you guys to see! plus you can get 25% off + free shipping when you use the link above (its not affiliate just a sweet deal😎) happy monday my friends💃🏻🙌🏻😍👏🏻

Tropical blue smoothie by @maratonpetra 💚
Recipe (one serving): 1 cup frozen banana in slices, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup frozen mango in slices, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks, 1/2 tbsp blue spirulina powder, coconut milk and topping of your choice (coconut flakes, blackberries, mint leaves, blueberries etc). Mix all the ingredients in a high speed blender. Add just a small amount of coconut milk and adjust the thickness with more later on if needed. Add your topping and enjoy!

Today on the BLOG! A bit about my love affair with poke and a recipe that takes 20 minutes flat to make! If you haven't tried making it at home, give it a try and you won't look back. Hint: It's as easy as it gets👌🏽#pokebowl

I know the color doesn't look so great, but this tasted delishhhh 😍
1 cup almond milk, 1/3 avocado, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, handful of @iloveorganicgirl spinach, 1 tsp @healthworkschef lucuma powder & 1 tbsp @thenaturalcitizen organic protein [leahsplate for $10 off]. Topped w @elementalsuperfood crumble (my addiction)

Jaaaaka dziś piękna wiosna! Niech już tak zostanie, prrrrooooszę!
A żeby ten dzień był jeszcze lepszy, mogę Wam zaproponować przepis na energetyczne batony jaglane, w zasadzie tylko z trzech składników, bez jajek, bez pieczenia - kto by chciał? 😄


One of our favourite bed time drinks 👆🏼 Golden Milk (or turmeric latte) is a must if you want to protect your body against inflammation. Almost every major disease stems from inflammation so you are literally protecting your body by drinking this. Great if you suffer from skin conditions, IBS or just want a natural way to combat muscle fatigue. You can make it with cows milk but we love it with half rice milk/half almond milk for a dairy free alternative #turmeric #antiinflammatory #goldenmilk #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodblogger #instafood #lifestyle #theurbancanteen (📷 via @eatcurcuma)

Q & A 👉 comment below your questions I'll answer them all ✅ ⏯Hit Play to see my Morning Detox! Small waist and excellent gut health will really push your fat loss to the next level. Morning cuddles with Boston the puppy at the end 😊
Want to know more tips like this on fat loss and muscle gain? Or just general health? Click on the link in my bio for FREE EBOOK "21 Fat loss and muscle gain Tips that will change your life" @jacksonjohnsonfitness
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Taught my friend @chan89telle to deadlift today, she achieved 50kg on her first go (with good technique). Really impressed with her effort!!!
I tried to beat my 170kg 1RM, but could only do 160 😢it has been a long day though! No world record by any standard but it's our personal achievement that matter....#rshorept #personaltraining #personaltrainer #gym #health #healthy #fit #fitlife #gymlife #healthyliving #progress #weighttraining #fitness #nutrition #dedicated #smallsteps #healthyeating

Today's workout was in the form of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Not what I intended in terms of exercise, but the house looks great! My workout clothes were neatly folded, waiting for me all day, only for our dalmatian to steal my sports bra to play tug with daddy when he came home from work!! It's not a toy! It may be nearly bed time, but I've finally managed to use my dumbbells for a quick workout. Yay, I can sleep happy now! Good night everyone! X #weightloss #weightlossjourney #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyfamily #healthychoices #healthierfamilyliving #workinprogress #gettingstrong #toningup #dalmatian #spottydogs #dalmatiansofinstagram #dalmatianlove

Got my first @abelandcole box delivered today, thanks for the recommendation @susiepink28. Had an evening yoga sesh and couldn't be bovvered cooking tea so this will do nicely xx and yes josie got a carrot too 🥕
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Simple sausage, mash & veg tonight #slimmingworld #healthyeating #healthyliving

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